Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hello Kitty and Restful Times

Flowers and chocolates this Valentine's Day weekend are always nice, but so are warm gloves and a maybe a dog (or two or three) to warm your feet!  The arctic-like air has blasted us with what is being called “the coldest air in more than a decade.”
No, (thankfully) we don't have the below zero temperatures that some people are getting this weekend.  But with icy winds, it certainly felt like it first thing this morning when I walked the dogs in single-digit temperatures.

Todd thinks the cold feels pretty good.
Or maybe .....  
...He just doesn't want to wear a coat.  Maybe both!
But despite the cold, there were still errands to run.  One errand we had today was to "swap out" one foster cat with another. Almost two weeks ago, a lovely kitty named Scarlet arrived.
~Scarlet, we hardly got to know her~
Today, as she went off to her new home, a little boy named "Mohawk" took her place.  I don't know where they get these names from.  But I had to grin that the rescue that our cat, the lovely Ms. Yellow came from, also featured a cat named "Mohawk".  Is that a trending name for cats?
~New boy, Mohawk~
Even with a new arrival, it was a quiet day at home.  These days, I think of winter as a restful time.
A time to take stock, and build up some reserves. I make less plans, I read more books, I look ahead and look forward to the active months ahead.
What do you look forward to?


  1. I look forward to top-down weather. Wait-it's here and 91 works for us. It's glorious with 10% humidity. The unfortunate thing is that the female peep insists on top up because driving top down messes with her hair-do.

  2. When I look back and remember some of the winters in my life, I believe we really are warming up. (It just doesn't feel like it because we are used to the not so freezing temps)
    Todd is sure enjoying the cool weather, isn't he? J & J like it better now too and they have been doing the 'rub' all over the yard. No jackets - perhaps their skin is a little dry from the drier indoor air?
    You are sure finding the homes for those kittens! Good for you!
    Happy Valentine's Day to all at your home!

  3. Maybe they thought Mohawk colour coordinated with your pack. We think Todd is not only a typical scottie, but a typical boy scottie. Dui is always amazing us with his antics.

  4. Not sure where they get the names from! Some of them are rather amusing!! Love the pic of Todd and his coat! Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

  5. omygosh i love these pictures.
    and mohawk's... well... looks a little like
    a mug shot! LOLOL.
    i'd be right down there with all the furries. i'm sure todd would walk away in disgust at seeing a human cavorting so! LOLOL.
    love the coat removing maneuvers that DIDN'T WORK!
    keep cozy and toasty dear bean! XO♥

  6. Lovely photos ! Todd and Miggs would get along wonderfully as she loves the cold air to . It has been bitterly cold here -4°F feels like -8 BRR and we have more snow then we have had all winter now but the sun is shining and that makes it better for me any ways . I look forward to spring and summer . Glad Scarlett found her forever home lets hope Mohawks does now . Glad all is well there . Thanks for sharing have a good week and a Happy Valentines day to you ,hubs and your clan .

  7. The pictures are so sweet and even though I can not pet these lovely creatures, my heart feels better just looking at them.

  8. Our year-and-half-old cat from the Humane Society was labeled "Haiku" by them, but she's Izzy to us. Maybe it's wrong to rename an animal, but I just couldn't call a cat Haiku. It didn't seem to fit her and Izzy did.

  9. Hello, Kim! It is too cold to spend any time outside. I just love all your dogs and the cute new kitty. Mohawk is a strange name for this kitty. I like the shots of Todd rolling on the ground. Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

  10. Hapy Valentine's Day to you and your crew! So glad pretty Scarlett got a home - now for Mohawk - he looks very young. Todd is a character - I enjoy my second-hand view of his antics. Hope you warm up!

  11. Happy Valentines Day to you all!!!!! Oh Mohawk is a sweetie, what a face... Enjoy all the happening with your beautiful furry gang.Hugs Frsncine.

  12. What beautiful photos of the gang, Kim. I could take Josh and Reggie/Sam/ home with me, but then I'd be loathe to leave Todd, Charlie and the rest behind! Josh has such a handsome face.
    So glad you are getting a chance to rest and relax.

  13. Gotta love that boy, Todd, although that Lab (whatever his name is) kind of has my heart right now! Mohawk is a cutie pie...:)JP

  14. Mohawk is a seriously handsome cat! I bet he gets adopted very soon! I'm glad you're having some restful time, enjoying all the wonderful souls around you!

  15. Yesterday I baked to warm up the house and make it smell great. The warmth didn't last too long but for a while I could take off one of my layers. We were one of those places stuck in negative numbers ALL day!

  16. Love the pictures of Josh and Sherlock/Reggie. My Elle too hates her winter coat - maybe she and Todd could meet up to compare notes.

    What do I look forward to? Getting some heat in the house tomorrow morning as our heater died! And of course, on the coldest weekend in years!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your gang from me, Neeli & Elle!

  17. I am hoping for a few more storms of winter before the summer heat starts here in Texas. Todd and I would be best pals no doubt.

  18. Such beautiful kittys. Your heart is always giving,,,and loving.. And we do hope you find some time to just be.

  19. I am looking forward to Spring!

    It is just too cold right now! Stay warm!

  20. Bitter cold here too and snowing this morning. The cold doesn't seem to bother our Lucy girl however. But when she comes inside, she does want to snuggle. Stay warm!

  21. As you were being blasted with artic air we in Perth suffered one of our worst heatwaves in 83 years (the year after I was born). Four days well over 40ºC (104ºF) are not one bit of fun.
    I am a cat person (I do love dogs too) and those two cats are truly beautiful. One often does wonder where they get their names from. Some are really weird and wonderful. We once had cat named Pumpkin....yes, he was orange!!


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