Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mid-Week Ramblings

My day off switched this week to today.  Its been a quiet uneventful one spent at home watching it rain, and not doing much.

Here are a few random things from our week so far...

It has been exactly 301 days since our boy Jake came to us.  I'm not sure why I've kept track of how many days it has been since we met him. I guess it's knowing how close he came to not making it out of the shelter in February.  I will always be grateful to the shelter for asking his owner to give him that chance, and to the rescue for being there for him.  Jake continues to do well and there's no doubt that he's happy.  The spinal-stenosis is progressing, but it's not slowing him down too much.
~Jake, celebrating 301 days!~
I've decided that if there were a TV reality show about animals that hoard, the lovely Evah would be the star. She takes *every *single *toy we have into the ex-pen with her. We take them out, scatter them around, and she takes them back in.  I've told her it was okay, because now we know where to find them.
~Evah, making no excuses for taking all the toys~
I've been in touch with Lab Rescue about our foster boy Bo. With his health problems mostly resolved, it's time to decide about who will be his forever home.  We are really on the fence with Bo and definitely leaning towards keeping him. His adjustment to his surroundings and our house has taken some time. Bo doesn't have a lot of confidence in himself and I've no doubt this is probably because of how he lived before he came to us. I describe him as aloof, a bit of a loner and he spends a lot of time alone and is a little disconnected with what is happening around him -- I'm sure that living in unimaginable circumstances with 40 other dogs has contributed to all that. I don't think that Bo has adjusted to his blindness like other blind dogs we've had before him.  We've spent a lot of time leading him around the house and yard and showing him how to get back to the door. Despite our doing that, he's still getting "lost."  But he's much-much better than he was.
~Bo made me laugh when he got comfy on a cat bed yesterday~
On the flip side, there's the endearing side of Bo that grabs my heart.  He is a gentle soul.  He perks up and will stand and wag his tail when he hears our voices. He loves attention and of course mealtime and treats.  Bo gets along great with the other dogs, and they like him too.  We've decided to roll the dice, let fate decide and see if anyone comes forward that's interested in adopting him.  I told Lab Rescue that we'll give it until about the middle of December, so Bo will have a forever family in time for Christmas.
Christmas...  It will be here before we all know it, and I think Todd can't believe it either.


  1. Hoarding toys isn't a problem-that's smart.

  2. Bo would be so lucky to stay with you forever, any dog would. I am not ready for Christmas, the days are just flying by, and it's time to start thinking about decorating.

    And yes, we agree, to many losses on Blogville lately. It's heartbreaking to lose our dogs and cats at any age, but lately there are so many young dogs passing away. And your sweet seniors...who sometimes come from heartbreaking circumstances and who have never known a life of love and comfort before finding you, I can only wish they had more time with you. More time to enjoy being loved and spoiled, to be safe and to have the life they should have had all along. Thank goodness there are people like you in the world, who take in the old ones who may have grey on their faces, but gold in their hearts.

  3. I think Bo has a little bit of Scottie in him. I'm just sayin I know a couple of aloof Scotties. I hope he has already found his forever home.

    Aroo to you,

  4. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas, Kim. So glad the dogs are getting on. God bless.

  5. Evah, I love to collect toys, too! I take them ALL to the human bed and leave them right in the middle!


  6. I'll bet Jake knows how lucky he is. Yay for 301 days! Happy to hear you have made up your mind about Bo, one way or the other. He has such a shiny coat, doesn't he? Such a pretty boy to have gracing your home. I wish I could con Jack and Jill into gathering toys - anywhere in one spot! Good for Evah!
    Todd doesn't mind getting damp around the edges it would seem. :)

  7. I love sweet Evah's toy hoarding! Lots of people try to train their dogs to "put the toys away". She knows how to do it on her own!

    And, Bo... sweet Bo. I'm so glad that he has you to transition him to such a better life. I smiled ear to ear when I heard how he wags when he hears your voices. It sounds as if he has a heart of gold.

    I always love hearing about your crew.

  8. I hope you keep Bo, he looks such a sweet boy.

  9. What a lovely roundup of The Crew, I finks toy hoarding is a pawsome art, one all us pups should train hard to excel in, hehe!
    And Bo, such a darling, I do hope he stays
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. I love the picture of Bo in the cat bed! It would be very, very tempting to keep Bo with you. He seems to feel so comfortable and safe. Would a transition to another home be a little too much for him to handle so soon?

