Saturday, July 12, 2014

The To-Do-List

The end of another week where the number of things on my "to do list" was as high as the humidity. Here are just a few things I've done this week while I was gone.

Absolutely nothing was done on Tuesday evening because...  
~Charlie, doing nothing~
a fast moving storm blew past us and knocked out our power in the early hours of the evening. Thankfully power was restored about 3:30 in the morning. However, it was a quiet and enjoyable evening where all we could do was sit on the porch and watch the day end.
~Sunset from our front porch~
On Wednesday we were playing catch-up getting done what we couldn't do the night before.  
Thursday rolled around much too quickly and after work I was back at the vet with Gus. The pressure sore is slowly healing, but it still has a ways to go. Also on Thursday I guess Gus had decided that he'd had enough of being kept in our bedroom during the day with Sheba and Cricket because he chewed up the door frame and broke the door knob.  Necessity truly is the mother of invention because using a tee-shirt, I've found a way to cover Gus's hip-bandage that will keep the other dogs (namely Sunny) from bothering the wound.  He'll now be allowed to be with the other dogs during the day.    
~Gus with Cissy in the background~ 
By Friday, just as I always am, I was exhausted.... 
~Sleepy Cricket~
and we went to bed early.
Today we've just been relaxing, and spending a little time at home and with the dogs.
However you're spending your weekend, I hope it's been enjoyable!    
~Josh, enjoying a taste of ice cream~ 


  1. such a cute bunch! you made me sleepy, though...

  2. There is never a dull moment at Golden Pines, all that doing nothing is so exhausting :)
    I just love those sweet little faces, and the butterfly bush and swallowtail.....stunning.
    Having a great weekend so far, I wish I could take away the humidity !

  3. Hi Kim
    We always love to hear how your week goes! And gosh, it looks like Gus got to feeling like mighty dog- in chewing the door frame and the door knob!
    I know you felt relieved when your power came back on. Its kind of unsettling when things like that happen.
    We have a hot day almost 100,, and we have been seeing lots of those butterflys- just like the one you took a photo of.

  4. Love the photographs. Glad you didn't lose power for too long.

  5. Great pics of the pups! Charlie looks hot. Nothing quite like the month of July, is there?

  6. When the juice goes out, there's not much choice but to kick back and enjoy the experience. It's an enforced vacation.

  7. Great that Gus can now be outside with the others...just too bad there had to be damage involved before he could make his point clearly.

    Summer is the time for just layin' back and rockin' on the porch.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  8. MOM sometimes likes when the power goes out, gives her an excuse to just be and relax.

  9. Hi Kim, I'm glad you were able to sit outside and enjoy the evening. We've had such weird weather, but one gets used to it. It poured here this afternoon and more is forecast-I could handle it if it was a light rain, but seriously it poured(almost like a Ca. winter day). Hope you have a restful Sunday.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. I love the photo of Charlie and the chin rest, funny how they find these little places. As for Gus and his attempts to get out of the room...repairs to be made to the door now then! We have had a lovely week thanks and now for a quiet weekend. Hugs to all the crew.

  11. Time is just buzzing by here too! Every morning I have a yogurt cup and let the dogs lick the inside. They all get that cute "cross eyed" look too...

  12. We lost our power during those terrible storms fact there were three tornadoes right around us. They are so scary! Sounds like you have been busy with your pack! I just love looking at all of your beautiful pups!!

  13. Creativity with tee-shirts. There's a dog owners book somewhere in there for sure !

  14. This humidity knocks us all out, Kim!! The dogs will tell and show you how to take it slow...:)JP

  15. Sorry about the chewed door! I do enjoy seeing all your sweet doggies.. They look relaxed.. It seems like the electric company will be busy this summer.. Please give all the dogs an extra hug from me. Have a happy Sunday!

  16. I'm always worried Monty will chew doors - he tends to get himself left behind in closed rooms.

    I hope Gus heals very quickly!

    Monty and Harlow

  17. Chewing the door is something our Hailey has done. Glad you found a way for them all to be together.

  18. What a bunch of sweeties...

  19. i love when you share with us just an "ordinary" day or days.
    they are ever anything but ordinary!!!
    and the pictures...
    always wonderful !

  20. Gus sure is a spunky one isn't he?

  21. Hi Kim - we have spent the weekend settling in our new six hens. They are so much fun and very cute. Luigi is wondering if they taste nice!! Hope you can fix your door. Lily. xxx

  22. Afternoon Kim, always enjoy my visits with you and those sweet dogs. Love the pictures of them all, beautiful Butterfly, so pretty, Blessings Francine.

  23. Hi Y'all!

    Wow, your door frame...that's an expensive attempt to escape.

    Y'all come by tomorrow and pick up the "Shine On" Award from my blog.

    Y'all hurry on by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  24. Gosh, life goes on, pups come and go over there, what have we missed.

    The Mad Scots
    Pees: sorry we haven't been by, been a couple of crazy months here beside the dumb secretaries can't seem to sit down lately!

  25. Well you have had an eventful week! Hope things quiet down for you and Gus heals soon and no more door frames get damaged! ;)

  26. Love the picture of Charlie.

    Aroo to you,

  27. Oh gosh! Sorry to hear about your door!
    Hope you have a wonderful week! ♥

  28. cream! It seems like your pack always has something going on - no wonder you are tired by Friday afternoon! Pictures of your pups always make us smile.

  29. Crikey ...... you've made me all relaxed now. Those pics are all beautiful. Glad Gus can be outside again. He looks so happy!!

  30. Stunning photo of the butterfly! Your dogs look so sweet and cuddly. They are SO lucky to have such a wonderful home!
    I'm glad you found someone to value Gus's life like you do.
    ♥ Behr Behr :)

  31. I often look and act as charlie

  32. What gorgeous pictures! I'm sorry about your door, but I do admire Gus.

  33. You hit a chord with this tired girl. So glad that Gus is coming along!

  34. Oh those Goldens, they do like to chew... Glad to hear the sore is healing.

  35. Love that photo of Charlie! He is just too cute! And oh Gus; he just wanted to be with the rest of the gang i guess. Love your stories...


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