Thursday, February 11, 2016

Reggie, Sherlock or Sam?

I love when Thursday comes, and the week starts to slow down. My time belongs to me and the dogs too!  The below freezing temperatures today kept us inside.
~A bored Bella~
Except Todd, he doesn't care what the temperature is, he wants to be outside defending his turf!
Todd somehow hurt his shoulder last week, and was heavily favoring it.  The vet thought it may be a soft tissue injury and was recommending restricting his activity.  This meant not letting him run or jump.  That lasted about a day.... While I was at work.... If it's still bothering him, he's not showing it.
~Hurt shoulder? What hurt shoulder?~
This week I had a call from Lab Rescue about Sherlock/Reggie.  Apparently someone was perusing the rescue's website, and saw his photos.  Their dog was stolen 3 years ago, and they think that Sherlock/Reggie looks exactly like their dog.  With no microchip, the only way they can identify their dog is by a lump on the muzzle.  I was asked to look for a lump and call him by the name of Sam.  I looked Reggie over really well.  I even checked for scar tissue in case a lump may have been removed.  I found nothing.  He didn't respond to the name Sam.  Of course he doesn't respond to Sherlock or Reggie either.  But I don't think the dog I call Reggie is their dog.  I feel badly that their dog was stolen, and that after 3 years, they're still looking and no doubt wondering what happened to their dog.  Lab rescue will let me know if anything more becomes of their inquiry. **As a caveat, I'll add that Lab Rescue owns Reggie/Sherlock legally.  He did his hold and "stray time" in a shelter, and was turned over to them after that time was up.   
~Reggie, Sherlock, or Sam?~
Finally, thank-you all for your good vibes and POTP for our new boy, Jake, they are truly making a difference!  He's settled into his new life and routine nicely this week.  He's still unable to get to his feet without help. But once he's standing, he has better balance than he did a week ago and once he shakes off the cobwebs from having to be confined, he's ready to go.  
~A relaxed Jake~
Kind of like Todd is!


  1. Would the people that had their dog stolen want to adopt? Reggie is such a handsome guy! GO TODD!!

  2. It has to be the worst feeling, I can't imagine losing a dog and never finding out what happened.

  3. Glad Todd's shoulder injury is fine and that Jake is living life a bit better.

  4. Happy to hear Todd is doing okay after injury. How do you get him to rest besides keeping in his cage? Frustrating isn't it?
    Think if Reggie/Sherlock was Sam, he would have responded to Sam. Dogs have great memories. I bet he thinks you're nuts ...
    Pretty Bella, she does her name proud.

  5. oh your sweet dogs make my day. love seeing Jake getting better.

  6. Can't imagine Todd wanting to rest for one minute, not when there are fences to be patrolled ! What a smart boy he looks in his lovely red coat. So glad that Jake has settled in and the vibes have helped.
    We renamed our Lab. when she came to live with us last year, (from the kennels where she was used as a breeding bitch), and she seems to respond well to it. We don't know if she would come if we called her old name, and haven't tried because we don't want to confuse her.
    Poor Reggie/Sherlock/Sam must be very confused, but as a true Lab, he's probably not too bothered as long as he's fed on time !

  7. We can't believe Todd is flying in his coat. We can't move, if we have on a coat. So sad those people lost their dog, and are still looking for him. So important to microchip. Glad Jake is somewhat better.

  8. Yes, I can so easily believe they are still looking, we have lost 2 cats, with no idea at all where they went or what happened. Years later, I still hope.One had a really identifiable broken tail. I hope Jake continues to do well, and know there will be heaps of love and every care he needs, and for Reggie too.

  9. Heartbreaking for those peeps still searching fur their pup three years on, poor peeps
    Wow, is Todd FLYING????? All 4 paws off the ground...that's FLYING isn't it?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. Oh my, I feel bad for the people looking for their lab, three years is a long time. I am glad Todd is feeling better, he looks hard to keep still. I will keep sweet Jake in my prayers. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  11. That poor family to still be looking. I hope they find their pup. Continued POTP for Jake.

  12. Feel so bad for any family losing there pet and still after 3 years not giving up hope. I think any person that truly loves there pet will do the same. I know I would. I would never give up.
    Glad Todd is better and will continue prayers for Jake.

  13. Todds coat is something else ! Mega hip.

  14. I sure do love my visits at Golden Pines . . .
    It makes my day . . .
    Losing ones dog would be horrible . . .
    I can't imagine . . .
    There is no doubt of the LOVE in your heart . . .
    Happy weekend!

  15. I forgot to mention spunky Todd . . .
    I hope is soft tissue issues ease up . . .
    Love that last pic . . .

  16. Loved reading the updates on the residents/family at Golden Pines! I love them all, but Todd is just a showstopper!

  17. Glad to hear that Jake is adjusting and Todd's injury was not serious. It would have been very special to reunite owners with their dog - maybe they would still love to have Reggie/Sherlock
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  18. No microchip? Not your dog.

  19. We missed the story about Jake, but we are so glad he is doing better, and we love that picture of Todd in his supermans coat. our heart breaks for the people still trying to find their lab after all these years, I hope I never have to feel those feelings. Love your pictures....stella rose and momma

  20. oh my.
    i feel torn. but you know reggie is not their dog.
    a lump would show or like you said... the incision.
    sad. but he belongs at golden pines!
    i hope the rescue lets you keep him.
    if you can that is... and want to.
    poor guy... he doesn't even have a NAME to call his own! oh what they go though.
    in another better world... i hope we can talk with them.
    we'd have to catch todd's conversation as he WHIZZED BY! LOLOL!!!

  21. Todd, you look like your feeling a lot better, and we hope you do keep getting better.
    Its sad about the peoples missing dog,,, very sad. I would be wondering forever.
    Its good to hear that Jake is a little better. Everyone needs to shake off cobwebs every now and then.

  22. I'm glad that Todd is all better. It is sweet that those Lab owners are still searching. I hope that things turn out however is best for Reggie/Sherlock/Sam. It sounds as if he's not the stolen dog but those poor people must still be hurting.

    Last but not least, yay for Jake! I'm still sending potp!

  23. How wonderful that would have been if Reggie had been their long-lost dog. This shows the importance of microchiping your pets

  24. He sure doesn't look like a "Sam" to me...perhaps he doesn't want to be "Sam." Hoping Todd heals quickly because he is a busy boy by nature. It's hard to keep a good man down!...:)JP

  25. We once lost a Siamese cat and never discovered what happened. It would be as bad losing a dog and you would never stop looking and hoping. Whatever his name he is very handsome.
    Jake seems to be settling well which is great.
    I think Todd is such a brave little trooper he'd not let something like a sore shoulder stop him for long.


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