Saturday, July 4, 2015

Four Days

I have been off work since Thursday and we pretty much had no plans for the long weekend, other than our usual catch up on things around the house.  It was also time that had been set aside to catch up on the dogs summer haircuts.
Todd was first up on the list, and sat still long enough with the bow on for me to get his photo not once...
but twice...
Josh and Sunny were taken to the groomers as well. 
~Sunny pre-grooming~
Sunny's experience at the groomer could be a post all its own.  I took both Josh and Sunny to a new groomer, because I wanted to stay on "good terms" with the one who regularly sees Charlie and Todd.  So I'll  just say that I don't think Sunny will be going back to the "new place" again.  Long time readers of this blog know that Sunny can be "difficult" in two kinds of situations.  One is when he doesn't want to do something, and the other is when he's nervous. His being groomed fit that perfectly. It's too bad that Sunny doesn't like to have his picture taken, because he looks great. (I will add that yes, I can and do groom the goldens, but even I have problems doing anything more than brushing and trimming Sunny).
~Best photo of Sunny afterwards~
However, Sunny bypassing me and going straight to the door afterwards, the looks on the faces of the two groomers and especially their short and restrained comments about how "Sunny didn't like his nails trimmed, feet touched, tail messed with, that he hated the dryer and that he could live life happily for the rest of his life without another bath," said perfectly how it had gone.  

There were no comments at all on how Josh did.  That had to be good news, right?

Back at home, the success of the week has come with our newest addition, Bella. We felt that part of the problems with Bella and our dogs was coming from her just not feeling well. Throughout the week, it was easy to see that she was feeling better and becoming more relaxed.  So with that, we very slowly began closing the space between her and our dogs.  It took a lot of praise, a lot of treats that yesterday resulted in this...Bella is the one in the middle of the photo below.
Yes, Bella is still a little growly around our dogs, in particular when she's sleeping and eating.  But I think and really hope she's going to be okay here at Golden Pines.  
~Bella on Friday~

I hope you have an enjoyable, memorable and safe July 4th celebration!  
~Main Street in "My Town" 


  1. sorry about poor sunny. todd sure looks handsome! i hope bella continues to trust her new pack.

  2. There are some who just detest being messed with. Sunny is one. I would have suspected Todd would be that one.

  3. Hi Y'all!

    Love the photo of the butterfly!

    Poor Sunny. Too bad she doesn't like groomin'. I love the massage I get when I get my bath and grooming. My Human uses a dremel on my nails, although I don't mind getting them clipped.

    Hope Bella relaxes and enjoys life there. She is beautiful!

    Happy 4th!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Enjoy your weekend! Poor Sunny, some dogs just don't like being messed with. They are all sweeties, though. Bella looks less tense. Todd is cute with the bow, for sure. Rough used to come home with a bandana, I suppose that's all the groomer's idea. Haha.

  5. HI Kim! Bath time and grooming, I remember those fun times. Poor Sunny. Todd looks adorable with his bow. I hope Bella is adjusting! All your doggies are sweet. Have a happy 4th of July weekend!

  6. Some people just do not have the right sensitivity!!! lovely flags flying, and all looking happy at your place. Have a great weekend.

  7. AI always dread asking the groomer how they were. It took four people to hold Bailey in the bath one time and Sky's coat was so thick that the groomer went thru half a dozen blades. They all liked to go but it was like a party for them. But then everything is like a party for them.

  8. Oh well....the grooming is over for awhile. They look great!

  9. Happy July 4th Kim ~ Sophie is in need of a serious haircut too and her groomer who had a baby in early May has returned. So HRH goes Thursday, I am so relieved, she loves to go because treats abound.

    Take care Kim and all the best!

  10. Happy Fourth Kim!!!!!! All look quite dashing, poor Sunny, some dogs just don't like being fawned your little town, so sweet.Blessings Francine.

  11. great post... Todd looks wonderful. My first thought when I saw the full picture of Sunny is, I need to check and make sure that is him. Best picture I've seen of him. I bet you are so happy to have it. I couldn't stop laughing at the comments about his grooming experience. Gus hates to have his paws messed with as well as his tail. It is a real ordeal to groom his paws. We have had to chase him all over the house at times.
    Bella is a beautiful girl. Glad to hear she is feeling better.
    Take care,
    Gus' Mom

  12. You're amazing!!!! I'm sorry about Sunny and the grooming. I hope you find a solution to that. Todd looked amazing in his bow! And I'm thrilled with the news of Bella!

    Enjoy the rest of this great weekend!

  13. I know you love having everyone clean and groomed. Nails and paw pads are really difficult if the dog wasn't trained early on. Our breeder taught us to sit and massage the puppy's feet, spread the toes, etc., and neither of them mind getting groomed. They even like getting their teeth brushed. I think it's all about starting early and being consistent. Good to see Bella is fitting in better.

  14. Glad to hear things are mostly going well. Have a blessed Sunday. ♥

  15. Poor Sunny! Poor groomers!

    I'm glad Bella seems to be settling in better.

  16. WOW! a perfect picture of sunny ... really. and all the more special because it's so rare! LOL.
    and bella will get there... slowly but surely... thank goodness you're known for your patience. i hope you've had some much needed rest at least part of this holiday! xoxoxo♥
    and ... you can just tell that todd thinks he's pretty cute! LOL.
    but then... he IS.

  17. Sunny seems to have a very sensible attitude to grooming .

  18. I really enjoy your posts because I get acquainted with each of your "children" and their individual personalities! What a wonderful home you provide for each of them. The "newbies" and permanent residents!

  19. I'm glad neither of our pups need regular grooming except for the nail trims. I hope Bella continues to get comfortable in your home.

  20. You should pitch for a cable show....seriously


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