Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rhythm and Routine

Life got its rhythm and routine back this week--It was hectic and busy at the start of it, and settled down by Thursday when I was off.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  It means that life is getting back to normal, whatever normal is.
~Downtown Leesburg Virginia~
The weather has been perfect all week and we've been able to have the windows open every day. In the evenings I've taken Sheba for one-on-one walks.  I know she has enjoyed the walks, and I think she's finding her new independence.
Todd got his last haircut for the year and looks like a Scottie again. A friend of mine who also has a Scottie took time a couple of months ago to show me how to groom Todd. She is a great teacher and made it look really easy.  With her encouragement I am really motivated to try doing it myself, and I know at some point I will.
But with all that has been going on, this time I decided to just take Todd to the groomer.  Besides it's the only time he smells like cinnamon, wears a tulle bow (I know, it's so un-Scottie-like!) and he is ....
really worn out! That just doesn't happen very often!   


  1. Todd looks so handsome!. A tired dog is a good thing, sometimes, isn't it?
    I know it must be really hard on all of the dogs when a friend dies. I know Sheba appreciates one on one with you. I guess this means she is now the leader of the pack?
    Enjoy the weekend and maybe make yourself a little comfort food. Maybe another blackberry cobbler.
    Take care and hugs.
    Gus' Mom

  2. Normal is now " a new normal". Todd looks very fancy with his bow! Have a good weekend.

  3. Recognise the street!

    Todd doesn't need the bow....

  4. Lovely cut for Todd, the bow, I think he likes it, judging by his eyes, or maybe not, as he just plain went to sleep. Take care, Hugs,Jean.

  5. I am glad things are calm now.. I love the pretty Sheba and Todd is looking very handsome.. Have a happy weekend!

  6. todd is always good for a laugh!

  7. Good to hear that Sheba is adjusting.
    Todd looks so sweet, they usually crash after the trauma of a bath. :)

  8. Todd, I feel for you. Perfume and neckware? The things you put up with.

  9. Todd looks like he has been busy!
    Good to hear about Sheba, and all of you. Have a wonderful weekend.
    *hugs* ♥

  10. I need to do one on ones with my two...but I always feel guilty about the other being left home!!!!...:)JP

  11. Glad to hear you had a good week. Todd looks great.

  12. That is the most precious photo of Todd. I love it...

  13. The good thing about learning to trim dogs is that they have no idea how they look. So there's no problem with your mistakes...they are simply learning experiences. Glad you had a good week.

  14. Hi Kim
    It feels so good to get your rhythm back doesn't it? And life feels more balanced. When your weekend comes around,,, its the perfect time to stretch and breathe,,, and yes go for walks!
    I am sure Sheba enjoys the time you are giving her,,,, and together you are resetting your thythms,,,,
    Oh little Todd,, you could not be any more handsome,.. and we can just imagine how sweet you are smelling,, our little happy boy!

  15. BOL Todd she stuck a bow on you, well at least it was blue. I'm always exhausted after the fur stealers.

    Aroo to you,

  16. I'm glad that Sheba is finding her way. I was also wondering if she's becoming the new leader...

    I see that Todd's bow was already gone by the last photo :) Once, a long time ago, we paid to have our Labs groomed. The groomer put bows on them (ha!). They promptly jumped in a cranberry bog and got completely covered in mud! That was the last time we ever paid for a groomer to bathe our dogs!

  17. Todd is such a cutie! Happy and sunny Sunday, Kim!

  18. Morning, good to be back in the rhythm. Happy Sheba is adjusting, so pretty...That sweet little Terrier Todd never disappoints, that face is precious. hugs Francine.

  19. oh...
    those tiny teeth. sweet dreams wee scottie boy.


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