Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Week in Review

This week at "Golden Pines" ....

Our regular dog-walker went on vacation and the girl who filled in on the first day, got locked out of the house just as she was getting everyone back inside. She's not sure how it happened, but she thought she heard snickering on the other side of the door.
~I'll bet Todd knows how the door suddenly closed on the dog-walker~
Our foster kitten went missing.  After a search of the entire house, top to bottom several times, including closets. he was nowhere to be found.  Just as panic had set in I was about to give up, Mo was found laying on a chair.  
For the past few weeks I've been working with Sunny to allow him to be off lead during our walks. The very first morning he was totally off of a leash and not dragging one behind him, he ran off after a rabbit.  He was so beautiful as he ran across the yard and into the woods. Because I had slow-pokes George and Jake on leads, I couldn't go after him.  All I could do was stand there and watch him disappear.  Fortunately, I also worked on Sunny's recall and he came back to me, his eyes all sparkling and happy.
Charlie is all dressed up.  He has a skin infection and is on antibiotics.  He's not loving the new look.  So I took off the shirt, and he's a little happier.
Axel, our foster boy for Lab Rescue, went to his new home on Thursday.  I'll admit, he was another dog that I was on the fence about keeping. We were all crazy about him! But a retired couple that lives on the Maryland shore offered him a chance at a good life of fun and lots of family.  The report today was that Axel had met all the grandchildren, their dogs, and he was loving being able to play in the water.  Retired Dog-Mom doesn't think that his tail has stopped wagging.
~Axel will be missed  and not forgotten!~ 
Axel's dog bed didn't have time to get cold.  On Friday we welcomed a new addition named Webster from Lab Rescue.  Just as a coincidence he came from the same shelter in West Virginia that Axel did.  But it's thought that all the changes and boarding proved to be too stressful for him, because he ended up with bloat, and had emergency surgery on Monday.
Unfortunately he wasn't getting along well with our crew.  He was very reactive around the dogs every time they came near him and it was getting worse. All the dogs just ignored him. But Lab Rescue and I agreed that it would be best if a new foster home was found for Webster.  I'm grateful that on a holiday weekend a new one was found that he could be taken to this afternoon. I felt badly that it didn't work out.  But Webster really needed a quiet place to recover from his bloat-surgery, and as an only dog in his new foster home, he'll get that chance.
~Webster, we hardly got to know him~
Through the stress of the last couple of days, I was really proud of Todd.  He's always ready to rumble but did as I asked when I told him to "go on" when Webster was barking at him -- Even though I could tell he was hesitating and having to think about it. Unlike the video below, doing exactly as he was asked, was a little un-Scottie of him!


  1. Not only does Todd know how the walker got locked out, he probably knows "how to".

  2. Yes, Todd was the first one I thought of too ! Poor Charlie, he doesn't look at all happy. What an eventful week you had Kim, but so glad Axel has found his forever home.

  3. Love the little video of Todd. He's a real firecracker! I'm happy (I guess) that Axel has his furever home, he just seemed to fit in there. :/
    Poor Charlie, he's got to be miserable. I hope you have a lovely Fourth and nobody is traumatized. Our neighbors have started in already and no rain is called for tomorrow night - J n J will be basket cases.

  4. What a wonderful week, everyone is happy wherever they are,Charlie, gorgeous even with a pink sweater and a cone, ( Soft ones look a lot more comfy than the hard plastic one our cat had to wear).Mo, safe place there. And all in between the start and finish, Axel with a loving new family, Webster, I'm sure he will be settled in at the new home soon, and as for Todd, well he will always provide heaps of fun.Your words have given me a huge smile,much needed down here.

  5. What a week you have had Kim! I am so glad that Axel has found his furever home! Too bad that Webster wasn't able to stay, but it sounds as if he will be much happier in a home where he can recuperate. My goodness, you have a lot on your plate! We were hoping for a relatively quiet Fourth of July, but the boomers have started already and LadyBug is already freaking out. Not good. Enjoy your holiday!

  6. Hello, Poor Charlie. He does not look happy. I am so happy for Axel and his new home. I hope he is very happy there. Wow, Webster only came for a short visit, I hope he does well at the new foster home. Todd is so cute, what a character! Happy 4th of July. Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  7. Your weeks always make mine look dull. Glad Webster found a foster home more suited to his needs, Axel found the perfect forever home and hope Charlie feels better soon!

  8. Lots of snickering I think...Mo was laughing the entire time and so was Sunny. Charlie looks like he's ready for a party!

  9. Morning Keep m, Happy Fourth!!!!!!! Oh I think thre was lots of snickering going on, tee hee. Lots happening, but what a wonderful place at Golden Pines,Blessings Francine.

  10. I LOVE coming to your blog and being greeted by Todd's adorable face!
    What a character! and locking out that new dog-walker! LOL!
    Boy, what a week you've had.
    It's always something when you have dogs (and cats) but I know you feel just I do, that you wouldn't have it any other way!
    Have a Happy Fourth!

  11. ohmygosh! that todd! still laughing.
    and calm Charlie in his little collar just watching todd savage that ball. LOLOL.
    sunny is so beautiful.
    and axel's new home! YAYYY!
    and dear webster. he'll be alright too.
    I hope you got to rest just a little bit this weekend.
    have a happy 4th!
    and eat something TOTALLY sinful and delicious!!!

  12. Todd does look quite happy with himself. ^_^
    Like any cat, Mo just sat there watching you look all over for him, while ignoring you, lol.
    Sorry to hear about Webster, but it was for the best. You didn't want to have to be sure Todd would always listen!
    Hope you all have a blessed week, Kim.

  13. Holy Moley what a week. Happy for Axel, too bad about Webster, but glad a new place was found asap. Todd you are just too too cute!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. Todd was killing a rat
    I have seen georg do it with a real one

  15. Todd is quite clever, he can even bark with his mouth full:)

    So happy to hear about the happy ending for Axel, hoping for good results for Webster, and all paws crossed for Charlie to get some relief.

    Happy 4th of July!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  16. You certainly had a busy week. And apparently so did Todd.

  17. Happy Independence day to you! You sure have had a full week.

  18. BACK OFF!! Or I'll shake my Kong toy at you!!

  19. Never a dull moment at "The Pines!"
    Good people you are!

  20. Busy, busy, busy, but it looks like everything turned out well in the end. I have spent so much time looking for my cats also. They know how to morph into the furniture and stuff so well.

  21. What a week for you and your crew. I bet Todd did lock that door...heehheh stella rose

  22. oh I love that fella Todd! I'm thinking you aren't likely to give him up.

  23. Never a dull moment at Golden Pines!

  24. New fosters - how fun! I still can't convince Aaron that we need to do that.

    I can't let Harlow completely off lead - she is fantastic dragging her leash and does the same disappearing act as soon as she's off of it.

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  25. How can Todd bark with that ball in his mouth!! He is so silly!
    All of a sudden this post came for me to read,,, Where has it been for 7 days?
    I think its great that Webster got a new home,, and he will be able to recoop from his surgery.
    And that was good news about Axel too! I can just see his tail wag from happiness.

  26. We hope Charlie gets to feeling better soon.


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