Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sherlock, Bella and a Ball

A typical week at our house, with all the usual busyness of work and commuting and trying to get ready for Christmas. Behind the scenes I've been talking to Lab Rescue about Sherlock (who's having an identity crisis because I keep calling him Reggie). I've also been discussing Bella with the Golden Retriever Rescue.
With Sherlock (Reggie?) because he's just the second dog I've had for Lab Rescue, and I've never personally met anyone from the rescue, I don't know really what to expect and how they manage dogs with issues like Sherlock has. Are they willing to provide whatever is needed, or do they have a limit as to what they will do?  Of course they don't really know me either. So, maybe we're each treading a little lightly.  The approach seemed to work in my phone conversations with them this week.  Its been decided that we'll put Sherlock on the anti-inflammatory medications and supplements to see if that makes a difference for him.  After the holidays we're going to add in either swim therapy or acupuncture. I agree with that, but what I don't agree with, is to letting him remain available for adoption while this is all worked through.  But it's a decision I can live with.  
For Bella, it's a bit more complicated. It's time to make a decision about her remaining with us permanently and the rescue continuing to cover her medical expenses, or finding another home for her. Of course I would love for her to stay here. But as much as we care about Bella, we need to consider the dogs that we own and their expenses.  I personally know several on the board of the rescue and know them to be fair and always having the best interest of the dogs in mind as decisions are made.  All this will be needed when considering Bella,  Her "diva moments" where she lets us know that she doesn't want any dogs or even cats around her, is a concern.  Its lessened over time with us, but I worry about  her behavior unintentionally being allowed to escalate in another home.  Added to that is Bella's inability to do steps, and tripping over her back legs when she tries to run. Those things together, make her a challenge to find a home for. And if one was found, is it what's best for her?  The board of the rescue will have to decide, and I'll support that decision.  
Todd on the flip side has no interest whatsoever in "rescue politics."  His only concern yesterday was the early Christmas present that he refuses to share or give up.  
Todd wouldn't give it to me, and kept it close by, insisting on taking it to bed with him last night. When I moved it to the nightstand, he would have none of that, and wanted it back.  Just like a kid with a new toy, he wanted it by his side as he slept.  Of course I let him have his way.  


  1. Lovely photos. Todd is a character and I love his fixation with his new toy. He is such a darling.

  2. Dear Kim,, How you find the time to devote to all the furrys,, is a miracle in itself!
    Oh how we hope that good answers will be found for all the questions regarding Sherlock (Reggie). Hopefully the anti- inflamatories will help him feel better. And you would feel better if the whole picture was painted out for you!

    And Bella too,, You want the best for her., truly the best... because that is how you are.
    You open your heart and home- because that is how you are!
    Todd,, must have been a good boy opening one of his prezzies already! He is smart to keep track of it.. I think its a very special ball..for a very special Todd.
    We hope a miracle happens and you find good answers.

  3. I luffs Sherlock (Reggie) he is a delight
    It is soooo hard fur peeps to make decisions fur their furry friends but it is good to nose that your furry friends haf a wonderful caring peeps like you fighting fur them. You have a very warm and big heart Aunty Kim, luffs you
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Good morning, Kim. I hope you come to a decision that is good for you, Sherlock, Bella. I know you want the best for all your sweet dogs. Todd is really enjoying his new Christmas present, he is cute. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. I love it when you post so I can read "dog stories/musings" . . .
    I'd say . . . don't touch that yellow ball unless it is being returned to Todd . . .
    Plus . . . I think you make great parents for Bella . . .
    And "Reggie" . . . juries out . . . not sure . . . no advice . . .
    Not sure how you do it all but I sure love following you!

  6. Todd, you have to loosen up. Don't be so self-centered and lend a helping paw with the others.

  7. Lovely Christmas Card shot of Bella. I can see your hesitancy for choosing. The dog vet bills are heavy for that age. I look at that beautiful face ...
    Poor Sherlock, the waiting ... Such a love.
    Has the ball that Todd is coveting got a squeaker? For some reason, my dogs don't care for balls. I don't know why - we have some in various sizes.

  8. Rescue politics sound intense at times. I guess that is what happens when you have a room full of super passionate people! What a great looking ball!

  9. We're wishing for less pain and better days ahead for Bella and Sherlock. We know that you're going to do everything in your power to help them.

  10. Omg, I just don't know how you do it. You are amazing. I'd want to keep them all to myself.
    Todd, reminds me of one of my toy poodles, Louie. I gave him a huge "Jingle" ball that he bats all over the house (and that I'm continually retrieving from under things) and he goes into a complete panic if he thinks one of the other dogs is trying to take it!
    Mine, mine mine!
    God, I love dogs!

  11. I hope all works out for Bella and Sherlock , As for Todd he and our Miggs are very much alike she has terrier in her to lol could be why lol ! Miggs checks her stocking we have hanging up on the mantel every day with Harley's there to , to see if Santa paws has been yet lol the look on her face is so comical ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  12. What difficult decisions you're facing Kim, we do hope that everything works out for you, Sherlock and Bella. Looking at their sweet faces, I just wouldn't be able to part with either of them, even knowing Bella can be a diva.
    Bless Todd - he looks very contented with his lovely new ball.

  13. Oh Kim, hope all goes well for you, hard decision. Such sweet faces though, I would find it deficult to part with either one.Hugs Francine.

  14. Those terriers do tend to be a bit territorial. And that's a good thing when you are the smallest dog in the pack.

  15. i love your crew and your care for all of them.

  16. tweedles said it all for me.
    and your name for sherlock is better! reggie.
    but i can see it might confuse him.
    i wish bella could have a home maybe where she is the only one. and would get all the loving tender care that she alone needs. no other cats or dogs there.
    bless her.
    and you. my angel bean. XO♥


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