Saturday, August 8, 2015

Is Niceness Contagious?

~A quick shot of Sunny escaping the camera~
Its been just about six weeks since Bella arrived at Golden Pines.  From the beginning she let us know with her growling and snarling just how unhappy she was to be living in a group home.  My "support team" from the rescue and I felt that it wasn't helping that Bella wasn't feeling well.  When she seemed to be feeling better, and her behavior continued, I had a discussion with the rescue about finding another foster home for her.  A plea was sent out to other foster homes, and two people came forward.  When we thought that we had found a perfect match for Bella, the person changed her mind at the very last minute.  Another plea was sent out that added a few more people to the e-mail.  Still no takers. But I guess Bella has just decided that maybe we weren't so bad after all, or all the medications and supplements she's taking are working, because I realized that she seemed happier.  She still has her diva-moments, but they are coming farther apart.  I'm now seeing a lot more tail wagging and the scowl and hard tense look I've seen on her face so much is being replaced with a softer look and smile.  
~A much more relaxed Bella~
I had to stop and wonder if the "niceness" was contagious and infecting Todd.  As a Scottie, he's devoted and affectionate to those he likes. However, he can take a while to warm up to strangers and visitors to our house.  Last week we had company, and I fully prepared our guest with lots of treats, and I was ready for Todd to show his displeasure of the intruders.  He didn't surprise me by at first keeping his distance from our friend.  But he did surprise me when she was allowed to pet him shortly after she arrived.  He was a true gentlemen Scottie during the entire couple of days.
Then  yesterday Buddy was rolling on the grass with Todd's favorite red ball that he never shares.
I had to stop and wonder if the gentleness of the Goldens or the "cuteness" of the kittens was getting to him?  Was Todd at 4+ years old growing up and mellowing?  
Judging by the torn up dog toys,
 along with the barking and chasing and the holes he keeps trying to dig...
I'd say no, and I'm glad about that!  


  1. Give up trying to figure out a Scottie. They purposely keep you on your toes.

  2. I'm glad Bella has settled in, perhaps feeling better and also feeling more at home with the crew.

  3. Hello, I am glad Bella is becoming more social. Both Sunny and Bella are beautiful dogs. And Todd is such a cutie, who could not love him. Happy times for all! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Glad Bella has adjusted to her new life. All the toys in our house look like that!

  5. How nice that Bella is becoming a more content part of the pack. She most likely feels better and better able to deal with not being the one and only. Terriers don't grow up....ever :-)

  6. Niceness never hurt, it could be contagious - I know nastiness is. Wondering if Bella is finally settling in and happier, besides healthier. She looks real good now. Maybe Todd did get some niceness rubbed on him.
    Jack was about 5 when the toys weren't all that important. You remember how awful Jill was for the longest? Last year she turned 5 and it was like she entered a retirement home. "Chickie Babe" is all but forgotten. I'm not saying they just lie there, they are not so nuts and we no longer have the 'Monkey Hour'.

  7. todd just had a few easy moments. he's still a rabblerouser. :) i hope bella mellows more!

  8. Yes. It can be embarrassing when people go 'Awwww a scottie...' and try to pat them. Mine have always turned away....even after 4+ years. Daisy was the only scottie to suffer strangers touching her.

    Glad Bella is settling down.

  9. Wonderful news about Sunny! And I do think that niceness is contagious... although I would never expect a Scottie to stop being industrious, like Todd is! Happy Weekend!

  10. Bella, hang in there. Packs are good things!

  11. So happy to hear about Bella! I bet she loves being with you. Todd cracks us up! He is such a scottie!

  12. Maybe increased tolerance for Todd?
    I think it is interesting how, at the last minute the woman decided not to take Bella and yet she is seeming more content with her new home. I think it is wonderful not only for Bella to be adjusting, but so nice to see all of your care paying off.
    I will always be so grateful to you and Carl for making the tough decision to love and care for Sunny. You were willing to suffer the consequences of the rescue's response to do what you felt was right. I know it may not always be easy, but Sunny is getting to live his life out in a wonderful home because of you and Carl. And that is definitely something to be admired. It seems, Bella is now benefitting from that same love.
    Gus' Mom

  13. Ladening down guests with treats works with Bob, doesn't with Sophie. Any suggestions ?.

  14. That is awesome news about Bella! Perhaps what she went through prior to her arrival at your home had her in distress. Now that she is feeling better and becoming used to her surroundings...she is feeling more at home? She sure does look HAPPY! Sunny and Todd sure do too! That is a very good thing. You are an angel, Kim!

  15. I find a visit with you so pleasant . . . Must be the dog lover in me. I am happy about Bella's mellow and your Scotty's mellow too . . .
    Happy Days At The Pines!

  16. Always love a view of your menagerie to perk me up. Funny how dogs and people have a lot in common. Bella reminds me of an aunt I had.

  17. surely it has to do with bella finally feeling better.
    when one feels sick or hurts all the time... the world is a dark place.
    now her smile there seems to reveal she's seeing her world differently!
    and todd?
    well. what's to say about the TODD! LOLOLOL!
    he is a character and was from the get-go. that's what we all love about him. he's definitely his own man. i mean puppy.
    and that's not an accidental misnomer. i have a feeling he'll retain his inner puppy for a long time to come! LOL. XOXO♥
    i even think that gentle camera shy sunny is looking like she might enjoy it every so often now! her face is different when caught by it!

  18. In the Portie world, it's said that around the age of two the Good Dog Fairy comes to visit and leaves a much better behaved dog behind. Well, the fairy must have lost our address because we're still waiting.

  19. So glad to hear Bella is coming around!
    And I always love seeing Todd's smile. :-)
    Hope you all have a wonderful day and a blessed week!

  20. I like the color of the fur. So pretty.

  21. I, Edgar, like to throw my mum for a loop every now and then too!

    Edgar and his mum

  22. Glad to hear Bella is accepting things more now and feeling better to that always helps who wants to be nice when ya feel like crap all the time or in pain ! As for Todd NAH ! he will always be Todd and that's a good thing lol ! Miggs is to be 6 years old on the 23rd and has mellowed right out now another year and she will be considered a senior . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  23. I do think niceness is contageous! Bella does look happy!

  24. It is nice to see a pic of the elusive Sunny! Glad Bella is settling in.

  25. Hello Kim,
    I know it has been ages and I seemed to have fallen off the radar, but I needed some time to myself and have started up a new blog now that I am feeling back to normal. I've kept up with you and I wanted to let you know that I think what you do by for rescue dogs is amazing and I love how you share what you do on your blog. As a thank you for what you do and for how kind you've always been to me, I've nominated you for the Liebster award as you can see here on my blog

  26. Sorry I've neglected you of late Kim but there sometimes comes a time when things get a little on top of one so please forgive my tardiness.
    There is much good in this post along with some delightful pics so thank you for sharing.


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