Sunday, July 6, 2014

What July Offers

The July 4th weekend really and truly marks summer, doesn't it?  Summer weather patterns set in and we get thunderstorms -- Some are pretty severe like the one we had on Thursday which closed our road for a few hours when a tree fell.  As long as our power doesn't go out, I love to hear the rumble of thunder in the distance, watch the skies darken and hear the pounding rain.  I enjoy watching the sun come out again--Then there are those times when there is both both rain and sunshine at the same time.
In July, I think everyone slows down. After all, it’s too hot and humid to do much of anything but sit. Grab a cool glass of something to drink, put your feet up and relax.
To me, that sounds pretty good, and we did just that on Saturday when we met 2 other couples at a local winery.  The setting of the winery is lovely and it was an enjoyable afternoon catching up with friends we don't often get the chance to visit.
I think that every month, every season has its own pleasures. Though I like to complain about a lot of things...
I’m just going to be quiet, and appreciate what July has to offer.
~View from our front porch~
I hope you've had a good weekend too!  


  1. I like listening to thunder too. But, trees going down can be scary.. The winery visit sounds like a fun time. And your Todd and Cissy are as cute as ever.. Glad you had a happy 4th of July weekend. Enjoy your new week!

  2. awww. i just have to be grateful (very grateful) for a/c and refrigeration!

  3. I hate to complain about the heat when we had such a super cold winter but sometimes I feel just as shut in by the oppressive heat as I do the winter storms. We had such a refreshingly cool 4th. I wish all the summer could be so cool.


  4. Knock on wood no storm takes your power out for any length of time as that is not fun. Enjoy July!

  5. HinKim, I also hate complaining about the heat after the wicked winter we had but don't do the humid thing well. Sad when you have to sit in the air conditioned house... Love Todd sleeping, what a face, hope you all stay safe, Hugs Francine.

  6. Enjoy those dog day afternoons. Hope you brought home a few bottles from The Barns to make it even lazier.

    XXXOOO Bella roxy & Dui

  7. I used to love thunder... until I started living in fire country. Now, I worry whenever lightning strikes anywhere near us that it will lead to a big fire....

    But, like you, I love July. It is truly summertime at its best!

  8. OOOH NOOO! This reminds me of an embarrassing moment. I'm told that He, His parents and His grandma were at one of Napa Valley's premier wineries. We're talking about one of the premier wineries in the best wine country of North America. After the tour, all sat down at a table and a very nice waiter came up and asked if anyone would like to sample their wines (we're talking about free of charge to taste some world class wines with good service). His father told the waiter, "No thanks, it all tastes live vinegar to me". ARGGGGGH!

    1. Whoops-that's "like vinegar, not "live vinegar".

  9. You have a gorgeous view, Kim. :-)
    Have a wonderful week. ♥

  10. I don't mind summer that's when mom breaks out the cold treats.

    Aroo to you,

  11. Oh Kim,, the view from your front porch is so peaceful and quiet looking. I think we can smell the sweet grass, and the rifting of the honey suckle!
    To sit there and look out and gaze--- I know its exactly what you love to do.
    The photo of the storm clouds,,, are some of the most beautiful clouds we have ever seen!.. And to hear them rumble and grumble... sounds perfect too.. as long as they do not reach out and strike!
    Yes Kim,, all the seasons have something special about them,, and July,.,,, well I think July wants us to feel life to the fullest,,, and yet to enjoy those quiet moments too... Just like Todd and Cissy are doing.
    Thank you for sharing your July with us,,,!

  12. That Front Porch view just says Summer to me!

  13. It's too hot here to spend much time outside - but we still manage to enjoy our summers.

    Monty and Harlow

  14. Yes indeed, each season has it's own wonder and beauty to offer us. My MOM love thunder storms and the hard pounding rain.

  15. We get more thunderstorms in June sometimes a couple a day and generally sunshine in there somewhere.
    Sunshine and rain at the same time - my mom used to say it was the devil kissing his wife, must have been some old folk tale or something.
    In January, what price for days like today?

  16. I love the view from your front porch. And who couldn't smile seeing Cissy doing well, considering the pitiful state in which she came to Golden Pines.I can see those first posted pictures in my mind. Thank you for allowing us to see her "smile".
    Gus' Mom

  17. That view from your porch is so beautiful and so green! Have a nice week, Kim :-)

  18. A local winery, that view, and those pups . . . looks like heaven where you are, truly.

  19. Crikey that storm cloud picture is sure beautiful but why's everyone driving on the wrong side of the road. That could be mighty dangerous.

  20. We get times in July of sunshine, it's quite a phenomenon here! lol. Love seeing your photos and love the one of Todd asleep, wonder what he was dreaming about? Have a grand week.

  21. Beautiful pictures. That grassy area would be a great place to do some training. :)

  22. Sounds good to me as I sit here with my feet up...:)JP

  23. well.
    i'm sitting right on that porch.
    looking at that glorious view.
    my arms are full of dogs.
    and i'm listening to the thunder and feeling the cooling rain.
    thank you dear heart.

  24. We had rain here, which we love here in the drought-stricken Southwest. I'm glad you had a great weekend too.

  25. What a wonderful view you have from your porch!! Just beautiful!! Enjoy the dog days of summer!!

  26. July is proving a bit more rainy than June for us Kim....torrential today but we've had it really good so far this summer. We're off to Great Ormond Street Hospital tomorrow in London and it's not meant to be great up there either! Hope you had a lovely weekend. x

  27. Kim
    U will understand this but photo no 2
    Gave me a lump in the throat


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