Thursday, August 6, 2015

Forever Homes

The reports coming from Lexi's new home have been good ones.  She is settling in and doing well.  I got a text message from "Val" on Sunday that said, "All is terrrific!  We had a small family fathering and Lexi was the star! -- I'd not mentioned to them that I thought that Lexi should be in a place where she was the "star," so when he said that she was, I took that as sign.
Val's message continued by his saying, "Lexi gets long famously with her new brothers, and sleeps in our bedroom on a new orthopedic bed that she claimed right away.  She is a real love bug and is doing great!  She is confident and keeps up with the boys on walks and romps in the yard and enjoys a nap afterwards. 
~Lexi and her new pack-mates~
Val concluded his message with:  It's like she has been here forever!" 
~Another photo of Lexi in her new home~
Speaking of "forever" it seems like forever that the kittens have been with us and its been just a month.  I didn't mention that a 5th little girl was captured over a week ago. Thought at first by one of my counterparts to be just a random kitten, when I saw her, I knew, she wasn't.  "Star" as I call her, is a nearly perfect "bookend" to one of the original group.  The plan is for ALL these mischievous kittens that all weigh around 2 pounds now, and who have taken over the office to be on their way to their forever homes in about a week.
  Who's going to break the news to Father Charlie?  


  1. That surrogate Dad will be wanting a new family to look after once the kittens have gone. Matching faces. they look adorable.

  2. Um, "Father" Charlie is dreaming. It's hard to rehome these guys and I wish all of them the best.

  3. Were so happy about Lexi fittng into her new home,, just like a piece of puzzle being put where it should be!!

    And the kittens,, a sucess story,,, and all because of caring hearts.

  4. So glad Lexi slipped right into being "Home" where she is the star!
    Mirror image kittens, wow! I hope finding them homes happens right away!
    Sorry, Charlie.

  5. Those kittens are almost identical! X

  6. Fabulous news about Lexi, just pawfect
    Charlie does make a wonderful kitty sitter, that's just sooo cute
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. This is such good news about Lexi and her forever you, I would have found it difficult to say goodbye, but then when I see the photos of her with her new brothers, that says it all - Happy Lexi.

  8. Hello Kim, great news on Lexi. I am glad she is the star of her new forever home. And that last shot of Charlie is adorable. Great news and post! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  9. Hi Kim - wonderful news for Lexi - what a beautiful girl! You'll need to find new playmates for Charlie soon. Enjoy your weekend.
    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  10. Happy tears for Lexi, great news. Charlie is such a sweetie, love the picture of him.Blessings Francine.

  11. OH OH OH KIM!
    this post.
    this post is just music to my ears!
    bless val for letting you and us all know how wonderfully lexi is doing!
    did we have any doubts?? NO!
    look at that smile. and i love it that there are wonderful mates for her to hang out with! LOLOL. and of course she's the star! she's so beautiful.
    father charlie.
    break it to him gently kim. he might even need his own little stuffed toy kitty for awhile. :) what a treasure that boy is... his one blue eye and one brown. he's always touched my heart. and now i know why.
    his own heart is grand and good.

  12. That is great news about Lexi! Father Charlie is just adorable!!!

  13. So good to see how well Lexi has settled into her new home and how happy she is. She looks as though she's always been there, and so contented with her two new best pals.
    Poor Charlie, he'll be so sad to see his little babies go, but knowing you Kim, you may well find yourself with some more before too long ! A little stuffed kitten would be a good idea for him, though not so much fun !
    What's happening with cheeky Todd - he's taken a back seat lately.

  14. What is Charlie going to do without his kittens!?! He is going to need some extra tlc which I know he already gets an abundance!
    I know how hard it is for you to let go of one of your babies, so how wonderful to know that Miss Lexi is a star. What a wonderful forever home for her. Does a heart good!!!
    Gus' Mom

  15. what a super photo of Charlie. I can see you getting more little ones......

  16. Well done Lexi...she certainly looks right at home with her brothers !
    Those little kitties are precious, gorgeous faces, and healthy thanks to your care...oooh make that Charlie's care :)

  17. You may have to get another pet for Charlie.

  18. so glad lexi is doing so well!!! and poor charlie...

  19. So happy to hear that Lexi is setteling in. Sorry Charlie. Something tells me that there will be more kitties for you to love...

  20. So happy Lexi found the perfect place for her and know the kittens will be in wonderful homes soon!

  21. That Lexi has the most wonderful doggie smile. Poor Charlie, he really has taken to the kittens.

  22. Wonderful. All is well with the world.

  23. I love HAPPY and when things work out . . .
    I think Lexi settling in just fine.
    (I think those "bookends" are identical!)


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