Saturday, March 14, 2015

Feathers in Our Path

I want to thank all of you who took a moment to leave kind, thoughtful words of support for the loss of Beau.  It's always a sad day when you lose one of your four-legged-family members, and your sharing the loss with us, and your friendship, really means a lot. I'd also like to give a very special thanks to the blog, POTP and all those who came from there and left their kind caring words on the loss of Beau. If you've not visited there, you should. It's truly a very special blog for those who really need the POTP (Power of the Paw). Click here for the link

Our week ended quietly.  Today has been one of clouds and rain. (Yes, that's still snow from last week).  
For a rugged Scottie like Todd, (that needs a visit to the fur-stealer!) .....
the weather is never an issue. He loves being outside in any kind of weather.
I actually don't mind so much either. So, this morning, first thing, I pulled on my rain boots and the dogs and I went for a walk.  On our walk, I found these two feathers.  
A friend of mine mentioned that Native American lore says "that when you find a feather in your path, you are on the right path." I've not seen these kinds of feathers before. With their bright yellow (gold?) that runs through them, I'd like to think that it's a sign that Beau has gotten his wings. Maybe it's both.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend! 
~A Scottie's gotta shake it off sometime~


  1. cute todd! those might be yellow-shafted northern flicker feathers. i've found them here, too. really neat. and i'd like to think beau was saying he was fine.

  2. Todd is such a ham. love the picture you share of him shaking it off. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Hugs, Ana

  3. First I have to tell you I had tried to leave a message on your last post, but I think it is lost in cyberspace..that could have had something to do with trying to post through the tears. Godspeed sweet Beau thank youfor giving him what had to be the best time of his life and the sweetest love he'd probably ever known.
    As for the weather I hope you have sunshine SOON although I can see that Todd does NOT care in the least...
    and yes...I believe you probably got a sign that all is well. Beau made it to the bridge and you are on the right path.
    sending hugs and hoping you have peace and sunshine!

  4. I'm glad to hear you had a quiet, although wet, end to the week. Todd looks like he is having a great time being wet.


  5. Our Miggs is the same we have been in a melt down to warm temps puddles and mud every where rain today and sun other days and Miggs loves it no matter what and she is shaggy and of course she has to roll in it all let me tell you I go through towels like mad this time of year lol ! But I wouldn't have it any other way she is our messy mucky Miggy after all lol ! Pretty feathers yes I have heard that folk lore before as well ! Todd you make me smile every time you and Miggs would get along wonderfully ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. Those are beautiful feathers, and I love the symbolism. I hope that you and the rest of the pack are hanging in there. I'm glad that you got out for a walk in the rain. Todd sounds like our Labs - no weather quells their drive to be outside!

  7. I have no responsibility for the feathers. They're not light blue.

  8. We're sure he got his wings.

    We always find feathers in our path. Glad to know we're on the right one!

  9. Kim, I love the lore about your being on the right path, but also think that Beau got his angel wings and is running free-happy and thankful to have had you. Every time a pup gets ill or passes in blogville, I cry just like the pup was one of mine.
    Glad you are getting rain and not snow. We are enjoying some warmth this weekend-I love it and it motivates me to get out and walk.
    Have a wonderful Sunday dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. I am so sorry to learn that Beau passed over the Rainbow Bridge. When that day comes, you will have quite a crew waiting for you there, all full of gratitude for what you did for them.

    It is interesting about the feathers. The day after Soldier died, there were three raptor feathers and a few smaller downy ones left right outside our front door. I took it as a message from him, sending a bird to let me know he had safely reached the Rainbow Bridge and for me to not be sad. He was OK. I never saw feathers like that at any other time here in the canyon.

  11. Walking in the rain and mud is good for the soul Kim.. Todd is wise and knows.
    Kim,,, we do believe the 2 feathers are a sign from Beau,,, absolutely we believe it,, and it was meant for you to find the feathers,,, it was a true sign.
    We hope your heart is healing,. You give so much love,, so much of yourself, and you never stop.. We always believe your an angel.
    tweedles and moms

  12. it seems like I remember you finding other reminders of your loves after their deaths. A rainbow maybe? If nothing else the feathers are a reminder of your sweet Beau's gentle nature.
    Gus' Mom

  13. Todd looks as woolie as I did until Friday!

  14. We love that you got a sign from Beau! How very special♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. That is a very special sign from Beau indeed! We are positive he got his wings. Love the pics of Todd...especially the "shaking it off"!! xo Chloe and LadyBug

  16. Todd looks like a cuddly teddy bear!

    As for the feathers, of course it's a sign from sweet Beau.


  17. I like that about the feathers - and I'm sure it's a sign from Beau. I'm positive they communicate with us still.

    I wish you lived closer so I could steal Todd's fur!! I had to steal Celti's and she's different girl!!


  18. Yep. The feathers and Beau.
    You are so far ahead of us in the melting department. Can't wait until the white stuff totally disappears.

  19. I agree, such a beautiful sign that Beau received his wings, happy tears. Nice to see grass Kim, Spring is near here too. Big Hugs Francine.

  20. this is a priceless post. in more ways than one.
    and when i'm in any kind of dilemma... i'm going to think of todd and that last picture! :D
    love to you dear heart. xo♥

  21. Well of course you need all that rain. How else are you going to get lots of mud to play in?

  22. Yep, I'm pretty sure the golden feather's are from Beau's wings. Good to see Todd in all his fluffiness.

    Aroo to you,

  23. There you are, sweet, adorable Todd! Great photos of him. :)

    And yes, Beau surely has his beautiful golden wings. I have not a doubt in my mind.

  24. It's lovely to think the feathers are a sign. A real comfort.

  25. I'm a firm believer in signs too. I'm sure they were a gift from your dear Beau.

  26. That Tood looks to be a fiesty little fellow and so beautiful too.
    I am thinking those golden feathers may be a message from Beau letting you know he is OK, as I am sure he is.


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