Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It Takes a Village

My week may be off to a slow start at work because the Doctor I work for has had to be out of the office.  But we are busy at home.
Because on Saturday we welcomed two new additions...
Then a third one...
How did we end up with these three little ones?  Well, I first read about them on a Facebook group page for the town that I live.  Someone posted about seeing four kittens in the back of the gas station in town, and playing near the road.  
Several people chimed in that they'd seen them as well and agreed that it would be "unfortunate if one got hurt, or worse."  But no one volunteered to help these little ones.  Finally someone named "Beth" who regularly helps to trap feral cats for a rescue, said that she would trap the kittens, but someone else would have to take them.  ...the sound of crickets goes here.... I'll pat myself on the back and say that I waited nearly 8 hours for someone else to speak up and say they'd take the kittens.  But no one did.  So, I volunteered, telling myself that I'd figure it out somehow.     
Then (thankfully) someone named "Laura" said that she would also be willing to help trap the kittens and would arrange with a rescue group to have them vetted. So, on Saturday morning, we set the traps, and by 10:30 that night, Laura and Beth had managed to trap all but one. Unfortunately, the 4th kitten has not been seen since Saturday night. We're not giving up, and the traps are still being set in hopes that this little elusive one will return and can be caught.   

Laura is also going to speak to the owner of the gas-station and ask him to make a donation to the rescue to help with their expenses. (I personally think he should, and think we did him a favor in taking them.)   
Because the kittens, that are estimated to be about 8 weeks old, are "semi-feral" Beth has put me in contact with someone who will be coming over this weekend to help me with handling and socializing the kittens, which I did for the first time this evening.  
~Being held for the first time!~
My new friends and I have decided that with each of us taking a part in rescuing these kittens, asking for the donation from the gas station owner, the rescue who will be taking them, and getting someone to help me socialize them, that it truly  "takes a village to rescue kittens."  However, Charlie who absolutely loves them...
and is a bit obsessed with the kittens,   
doesn't think I need any help because he's here!    


  1. What a wonderful story about "your village" helping out with the kittens!
    This is so wonderful,,, and they are being socialized,, and one things leads to another,,,
    Its all good! Yay for caring! Yay for love! Yay for the village!
    Thank you to all of you..
    What sweet kitties,, and yes Charlie and Todd will help our too!

  2. BOL you and Charlie have hearts of gold!

    Aroo to you,

  3. Such a sweet ending for the little furry balls. Lets hope the 4th is captured soon. I am sure he/she is missing its siblings. You have such a golden heart taking them in and caring for them.
    Charlie is so adorable caring for them. He is a great help.
    Thanks for sharing such a pretty story.

  4. It takes a village which includes Charlie, an eager helper.

  5. Charlie, you are a trooper. Today we had to take our wee rescue kitten Boris to the vet. Felicity had her turn last week.. I told Dave why is it that when a stray kitten finds our home, and we adopt him, sooner than later he needs expensive treatment, A sudden PUO ( very high temperature of unknown origin) 40.1, so 2 injections, and thankfully half an hour later, recovering well. When they are little, it can all go downhill so fast. I hope you can manage with the feral kitties, lovely faces, all lovely, but the wee tabby, is she a girl by any chance? I do hope you get lots of help with the weeks ahead, Charlie, hang in there, this might be an extension to the family for a short time only. Kim, your heart has opened yet again, and I, too, would be doing the same.

  6. Its ok, Mom, I've got this! What a sweet, boy , Charlie is indeed. What does Todd think of your new charges?
    That heart of yours is huge!
    Gus' Mom

  7. The kittens are adorable, I hope someone catches the other one too.
    Charlie sure is fascinated with cats/kittens, isn't he?

  8. Charlie looks like he is up to the task! And how cute are those kittens?!? You are so awesome for taking them in! I hope the fourth can be found. It's making me sad picturing her all alone...

  9. Obviously you have no birds. It's tough having cats AND birds.

  10. What a sweet boy Charlie is, but we wonder what the Goldens and Todd, would make of the kittens? We do hope that you can find good homes for them, and won't have to keep them all - that might be just too much !!

  11. Well done Charlie. And everyone else. Hope you can find good homes for them.

  12. Hello Kim, I am usually a dog lover only but your kittens are adorable. I hope they all find loving homes. Charlie is adorable too. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  13. Oh look at them, they are adorable!
    You have a very kind heart, wish there were more peeps like you in the world
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  14. Ooh, dear Kim, thank you for stepping up and helping with these kittens. I've been in this situation so many times, if I were able I would take all the abandoned and forgotten animals, but we do what we can and keep our fingers crossed that others will jump on board.
    They have the sweetest little faces.

  15. At eight weeks, it should not be hard to socialize them. I know, I have done it too often. Hopefully, good homes will be found for them thanks to you, Laura, Beth, and Charlie.

  16. Charlie just NEEDS to get closer and lick them!!! It's all over his face! You are a good heart - thank goodness for YOU.

  17. Great "village" story . . .

  18. jody m just said my words completely!
    bless you dear heart. bless you real good. XOXOXOXO♥

  19. What a heart you have Kim. I wouldn't have been able to help because cats give me asthma. The world is richer because of you.

  20. You continue to make a difference! Thank you.

  21. so cute. you surely keep your hands, heart and home full. :)

  22. Charlie looks really pleased with his new job...glad the kittens are safe and hope you get the other one :-)

  23. On behalf of those little kittens, thank you for stepping up and helping them.

  24. As usual, bless you! And bless Charlie.

  25. What a good lady you are. And Charlie is a good dog.

  26. Well done Charlie .... and everyone else in the village.

  27. As I said before, Kim you are an Angel, cute kittens and what a good boy Charlie is. Take Care,Francine.

  28. Kim - you are an angel to all animals in need. And Charlie is too!

  29. I just love your Village story! So very glad that Charlie is helping you! You are an angel Kim!💜

  30. Hi Y'all!

    Love Charlie's expression in the last photo!

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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