Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Last Day of August

The last day of August and it's Labor Day Weekend. The unofficial end of summer.  
This morning there was a real thickness in the morning air and the heavy humidity caused beaded droplets on the windows. This afternoon there have been heavy storms.  Each day we are losing a little light and it's now dark at 6 in the morning when the dogs and I have our first walk of the day.
Our last week of August was filled with work, vet appointments and single-parenting, with little time for anything else. Beau went with me to the office one day.  As you can see he was really excited to have to stay in our break room.  
But we left early because he had an appointment to see the ophthalmologist, for his "eye-lift."        
~Beau, post eye-lift~
The procedure isn't exactly what I expected, but we're hopeful that the surgical staples will stay in place and ease the discomfort for the months ahead.  If not, surgery may be on the agenda for him. 
Gus also returned to the vet to have his wound checked.  He continues to get around pretty well. The healing of the pressure sore is a slow process, and the reality is that it may never completely heal.  But Gus is happy and content, and that's what matters.
Finally, there's CarrieAnne. Her surgery to remove a mast-cell tumor is scheduled for this Wednesday.  I took her for a consultation with another surgeon. The removal of the tumor could be done less expensively at a clinic that has a good reputation, and does a lot of surgeries. However, a discussion with someone made me realize that something that's just as important as the surgery is the care Carrie receives when it's done. I've known for a long time that this particular clinic doesn't always provide the best aftercare.  And because in the past Carrie has had problems post surgery, I've opted to have it done at my vet's office, where she will be monitored more closely. I'm nervous for her, but am remaining hopeful that all will go well.
~CarrieAnne, YES, that's a plant growing through our porch!~ 
I hope all is going well for you this weekend!
~The lovely little Cricket~


  1. It looks as if Beau has a similar problem as one of our past labs had (I think it was called "entropian" - where his eye lids turned under and his lashes abraded his eyes). He was diagnosed when he was young and had surgery to "tighten up" the skin around his eyes. It worked. I truly hope that Beau's works too.

    As for CarrieAnne - I couldn't agree more about the aftercare. It is so important. I will be thinking of her and you on Wednesday, hoping that the surgery goes smoothly and is a success.

    Take care.

  2. bless all the sweet charges in your care. i hope all will be well.

  3. Will those staples stay in permanently? I've never seen that before. Hugs to all.

    Monty and Harlow

  4. can't believe Summer is over. Fall is our favorite season but not happy that it gets dark so early. Good Luck to Carrie Anne. Golden LOVE to the whole Golden Pines Gang.

  5. Staples? Can the poor fella even shut his eyes? Hugs to all of you at your house!

  6. Todd, I'm counting on you to provide great Scottie help to everyone.

  7. Hope the surgery goes good for Carrie Ann

  8. Blessings to you Kim and all of your babies. Your plate is truly overflowing. Goodness. Hoping Carl will be home soon. Keeping all of you in my heart and prayers.
    Hoping your next post is telling us that Beau's eye lift is a complete success and Carrie Anne came through her surgery beautifully.
    Gus' Mom

  9. Your the best family in the world to take such good care of your goldens!
    Your right about the after care for CarrieAnne! So important-- and you trust them. They will take good care of her.

    Beau looks like he adapts really well to having those stitchy staples in his eye lid. What a brave boy.
    Gus looks perfectly happy- and knows all the care he gets is because of love.
    They all know- don't they?
    That cute little smile from Cricket is so precious.
    We love the photo of all the dogs on the porch.
    Yes,, summer is fading away,,,,,softly.

  10. so busy you are, wish we could help - in the meantime, our thoughts are with you and the crew. Best from KT and Easton

  11. All the best for CarrieAnne!

    We've been able to start our 6 a.m. walks again. Seems only a few weeks ago we were waiting around for nearly 7, for the light.

  12. So many sweet doggies in your home. I'm sure it's much easier with a second pair of hands, but they all look happy on the porch with your love and care. Sending my best thoughts for Carrie Anne :-)

  13. Morning Kim, love the picture of the porch with the fur baby's, so beautiful. Fall seems to be creeping in here too, I will welcome it....sending prayers for Carrie Anne, big Hugs Francine.

  14. Have a Nice week ..with all your lovely doggies ..!...x!

  15. Hmmm. Those staples have me worried too. Makes me wonder what their thought process is on that one.

    I agree totally about aftercare. You can have the very best surgeon perform the very best surgery but if you don't have great aftercare, if could be all for naught.
    Sending out positive and healing thoughts!

  16. I ADORE that first photo!! :) Hoping you are all having a wonderful {extended} weekend!

  17. Hi Kim
    So much news - best wishes for CarrieAnne's surgery - you need the comfort of knowing that someone is watching her after surgery. Prayers coming her way. May the healing continue for Beau and glad to hear that Gus is doing better. Cricket is adorable!

    Enjoy the holiday and paws crossed for no thunderstorms.

    Sending you and your entire K9 family best wishes

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  18. We wish everyone anyone a healthy September. I am not ready for it to be sooooooo dark in the morning.

  19. Awwww.... *KISSES* It's just not possible to tell you how much we love you all. We are sending big prayers, healing thoughts and love to you all!!!

    Little Reufus

  20. Such a full plate!
    Cricket is such a happy little dog, isn't she?
    Have a blessed week, Kim!

  21. Sending lots of love and prayers for recovery and surgery to come. Kim, you have your hands full...that is for sure! That Cricket sure is a happy little one! Hope you have a good week!

  22. I love the porch picture with everyone just laying around enjoying their home. That says it all.
    stella rose

  23. Ahhh, the dog days of summer! That eye lift procedure is interesting.


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