Sunday, January 22, 2017

Occupied Inside and Out

I want to start by thanking everyone who visited here last week and left kind thoughts and support for Eva.  Your comments and visits really mean a lot to me.
~The end of the day from my front porch~
This past week, the dogs have really kept me occupied and taken up practically all of my spare time.

I'll admit to still reeling about Eva's diagnosis.  One evening, on my way home from work, I did what many women do when they're down, and that's a little bit of shopping.  It was for Eva. Replaced is her plain black collar she was wearing with a pink-hearted-plaid one.
I made a big deal about the collar which she seemed to like.  But it was hard to tell if she liked the treats I was giving her just a little bit more.

One thing it's not hard to tell is that Todd does like Eva.  Even if she doesn't always see what he does.
They've become pals, and he has been a good mentor - Teaching her that when outside, to look left....
And to look right...  

On the inside, we've been struggling with our newest arrival, Teddy.  Getting him to eat this week has been a real challenge. I've been hoping that with time, rest, and medications maybe Teddy would improve, but I've seen no improvement.  Actually, we've been losing ground with Teddy the last few days.  He's only eating a few bites at mealtime. I've tried everything to entice him, finally settling with green tripe and cheese mixed with kibble, which he seems to like. --What dog wouldn't, right?
Today Teddy, is very quiet, with slowed breathing. He is sleeping most of the time, and will barely look up when we rouse him. Holistic Vet came to see Jake on Friday and did a good thorough exam of Teddy.  She gently and kindly suggested I consider letting him go.  But I'd felt like it wasn't time.  Teddy is not in any pain, and there is a noticeable peace and calm around him. It's how it should be. Tomorrow we see the vet again and will decide then what the next step will be.

I will end on a positive note and say that we have signed and returned the contract, and have officially added Bo as a permanent member of our household. It's how it should be with him as well.
~Teddy and Bo snoozing together~


  1. I want to thank you for your blog and opening my eyes to the benefit of a holistic vet. Through a local golden rescue this vet was found and is working with us to provide our rescue black lab the best quality of life possible at close to 11 years old. Evah looks lovely with her new collar on, I'm hoping Teddy gains back his appetite with all that you are offering him and as our four legged family member is called Bogart i am thrilled that Bo has become a full member of your family. Thank you for all you do and continue to do.

  2. Love the new collar. And that Todd is willing to share his wisdom. I agree that if a dog is not in pain or uncomfortable, it is just not yet time. And you have plenty of experience in reading their moods. You will know.

  3. The new collar is pretty. You cannot treat them good enough. They are all so special. Love and prayers to your family

  4. Eva looks quite lovely in her new pink collar. And dear sweet Teddy - we agree that you will know when the time is here for him. We hope he has many more good days ahead of him.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. Once again, you are giving your charges all there is. Thank you for letting them live out their lives with love and good care. Lucky Bo.

  6. Lovely new pink collar . I hope all goes well for you all . I again praise you both for all you do for these wonderful older dogs .

  7. Teddy will let you know when, and a beautiful new collar, lucky girl. I read this before, but had tears and waited for a while to put in some words. They are all in the best home ever, and you give from your heart so willingly. Hugs from a cold New Zealand, lit the fire this morning!!!

  8. I'm surprised that Todd hasn't gobbled up the food that Teddy didn't want.

  9. Regardless of her diagnosis, you are giving Eva the life that she never had - she looks happy and carefree. You and Todd have done that for her. It brings tears to my eyes.

    I'm sorry that Teddy is having such a rough time. I'll be thinking of him and you tomorrow and beyond.

    Yay for Bo :) Wonderful news.

  10. Bo is such a lucky boy! He couldn't have picked a better family. Sweet Eva, I'm glad to hear she gets on so well with Todd. Teddy - I do hope there is better news from him tomorrow.
    Hugs to all!

  11. Always found that the dogs let you know when it's time....

    Enjoy that scenery and relax.

