Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Glimpse Into Sherlock's Past

An early start on a cold frosty morning with temperatures just below freezing to take Sherlock to the vet.
You may recall I've been concerned that he doesn't shift weight onto a back leg. I've not ever taken any dogs to this particular practice in Maryland, so I wasn't sure what to expect.
The vet reminded me more of a drill sergeant than a vet because she was all business and no nonsense.  Getting right to the point after examining Sherlock, she told me to "go back to the waiting area while x-rays were done, and to leave the door open to the examining room."  About an hour later I was asked by the Drill Sergeant Vet to come to the back and get Sherlock and review the films. The Drill Sergeant had already called Lab Rescue and discussed everything with them. She quickly reviewed everything with me, told me to return in 4-5 weeks for a revaluation, told the techs what medications to dispense for Sherlock, and said "she needed to get caught up," and with that, we were done.

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's so true about the x-rays that were taken of Sherlock today, that gave us a glimpse into his past.  At some point in his life, he had a broken pelvis that was (probably) caused by getting hit by a car. Injuries to a dogs pelvis are typically allowed to heal by being confined. But as dogs age, the healed injury can lead to arthritis, and compressed vertebrae in the spine.  That's what's happened with Sherlock and caused his muscles to atrophy in his back legs.
The Drill Sergeant Vet thinks there isn't anything that can be done for him other than palliative care to help maintain his quality of life.  I'm not sure what Lab Rescue does in these instances, so I'll need to discuss everything with them. But there's no rush, and Sherlock who is still sleepy from the anesthetic, isn't in a hurry either.
So, while Todd is checking to see if there's more digging that can be done in a place that he's dug up more times than we can count....
 I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
~Sheba modeling our wreath~


  1. Ooh let's hope that medication can help, at least take away any discomfort.
    He's a beautiful boy !
    Todd is digging to

  2. How wonderful of you to help Sherlock and all of your dogs. Our lab found great relief from steroid shots, and from having a special bed to sleep on. I hadn't realized how much the bed could help her. Best of luck to Sherlock. I'm sorry that vet was so cold to you. Some of them are wonderful, and some aren't, that's for sure. I'm lucky to have incredibly smart and warm vets.

  3. It is so true that xrays give us a glimpse of a dogs' past. I hope with all my heart that the medications help Sherlock. And I believe you've used acupuncture with some of your dogs in the past - we had great success with it for our elderly yellow lab who was losing hind leg strength.

    I feared what you would find. I was mildly relieved that there wasn't evidence of intentional abuse. But being hit by a car is no easy thing either. In Shyla's case, signs of a blunt force trauma (kick or hit) that caused a leg fracture when she was a puppy were found. Because her former owner follows my blog, I could never come right out and say that. It helped me understand Shyla a bit better.

    I hope that Sherlock is continuing to recover, and that Lab Rescue is able to help him as much as possible in terms of vet care.

  4. Evening Kim, such a sweet boy, sure hope the medicine helps. I love the picture with the wreath around him, beautiful. Blessings Francine.

  5. Your doing everything you can for Sherlock. just as you do for all the other furrys at Golden Pines.. We hope some of the medications ca help Sherlock.
    Its hard to see them hurting..
    Its too bad the drill sargent didnt have a little more tendersness.

  6. I think Sherlock is fortunate to have found you, because I know you will do what is best for him. I read someone said she had a heated bed for her dog who has arthritis. Maybe that would help.

  7. I, like Shyla's Mom, was holding my breath for fear of intentional abuse. Poor baby. I know he will receive the very best care with you and that gives Sherlock the best chance of pain relief. So sorry that it appears progressive. Hopefully his pain can be managed.
    As someone else had mentioned, maybe an acupuncturist can help him.
    I remember how you described Gus loving his treatments!
    Gus' Mom

  8. Hello, I sure do hope that the medications can help Sherlock. At least relieve him of some pain. Sherlock, Todd and Sheba are all beautiful. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  9. poor sherlock. but he's in the best hands possible.

  10. Oh my poor thing . At least now you know and hopefully can help him ! He is in good hands with you I am sure all will go well and he will always be happy there with you and your clan !Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. It sounds like the DSV (drill sergeant vet) is in it for the money only. I'd find a new one. Sherlock won't be assisting Todd in his endeavors-it's a terrier thing besides.

