Saturday, September 3, 2016

Skating into September

We did it!  We quickly skated right through the week, and right here to Friday and Labor Day weekend!
It was a full week that had me opening up my horizons a little bit and experience the wonderment that are cotton candy grapes.  Have you tried them?  They’re exactly what they sound like. Grapes that taste like cotton candy. I first heard about them from the doctor I work for who could not stop raving about them.  I was skeptical.  I'm also not a cotton-candy fan, and I was secretly thinking that the grapes were probably pumped up with some kind of chemical additive that would make my liver or stomach shrivel up in 10 years.  But I tried them anyway.
Again, I know not everyone is a fan of grapes or cotton candy. And, I totally agree with what you may be thinking, that no grape should smell or taste like cotton candy -- But they really do, and (again) even though I'm not a fan of cotton candy, they really are pretty good!  They have just the right balance of sweet cotton candy and grape that has made me a fan along with so many others!  I'll also add that they are non-GMO grapes. They’re all natural and were bred by a company that specializes in breeding new grape varieties -- And they're only available for a short time, so look for them.
Okay ... Now that I've got that covered, lets move on.  I think George (below) is ready!
The rescue has approved Max's surgery on his knee, that I've scheduled for September 15th.  In preparation for the surgery and what will be several weeks of recovery,  I had him groomed.
The groomer got a little carried away and his coat is shorter than I'd wanted.  But by the time Max will need to be groomed again, he'll be fully recovered.

I'm glad that it's all approved and planned, and a busy week is done.  We can now just relax for the long Labor Day weekend that marks the end of summer.  I'm not sure where the summer went.  But it really had its highs and lows, and with it in our rear-view mirror, I'm looking ahead to the fall.
I'm not looking forward to the cold weather, but I am looking forward to life slowing down a little bit, if that's possible.   And Deizel, (below) is just looking forward to his next treat!


  1. The second to last photo, I love it so much. Together, thinking of who knows what, company with each-other, and all good news on the home front for yummy grapes, surgery, a hair cut, and happiness before winter arrives.

  2. Hello, happy September to all. Great news for Max, I hope the surgery goes well. I have never seen the cotton candy grapes, I will look next time. Hugs to all your cute furbabies. Happy Saturday, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

  3. sweet babies. glad max can have surgery.

  4. Happy to hear Max's surgery was approved. I keep hearing about these grapes but haven't seen them, must really look.
    Enjoy relaxing this weekend!

  5. i needed to hear good news today. a beloved friend went to the rainbow bridge and hearts are heavy.
    but your post is a little ray of sunshine in every way.
    here's to a beautiful autumn and better times. XO♥

  6. Prayers headed your way for Max's surgery, Kim! And yes, I'm MORE than ready for autumn. It has been a brutally hot & dry summer here in Indiana... and it can vamoose as far as I'm concerned. :-)

    Here's to apple picking, harvest festivals and everything pumpkin!!


  7. Mom got some of those grapes for the grandkids who love cotton candy but they were not terribly impressed with the grapes. They said they prefer real cotton candy:)

    We are so looking forward to some cooler fall weather - we are being spoiled right now with some delightful days and cool nights, but we know the heat is coming back by Monday. Let's enjoy it while we can.

    All paws crossed for a successful surgery for Max.

    Deizel - we are with you - bring on those treats:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Can you make cotton candy wine?

  9. Maybe you can enjoy a long Autumn with crunchy leaves to walk through. We've had a WET winter, and looks like a WET Spring coming up. Lots of farmers have lost their crops. Oh well, we'll all soon be whingeing about the HEAT or COLD. BOL!

  10. Deizel is looking quite the happy one. I've never even heard of those grapes, but will give them a try if I find some locally.

  11. I recently heard of these but have yet to try them...I was at the market and haven't seen them at all. Maybe they aren't in Michigan? DakotasDen

  12. Will look out for the grapes, I never heard of them. Love the update on the dogs, their pictures are wonderful as always. Hope the tropical storm won't hit your area.

  13. Hi Kim, Wow you are always so busy-I really hope you have a relaxing weekend. I'm ready for the fall weather to slow us down too.
    Have a great Labor Day!
    Hugs, Noreen

  14. It is hard to believe that September has arrived and I am most appreciative of the cooler weather we have been having. Max looks great as do all the rest of your charges. I did try the grapes at Wegmans. Must say I'm a fan of the regular flavors. Enjoy the weekend!

  15. We love grapes, so I will look for those. We prefer the black grapes, but I like the white ones, too.
    The ones we are enjoying right now are called moon grapes. But they are not round, they are oblong, and quite sweet also!
    Blessings to you all, Kim!

  16. Max will certainly have a longer recovery than our Snickers . . .
    I like his "new do!" Looking quite dapper . . .
    Cotton Candy grapes . . . I've heard everything . . .
    I will keep my eyes open for them . . .

  17. We are very glad to hear that Max can have the surgery! Great news! We always enjoy looking at your beautiful photos!! Now..about those grapes....I was at a picnic last week and they had wine that was made out of those grapes...Cotton Candy Wine! That seemed a bit far fetched for me...I did not try it! Everyone was talking about the very familiar, yet strange taste!

  18. Max looks more like Charlie than ever, with his new haircut ! Good to know he can have surgery, and we wish him a speedy recovery. George looks so happy these days, and Deizel is a darling.

  19. Praying that Max's surgery will go well, and he recovers nicely.
    I so love seeing your dogs on the porch, gazing at their domain :)
    Cotton candy grapes...I shall be on the look-out !
    Hope you enjoy this last fling of summer ...

  20. I'm so glad that Max is getting his surgery!
    And I like his short "Do"!
    Being shorter like that might make it look less dramatic where they have to shave him for surgery.
    I LOVE all the photos!

  21. Have a wonderful weekend. Relax. Enjoy. Time is still a-flying.

  22. What fabulous photos. Cotton candy grapes? My initial reaction is the same as yours but I'll try them if they're at the grocery store. I'm glad about Max's surgery, and I hope that the rest of your crew is happy and healthy!

  23. I am such a creature of habit, I never dare to ask for a different type of grape when Gary goes to get groceries (yes, he does the grocery shopping). However, if I do see these on my journey out into the market I will definitely give them a try. I have never heard of them before! Awe Max looks lovely with his new cut. And all the rest look great as well. Hope you are having a great, long labor day weekend

  24. Glad to hear Max can have his surgery. I've heard about and seen those grapes but haven't taken the plunge to try them.

  25. Good luck to Max. Morgan tore both knees but didn't need surgery. She had to be kept very quiet for six weeks each time. So, good luck to you. It isn't easy keeping a dog quiet.

  26. The grapes sound interesting Kim! But have not seen then in our stores,

    Good to hear Max can have the surgery,, He will feel much better.
    I love everyone of your photos,, everyone,,,
    and ,, its just been too hot and too dry,, and I am looking forward to fall...
    I think of it this way,,, just 3 months of this,,, 3 months of that,,, and let it keep changing


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