Sunday, July 10, 2016

Here and Gone and Worn Out!

We had family from out-of-town visit us this past week.  
It's always great fun having family and friends come!  We enjoy using their visits as a chance to go and see a few of the sites of Washington D.C. that I never get tired of seeing.
~Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery~
~Arlington National Cemetary~
I love the late nights, and the chance to cook, bake and eat out!
~Crabcake Sandwich at Clyde's~
This visit was perfect, in that when my family left, it had me wishing they could stay a day or two longer.
~Todd and Bella~
But maybe it's just as well that they're gone....  
Because I think all of us, including Todd are feeling just a little worn out.  Is that possible for him?  


  1. Todd's just a Scottie luring you into his trap.

  2. That crabcake sandwich looks delicious !
    What houseful you must have had with family, all the Golden's, Todd, Charlie, and the cats.

  3. Oh my, that crabcake looks AMAZING!!!! Did it taste as yummy as it looks?????
    Visitors are funs and tiring at the same time, happy napping!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. We are also having the post company recovery!
    I have only been to DC once and it was lovely.

  5. Last summer my cousin rented a house on the beach, a Mile from my house. I wish she and her family would come back again.

  6. It's always so nice to have friends and family come for a visit. The day after they leave, there's this giant hole that they left. Then - the gap closes and everything is back to normal. Ahh ... that's nice too!

  7. Rest after family times is good for body and soul, and your ginger is so like ours, stretched out in perfect peace.

  8. Guests are always nice, but it's always equally nice when the house is yours again. :)

    I've eaten at Clyde's and now I'm going to be craving them from the wrong side of the country. Wahhhhh!

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  9. Glad the visit went so well. Gives you reason to look forward to the next one:). That crab cake sandwich(?) has us drooling.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. oh, so cute. yum on the crab cake!

  11. Looks like you all had a nice visit. I haven't visited Washington D.C. in a very long time... but it is a great time as I remember. Yep, everyone looks tired. A time for resting...

  12. You sure live in a great area for hosting visitors. Sounds like everyone had a good time.

  13. The pets are adorable!! I was born and raised in D.C. and took everything for granted for a long time. The Southeast part.

  14. I don't know about Todd but family stresses me out. It's good when they leave so things can get back to normal.

    Aroo to you,

  15. Todd worn out . . .
    Surprise, surprise . . .
    Sounds like it was a nice time with friends . . .
    Nothing like though, being home, the usual, relaxing, quiet . . .

  16. how wonderful! like leaving a great party just at the right time.
    i've been w/o a computer for ages it seems.
    finally it's fixed. so i have catching up to do here and in my other favorites.
    LOVE the pictures! as always. :) xoxo♥

  17. I am so happy you had visitors,, and shared some good times! Those crab cakes looks sooo good,
    I cannot believe that Todd was worn out!

  18. Strange how you only see the local sights when family or friends come....

  19. Wonderful to enjoy the sites with visitors Kim, now some relaxing time. Todd does look a little worn out, surprise suprise!!!! Hugs Francine.

  20. Its always nice to have family visit, and make those great memories. stella rose

  21. That is an amazing looking crabcake. Thanks for sharing all the good times with us.

    Abby Lab

  22. Hello, cute photos of your furbabies. They are all adorable. So glad you had a nice visit with the family. The crab cakes do look yummy. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  23. It sounds like the perfect visit!
    and now I'm very hungry!
    LOVE all the photos!
    and Todd worn out?!?!?
    Nah, he's got to be just resting up!

  24. That's not possible for Todd - I'm sure of it :)


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