  12. maybe i am too sensitive.
    but here's what i believe.
    a doctor. whether a vet or human. i want to have a kindred soul that i can recognize. drill sergeants have no place in my life.
    i believe that animals and people respond to energy fields. and that vet had none. not bad. just none.
    healing energy is important in any contact. it begins the work.
    does this sound hopelessly 'new age?' LOL. i'm sorry. but it's how i believe. and it is as important in healing as medicine. it helps the medicine.
    dogs are even more sensitive to their environment and people than WE are! i would never go to that vet again.
    but at least you know now and you have a beginning.
    love and snoopy hugs my dearest bean.
    speaking of... i went to the new 'peanuts' movie... and snoopy stole the show! :) XOXO♥

  13. You have such a kind heart it is comforting to nose that whatever Sherlock needs you will be there to comfort and care fur him. Luffs you Aunty Kim, yous such a special lady
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS There is a vet at my surgery the peeps called Vicious Vet, needless to say, I don't see that one anymore…all the others there are really nice so Mum always asked before booking me in….Vicious Vet scares Me and the Peeps!

  14. Poor Sherlock - we do hope that the combination of the right medication, and all the TLC he will get from you, will help him recover. Poor chap, it looks as if he's suffered some trauma before he came to you.
    Our vets have been marvellous for all six of our Labradors, over a period of more than 30 years, so we've been very lucky. Most vets are, we think, compassionate and attuned to our pet's needs. Maybe your Drill Sergeant Vet thinks efficiency is more effective than compassion. We do hope that in future you will find a gentler one for Sherlock, he deserves it.

  15. Let's hope the Drill Sergeant knows what she's doing. Poor Sherlock. At least we think he's in the BEST POSSIBLE place for his future.

  16. Oh Sherlock - prayers that the meds will help alleviate some of your pain and know that you're in great hands with your Golden Pines family

  17. You sure have been busy with visitors, fosters and new additions. GP is jumping, as I'm sure, you are too. Happy Holidays, good health and best wishes to all.

  18. I agree with Tammy, about the healing energy.
    Although I'm always more worried about the vet techs that attend to my animals as they are usually in the role of care-taking. But still, I'd move on to another vet if I were you.
    So sad to read that he had been hit by a car. I was given a cat years ago right after he had been hit and I had to keep him in a kennel for months to insure that he healed properly. (He did) but it's like you said, it had to be done immediately before it healed.
    I hope the medication brings Sherlock some comfort.
    The picture of him laying on the floor, breaks my heart.
    Sending good healing thoughts out to Sherlock!

    Todd is too cute, digging to China?

  19. Would swimming help Sherlock? It worked for a friend's dog. Hope all goes well and he is able to be comfortable.

  20. I sure do hope that Sherlock gets some relief from the medication. You are an angel! Thank you for helping each and every one of these wonderful animals.

  21. It's just not easy getting old. Sure hope the medication makes him more comfortable. Happy Holidays!

  22. Cold and clinical are not bad for the floor, but not what I want in a veterinarian. I do hope the drill sergeant was warmer with Sherlock than with you. Here's hoping the meds will help.

  23. It breaks my heart to think of what Sherlock has gone/is going through. Bless you for being there for him.

  24. Morgan has developed a tricky back leg too. The vet said that sometimes extra walks can help and sometimes Hope Sherlock will do well with his new meds. Sounds like that vet needs some help.

  25. I wonder if the vet was like that to you because you are Sherlock's foster mother. The fact that she called lab rescue and discussed his case with them before coming to talk to you makes me think this.

    In the late 90s, our Labrador, Murphy, had rear end weakness that we found was caused by arthritis in his lower spine. No injury in his case, and no malformed hips either. As his rear got weaker, his front end did more of the work. Rimadyl was new to the market at that time, and it was a godsend for Murphy, and for us. It relieved his pain, dealt with the inflammation, made him much more comfortable and happy. Now, there are so many more choices. I hope that the one the vet chose for Sherlock brings relief for him.

  26. Poor Sherlock, we sure hope you can ease his aches and pains


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