  12. Just what a girl needs ! How smart Eva looks in her new pink collar. Lovely that she and Todd get on so well together, she must be a very special girl because Todd is a very discerning boy.
    So sorry to hear that Teddy isn't too good, but hope that he will improve. He sounds as though he is quite content and we know he has found a place where he can live life at his own pace.
    Kim, thank you so much for your comforting words, on KB Bear's blog, on the loss of our beloved Lab girl, Petite-Chose. When our vet suggested we let her go, we didn't want to do so until we'd explored all other possibilities. Alas, with an old dog, needing strong pain medication, there aren't too many.

  13. I like the lovely Miss Eva's collar - that's the pattern that we use for Rocky Creek Scottie baby girls!!


  14. Hello, hugs and good wishes to all the dogs. Eva seems happy. I wish Teddy would feel better. They are all so cute. I miss having a dog, but for now it is best. Congrats to you and Bo. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  15. I just LOVE Eva's new collar! I am sure she really appreciates it! And it's great that Todd and her are good friends. I am sorry to hear about Teddy and I am sending POTP for him. My girls are both in their senior years...and there are some days that are so trying. I sure wish they lived longer lives...thank you for all you do for all your pets Kim!

  16. this post is everything that living with dogs means i think... moments of laughter with todd coaching his new best friend... her beautiful collar that she's obviously pleased about... and happily watching for any pesky intruders.
    and the closeness and warmth of two souls sleeping near each other. just enjoying living until the living of it is over. would that we humans had that gift to live so gracefully in the moment.
    and as always... bless you my darling girl! xoxo♥

  17. Miss Eva now has the same collar as Millie. She is pretty in pink and so lucky to have Todd for a friend. We will be sending lots of POTP to those in need in your home. BTW the forecast is calling for a few inches of snow tonight so Millie might get her wish.

  18. Eva is so lovely; her new collar becomes her. How very nice that she and Todd are such good friends. Todd’s red ball never seems to be far from Todd either.
    I want more and more good days for Teddy. Each one that he is comfortable and loved is a great gift.
    And what wonderful news that Bo is now officially home.
    It amazes me how we fall in love with these beautiful dogs that we know only because you share them with us.

  19. I am once again reminded that kindness is not a state of mind but a special place where those in need find love and care and solace. There again that could simply be an old Celt talking, but Eva and Teddy would disagree.

  20. I can't say anything more than what everyone else said so well. I especially think that Angus' Mom said my feelings especially well.
    You and Car are in my heart.
    So glad, Teddy has a warm, loving home, as you said he seems so peaceful. He knows he is surrounded by love. It is what we all need.
    So glad he found his way to you.
    Gus' Mom

  21. It's good to see the dogs enjoying each other's company and helping each other. I come here for comfort at times. Sharing the problems your dogs must overcome or live with always makes me think less of my problems when compared to theirs.

  22. Hi Kim,
    I'm just now catching up with your blog and am so sorry about Evah's diagnosis. I hate the puppy mills but they will never be out of business. It's such an easy way to get the almighty dollar. She's beautiful though and in such a wonderful place. Like you said, dogs do live in the present and don't seem to let their past drag them down. They don't seem to dwell on their previous life if it was a bad one. I'm sorry about your new guy and thrilled you kept the lab. Funny how things end up sometimes. Keep up the good work you and your husband are doing. I too, foster but not for a specific breed. My group pulls doomed dogs from rural kill facilities and it is so rewarding.

  23. Morning Km, very very sad to read about Eva,my heart hurts reading about her. The new pink collar looks so pretty on her. Prayers for all, Hugs Francine.

  24. Ohhh Eva loves that beautiful pink collar! Oh Kim,,, What a gift you are to all of them!

  25. Catching up with you and others.
    Learned of Teddy's "over the rainbow bridge" . . .

    Enjoyed the "look to the left and right" pics
    Eva looks sweet in her new pink!
    What a gift you are . . .


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