Monday, September 5, 2016

End of Summer Weekend

A 5-day weekend coming to an end.  I could have gotten a few more things done, but I just didn't.  
I did get all the needed errands done. I also picked up a "farm share" of vegetables given to us by good friends who are out of town.  We are getting spoiled with the generosity of people giving us fresh vegetables.
~A sampling of what I had to choose from~
We had no real plans this weekend.  We just planned to be home.
I did something we've not done in awhile because its been so hot -- I got out the tennis balls, and played a good round of "Chuckit" with Todd.  He can actually put TWO tennis balls in his mouth.  Something that not many Golden Retrievers can even do.
The weather really could not have been more perfect!  Hurricane Hermine totally missed us.  
Cool mornings allowed us to have the widows open overnight.
~Deizel enjoying the morning~
There was even time for a nap or two.  At least Mo, our foster cat tried to take a nap.  Todd never can pass up the chance to harass him.
It really was a nice and relaxing weekend!
I hope you are all rested up ....
and that you also enjoyed your weekend!


  1. i'm glad you had a non-stressful long weekend. :)

  2. Scotties have big mouths in every sense of the word.

  3. Oh Todd,,, you are sooo amazing!
    The bee photo is beautiful!

  4. Todd is very clever to figure out how to hold two balls in his mouth. Glad you had such a great weekend.

  5. Everyone is looking mighty pretty at your place, hope they also have lots of fun in those lazy last days before winter descends.

  6. We also had a fairly low key weekend. In the lake one summer at my parents Phod got 3 balls in his mouth! I laughed so hard when he couldn't get the 4th. Glad it has cooled down and the storm missed you. Enjoy your week.

  7. Hello, so happy you all had a well deserved great weekend. I am glad the storm missed us. Todd must have a bog mouth, lol.
    Love all the cute furbabies. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  8. What a beautiful weekend it was when the hurricane went in another direction. It looks like you and your wonderful dogs enjoyed it very much.

  9. i love your life!
    i couldn't live it because i don't have your courage.
    but how i do love it.
    isn't the picture where the bee and the butterfly are sharing the flower wonderful!
    not to mention the doggy pictures. only a cat could sleep so relaxed with a little terrorist peeking at her! LOL

  10. so sorry mo. i called you a she.
    wouldn't insult you for the world.

  11. Truly was a beautiful weekend plus beautiful weather here in Western Michigan . . . Best I remember in a long while.
    Open windows . . . what a treat!
    Humidity rolled back in and the air is back on . . ,
    It is what it is . . .
    Way to go Todd . . . enjoy your form of tennis . . ,

  12. It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend there. Mom would love to have a porch like that to relax and rock the night away:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. Glad you had a good weekend! The family looks calm and happy. Great pic of Todd!

  14. Such beautiful pictures! It sounds like a lovely holiday weekend.

  15. those kind of weekends are the best! We had cooler weather too - a little rain which we needed.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  16. Just another weekend this side of the pond, but we're glad to hear that you enjoyed yourselves and were able to relax.
    Our first Lab., Sultan nearly always walked round with two tennis balls in his mouth and we often found he had a golf ball at the back of his throat ! He occasionally managed three tennis balls. Lovely photos of all the crew, but the one of Mo trying to nap had me laughing !

  17. Harassing cats is a terrier thing...

    What a peaceful, enjoyable weekend. Hope you have a LONG, cool, dry Autumn ahead.

  18. I love it when we get to sleep with the windows up. I like all the smells that come through and hearing the coyotes howling. The peeps don't appreciate me singing along with them. BOL

    Aroo to you,

  19. So glad the weather missed you all; and that you had a wonderful weekend!
    Have a blessed week. ♥

  20. Sometimes that's the best kind of weekend. Especially as summer is winding down.

  21. I'm glad that you had such a great weekend. I love "at home" weekends just enjoying your family (dogs and cats included). I'm glad the hurricane missed you!

  22. I think we were all glad we were not in the path of the hurricane! The weather was indeed beautiful...a bit HOT, but nice just the same! Glad you had fun...just love the pics!!

  23. Sounds like the perfect long weekend!
    And you totally deserved it!


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