Thursday, June 4, 2015

Another Whirlwind Week!

The week began with the passing of my 10+ year old computer finally giving it up.  I've known for awhile that it was going to happen, so its passing came as no big shock.  *SHE* and I were together for a long time. A very long time for a computer who at times should have not been blamed for the faults and maladies that came with  her advancing age. They certainly don't make 'em like *HER* anymore, and that may or may not be a good thing.  By Wednesday Carl had my new computer set up and connected.

Life may have come to a standstill online for me, but it didn't for the dogs.  I know that I don't mention Buddy much. Some of you may have even forgotten about him.  He came to us in November because of his severe allergies.  We've had some pretty good success in working through them with a limited ingredient diet and over the counter allergy medications.  But even with a good vet, there have been some set backs too.  Buddy is still really itchy, and if we don't watch him, he'll chew and pull out his coat.  So, it was decided to take him to the dermatologist.
~Buddy waiting for the Dermatologist~
It was a productive visit, and I'm encouraged that with a change up in a few things, along with a new allergy medication called Apoquel, that has had some really good success, Buddy can finally put the annoying allergies behind him.  
~Buddy, still waiting for the Dermatologist and a treat~
While I was waiting for the Dermatologist, I got a call from our dog-walker about Lexi.  She's not been feeling well this week.  On Tuesday she had gotten sick, but seemed a little better by Wednesday morning. The dog-walker couldn't get her to her feet, and Lexi had gotten sick again.  I called the vet and thankfully they were able to see her. I took Buddy home, picked up Lexi, and we were on the road again.  After all the tests, including x-rays and fluids along with nausea medications, we were on our way home, and Lexi was smiling and feeling better.
~Lexi, feeling better!~
The test show nothing "too unusual,"  so we're not really sure what is causing Lexi's stomach to become so sensitive.  It could be her diet, so we're going to make a few changes. This evening she seems more like herself, and her appetite seems to be returning. A good note to end a busy week on!

It's all worn Sheba out, so I'm sure she'd agree!  


  1. I know all your fur kids appreciate you for all you do for them and so do I. Be sure to tell Todd I said Hi.

    Aroo to you,

  2. Oh dear, sometimes life gets way too busy, do you wish it would slow down? Lovely Lexi, Buddy and Sheba. Down here Boris is thriving, a whirlwind, gaining weight, purrs so loudly, and still the total mystery of where he came from. Love in a ginger kitten for sure.

  3. So happy the dogs are feeling better. Sounds like quite a week.

  4. Never a dull moment for you Kim!! It seems anyways! Glad to hear that the allergies are improving and Lexi's stomach is better. Happy Weekend!!

  5. Why doesn't the vet move in with you?

  6. Your "pups" are so lucky to have you! I'm sorry it was such a hectic week.

  7. What beautiful faces they all have. So glad that Lexi is back to her happy smiling self, and Buddy looks so patient - he knows something good is going to happen.
    After such a week, Kim, you must be feeling very much like Sheba!

  8. Have you ever had a week where you didn't have to take someone to the vet? Poor Buddy, that stuff looks plain miserable, I hope the new stuff works better. Lexi - is it a grass thing? Jack has been having some problems also.
    Dear Sheba, growing old gracefully.

  9. that you are SO on top of things with them is a blessing. they don't have to suffer at all under your watchful eyes. that is what a guardian angel does.
    and that's what you are. to them. and they know it. and they love you.
    and so do we.

  10. Ten years for a computer is quite something. Glad that the two back to back trips to the vets were positive. Please let us know how the Apoquel works. We've had some luck with adding the dried herbal mix to Bobs meals. The sensitivity to allergies dies down - until recently. Can dogs suffer from hay fever ?

  11. Sounds like you had a busy week. Sorry about your computer. You must be a pro with these doggie's diets and who gets what food. My Goldie Girl had allergies too. Buddie, Lexi and Sheba are all troopers and so very cute! Give them all hugs from me! Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  12. Morning Km, you sure are good to those beautiful old fur kids, makes my heart happy. Sorry about the computer, hope all is wel, at Golden Pines.Blessings Francine.

  13. What a week!
    Seems positive news on the furfriends front though, which is great news.
    10 years for a computer, that's impressive, it must have been very well cared for
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  14. Oh, my! Managing all the personalities and needs of the crew at your place reminds me of the old adage about herding cats. I'm imagining that you may have been a Border Collie in a previous life. Glad to hear the these pups are okay and on the road to recovery.

  15. Thank goodness for a good vet . . . And thank goodness for people like you. Amazing the love and care you are bringing to your Golden Pines family. Question though . . . Vet bills are very costly . . . do you insurance?

    1. Hi Lynne! Unfortunately, I do not have insurance for the dogs. However, I'm lucky in that both Lexi and Buddy are "foster dogs" for the rescue, and their medical expenses are covered by them, which is a good thing! (Kim)

  16. ups and downs of pet ownership - and you have many more charges than most. :)

  17. Never a dull moment at Golden Pines! You are always on top of every situation.

  18. A lot of work....but for someone you love, it's nothing...sounds like you guys are going to work through this problems...can see why Sheba is tied!

    The Mad Scots

  19. Happy that Buddy and Lexi are doing better! :) I love these photos. I love to look into their eyes and see all that love. You all have a wonderful weekend!

  20. I love reading your blog because it relieves some of the guilt I feel about spending so much time with the vet. People with one or two pets make me feel like a hypochondriac because we make frequent vet visits. With a large pack of active but aging dogs, we often need a vet visit or two.

  21. The crew certainly keep you on your toes....glad that Buddy and Lexi are doing okay. As for your computer (your old one does sound like mine on occasions!!!)...but having it for 10 yrs. could well be on a list for the longest working computer! ;)

  22. I am glad to hear of Buddy, and that there's a new allergy med. R has terrible summer allergies and can lick off all the fur on his forearms. I'm going to ask my vet about the new med (sometimes we have to resort to steroids).

    I hope that Lexi keeps feeling better. What a week for you!

  23. Hey Buddy!!! Hope he is feeling better!

  24. Hi Y’all!

    Wow, do I feel for y'all! Everything pawed and "unfooted" gettin' sick on you!

    Really feel for Buddy and the itchy allergies.

    You may or may not remember that I have taken allergy shots and pills for years. When the cottonwoods are sheddin', and they shed for a long, long time, I get weekly shots. Special diet from Purina Pro Plan has worked well for me, but we've had years of trial and error. So I understand both Lexi and Buddy's food restrictions.

    Glad all is workin' out.

    If y'all are on Windows, hope you have an easier time adjustin' to the new Windows than my Human Papa has.

    Did I tell you that I’ve relocated to There is a link on .

    Hope y’all come to my new home. I’m still workin’ on it. You need to click the title to find a spot to comment.

    Y’all hurry on by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  25. I am so happy for Buddy, allergies are awful, I struggle with mine, they give me yucky, sore ears...

  26. It has been busy for you. I hope the Apoquel helps Buddy. One of our dogs had some itching this Spring and he is taking that too. Have you ever tried a round of probiotics for sensitive stomachs? One of our dogs was having some issues and we weren't sure which one, so we treated them both and they've been fine. Just a thought :-) Hugs for all your sweeties.

  27. Is it possible that Lexi is bolting down her food too rapidly? We had a lot of problems with our Lucy until we bought her a special dish that made her slow down her eating. (It is wide and has round projections sticking up.) We also divide her meal so she is given only a third of a cup at first. When she has finishes that, we make her wait a minute before giving her the second third of a cup. After another minute's rest we give her the remaining third. She has not had any problems since.


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