Saturday, June 14, 2014

Protecting the Home-Front

Torrential downpours and stormy weather did nothing for my mood this past week.  On Thursday with our ground saturated, we had flooding once again.  A heavily traveled road (Route 7 near Leesburg) was closed because of flooding, making the commute home for Carl and a co-worker twice as long.  I'm glad I was home!
While I'm feeling a bit down and a bit distracted by life, Todd is protecting the home-front during the day from the deer that are grazing nearby  ...
And Cricket is helping him at night.  I think Cricket has got the most unusual and biggest bark for a dog her size, don't you?  I think she sounds a bit like a beagle.
It does wear a gal of Cricket's respectable age out though!
But what characters the two of them are, and what comic relief they both provide!


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    1. And how's the weather in Spamland today?

    2. Rainy with a chance of unwanted spam I'd say!! :-)

  2. oh, sweet cricket! she does have a bit of a hound dog bay! that todd is tough!

  3. Todd's training Cricket to be a Scottie.

  4. I love the way Todd grabs that ball and gives it hell while barking at the deer.


  5. We seem to have those spam comments sneaking through once again :(
    Todd's energy is contagious, I'm sure he gives the Goldies a pep in their step, he's a sweet boy.
    Hope the rain goes away, we've just had ten days of non-stop rain.

  6. Your dogs are very cute and personable, and wow, that road looks like a river.

  7. Todd does days, Cricket pulls the night shift...quite a team!!! Hope Carrie Anne is doing better..:)JP

  8. I like how Todd was demonstrating what he was going to that deer if it came any closer. Cricket has a great hound dog bark.

    Aroo to you,

  9. I hope you and all the pups are staying safe with all that flooding Kim!
    Fun videos!
    xo Catherine

  10. Todd is so energetic, does he have a nap afterwards too? That flooding is severe, loads of photos on the net, I guess detours all over. Take care as those two continue their night and day routine. XX Jean.

  11. oh... flooding is a scary thing. i'm so glad you got to be home too.
    and ...
    how adorable is this post!!!
    wee todd taking his 'deer anger' out on that ball! hilarious!
    and that precious little cricket barking... then turning looking up at you like
    'what's the matter? i took care of it!"
    then asleep.
    so what you need kim. after the sadness of these last many days.
    oh for the love of dogs! there is NOTHING like it.

  12. Love both their voices, nice to hear them. They were very determined to protect your home.

  13. Hi Kim, I'm so glad you are provided laughs by Todd and Cricket. Sending big hugs your way; just hurts to think about all the losses you've had lately.

  14. First of all, that looks like the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's factory!

    We recognise Todd's bark and threat of what he'd do if he could get to those deer! So scottie. And we think there's a definite howl in Cricket's bark.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  15. Kim, I do love your cute guard dogs..Todd barking and growling with the toy in his mouth is so cute. I am so glad this rainy week is over. Loved the videos! Have a happy weekend!

  16. I like how Todd shows those deer just what he will do if they get close to *him*. :-)
    Cricket does sound like she has some hound in her somewhere!
    Glad they can make you smile, Kim. *hugs* hearts;

  17. I'm glad that you have them to make you smile and laugh...

  18. I think Crickett and Todd do a wonderful job in protecting,, and they their voices go good together,
    All that rain- gosh!

  19. You always take such sweet photos. Sorry about the flooding. We have those issues here too :(

  20. I just love the way Todd grabs the ball and shakes it thoroughly. One of the greatest things about dogs is that they can detract us from our worries if only for a while.

  21. Yep, it is a scottie thing, I do the same with my toys!!
    Crickets sounds are music to my ears!!


  22. I've just looked at the forecast and see that it's going to get to 36 degrees next week ! The word 'humid' comes to mind.

  23. You too with the visits from Spamland?? I just deleted about 29 comments caught by my Disqus program! Todd is such a typical Terrier and reminds me so very much of my GrandDog! I agree Cricket doesn't sound like a big dog! I didn't know you lived near Leesburg...we drove right by you on our way home from Florida! Glad the dogs are keeping your spirits up!

  24. Hello Kim, what great entertainment you have !

    I think of you often. A lady down the road has always rescued ( young ) Goldies but lets them get so fat ! Then this week a couple asked if they could bring their Goldie into the shop.... I was staggered when they said he was six - he looked about 12 overweight & unconditioned. Luckily Dillon has never been greedy ( nor was Sam ) & at eight years has stayed very slim -with Oh so much energy though his back legs get a bit stiff at times.


  25. Morning Kim, love the videos, I agree, Cricket sounds like a smaller dog. But think the smaller they are the loudest... It is raining here, all day, yuk, Hugs Francine.

  26. Those two are so funny. Alarm dogging at it's finest. Easton gets very protective when he and Andi are home alone. When he barks, you know there is a huge dog broadcasting! Andi loves it.

  27. Todd must be giving the deer a demonstration of what he's going to do if they come any closer. Cricket sounds cute as well as looking that way.

  28. Hi Y'all!

    Those two are the cutest! Thanks for coming by for a visit. Hope things are dryin' out there!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  29. You should feel safe with those two on guard.

  30. Those floods are scary! Hope you feel better soon Kim. x

  31. Such fun little videos of the dogs. I have loved terriers my whole life and he is just such a great example of their feisty little personalities. And yes, I'd say there is some kind of hound in Cricket. Thanks for sharing :-)

  32. I live in an area surrounded by rivers. Luckily I am far up the hill where it can never reach me but I have to travel over a bridge to get to my job in Iowa so I am constantly reminded how quickly the water can rise.
    Please be careful. Floods are so frightening.
    I want to watch your videos but will have to do so later because my gang is all stretched out on the floor sleeping and I know they would start a chorus if they hear barking! LOL!
    Yes, later when they go out to potty I will have to watch! LOL!


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