  11. Hello, I do enjoy hearing about all your dogs. I am especially happy for Jake. Evah and Bo. I think they are happy in your home with all the other furbabies. They are all sweeties. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  12. Bo, Evah, Jake and Todd stories make me happy.
    Gathering up all the toys . . . "sounds like Evah has decided, it's my job!"
    Loved Bo in the cat bed with his hiney hanging over!
    And Todd keeps the smiles rolling . . .
    Happy 301 days Jake . . . I think you're a "keeper!"

  13. Morning Kim, so happy all is well and every fur baby is doing good. No looks so beautiful, gentle soul. Hugs Francine.

  14. We love your crew, and as Mom has said several times we wish we could have one of our own. stella rose

  15. I love how you talk about your sweet dogs. Each one is such an individual and their needs vary. I believe that some of us are meant to be keepers of the animals here on earth. You, my dear, are strong among that group.

  16. what a heart warming post all the way round!
    of course you already KNOW my vote for bo.
    to think he's come so far in just accepting and learning to be with you. I am trying to imagine him having to start that all over again with strangers. even though they would be kind. it would still be back at square one for him. but I trust you to do what's best for bo. only YOU know them well. we only think we do! ... like me!
    oh that rain looks heavenly. we haven't had any in so long. just hearing you talk of it made me feel good!
    and Evah and her hoarding toys! and that sweet innocent smile! the wonderful LAUGH of my day!!! thank you! XOXO♥

  17. oh kim.
    i just spent the last few minutes looking at every single picture in 'our crew past and present.'
    i hadn't visited it in a long time.
    some of them brought a sob to my throat. remembering certain posts.
    but to get to re~visit ALL of them! and CC!
    and some were still hilarious. and ALL of them are inspiring. inspiring for ME to keep the wag and the grin in my own living of this life. i needed that!
    and if you ever want to get out of the dentistry business... you have a career in pet photography.
    you could charge over the moon and people would still pay your fee. i've never seen such beautiful pictures.
    EVER. love and hugs and thanks for your memories. ♥

  18. Oh Kim, you had me both laughing and crying today. I have a hoarder too. Bailey's crate is so full of toys that she doesn't need a crate pad or blanket. She just snuggles down on her stuffed friends and is perfectly happy.

    It just broke my heart when you said that Bo stands and wags his tail when he hears you. It reminds me of Sky when he was so sick that standing was an effort. Still he got up to greet me and his tail was wagging away. Keep that boy.

  19. Oh Kim, you had me both laughing and crying today. I have a hoarder too. Bailey's crate is so full of toys that she doesn't need a crate pad or blanket. She just snuggles down on her stuffed friends and is perfectly happy.

    It just broke my heart when you said that Bo stands and wags his tail when he hears you. It reminds me of Sky when he was so sick that standing was an effort. Still he got up to greet me and his tail was wagging away. Keep that boy.

  20. We're hoping Bo has found his forever family. Sounds like he may think so, too.

    Always love those Todd photos!

  21. At least you have a pup who is good about picking up all the toys - we are much better at scattering them:) We hope Bo can stay with you - he would have to start to adjust all over again, and we can't imagine a better home than yours:)

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  22. Jake sure is a lucky boy to have found your home. Miss Evah is just too funny. We hope Bo is happy wherever he ends up.

  23. Sending love to all of you at Golden Pines

  24. I think Bo would be much happier with you and the crew. They have become used to him and the fact that he's blind It would be traumatic for the poor chap to have to get used to yet another home, and an owner who may not be a sympathetic, or as patient, as you are Kim.
    In all the photos of your gorgeous crew, it's very clear that they all look so happy.

  25. I know you will do whatever is best but
    I'm really hoping that Bo has his forever home with you.
    I can't imagine a better home!

  26. Bo sounds so brave .......hoping you or another wonderful home takes this boy wonder

  27. I love reading about everyone. Sweet Evah hoarding the toys. Little girl, probably never had a toy in her life and is making up for it. Just look at that happy, contented face!
    And, Bo. Oh, my. No wonder you are strongly considering him being one of the permanent gang. Hearing your voice and he gets so excited! He is a happy boy that is experiencing a warm, clean environment with love and attention. Brings tears to my eyes, knowing he missed out on that care and is able to respond so well.
    Jake is truly living wonderful days of grace at Golden Pines. Precious.
    Hugs to all,
    Gus' Mom


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