Thursday, June 15, 2017

Grandiose Plans

It's Thursday, the day I've looked forward to all week!  I've looked forward to it because I have the next 4 days off, and I have grandiose plans of things that I want to get done.

One is to give both Jake and Josh a bath.  Their harnesses have been washed and are ready to be put back onto clean dogs.  ***(Melanie, I left a note for you in my last post)** 
Then I've got dog-ears that need cleaning.  
Then of course, there are a few things around the house I really need to attend to that I've been putting off.  It's also berry-picking time!
I'v already made one cobbler, and would love to get enough berries for another.
But, Lab Rescue has contacted me about taking a new boy that is 11 years old.  His name is Kingston, and he's from a Maryland shelter. I've read a couple of reasons why he was taken there, from the family moving to not enough time.  Maybe it was both.  But he has markers of early kidney disease, and is on a special food.  So, Kingston will arrive later this afternoon.  I guess the bath for Jake and Josh can be put off for a little while.  
Then last evening I got a call from the SPCA.  They need a TEMPORARY foster home until Tuesday for a puppy who is having surgery today. She has a herniated umbilical cord and will also be spayed.  "Cookie" (don't you love that name?) will need to be crated, and kept quiet while she heals.  One of the directors for the SPCA is her "forever home" so she has a bright future ahead of her.
I think we have a busy "future weekend" ahead of us - there won't be much time to sit on the front porch,
Or go on any "tours."
 --The above sign was in our town-square that gave me and several others in town a good grin before it was removed by the "art" committee --

But I think it's going to be a good and long weekend!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful four days off. Let me tell you, it doesn't get any easier to get your chores done after you retire. I don't know where the times goes, so many plans, so little done. Love little Cookie. And all the rest too, of course.

  2. With so many seniors, are you keeping new arrivals separate because of this canine flu?

    That new boy is very handsome!

  3. Hello, enjoy your 4 days off. You still sounds like you will be very busy taking care of all the dogs new and old. I used to have a shepherd mix named Cookie. The cobbler looks delicious. As always, I love all the cute pup photos. Good wishes for all the dogs and you! Have a happy long weekend!

  4. I could smell that "art" a mile away.

  5. All the best plans can go on hold!!! Looks like you will have a full house, and what joy to be able to look after Cookie, she is a gorgeous wee girl, and Kingston, he will be one of the crew so well with that beautiful smile. no baths, hope they do not roll in " Glorious Mud". Have a wonderful long weekend,

  6. What a little heartbreaker Cookie is, no wonder she has found her forever home. How could anyone not want Kingston, or find time for a gorgeous boy with such a beautiful smile? I just don't understand people, especially after they have had their pet for so many years.
    This morning a friend showed me a photo of a four month old yellow Lab puppy who had been taken to the local rescue shelter. The people who had him decided they didn't want him any more ! It's so tempting, and if I was younger and fitter (bad knee and hip) I would have said yes immediately!

  7. A most welcome 4 day weekend for you, I'm sure. Hopefully it won't get to hopping too much. Kingston looks like a sweetie. Nice to see Jake and Josh and I understand about the need for baths - Jill needs a traveling beauty shop - none in the area. DH needs to take her back to the vet too.
    Enjoy your blackberry picking and any cobbler you are allowed to make!

  8. We hope you can accomplish your grandiose plan and still find some time for some R & R for you. Cookie is adorable - you are so good to help out. We wish Kingston many good days ahead as he battles those kidney issues. Enjoy your upcoming days.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  9. Bet Jake and Josh are happy! Hey, it's a long weekend, just enjoy it!

  10. That signed cracked Mom up. She thinks we need one of those pointing to the den where I am known to "toot" while I watch movies with Mom and Dad. The pup is sure cute and we are happy you have those two grand dogs in a safe place.

    Abby Lab

  11. Have a WONDERFUL time off....looking forward to meeting Kingston and will you let us nose how Cookie gets on, what a sweetie
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Jake, Josh, did you manage to dodge the dreaded BAFF?????

  12. Enjoy!
    You deserve a long four day weekend . . .
    Relaxing a bit might be good too!
    Cute name . . . Cookie . . .
    Like I said . . . ENJOY . . .
    Clean ears, bathing time, new foster and all . . .

  13. i don't know where you get it. but I FEEL your energy just emanating through this post!
    and seeing charlie's sweet smile just made my day!
    cookie ... such a darling little girl.
    and kingston! what is to say looking at that grin?
    that "life is great!" attitude! God bless them ALL!
    AND YOU. you who only THOUGHT you were getting 4 days off. LOLOL! xoxo♥

  14. Puppy!!! What a sweet little face!

    You remind me that I've been occupied with other things, and the dog maintenance part of my responsibilities has slipped from my mind. Ruby could use a trim, and a brush, and her monthly dab of Frontline ... plus a few extra skritches and kisses while I'm at it.

    Have a lovely long weekend, kiss Kingston and Cookie for me, and enjoy your alone time.

  15. I'm so glad you take in these sweet pups .How hard it must be for that 11 year old Golden to no longer have his family . You are such a blessing to him now I;m sure , as well as that sweet pup in need. I have to say that sign gave me a good giggle , I know a few places around town , ahem but yes I'll behave , lol

  16. My goodness, one look at Kingston and Cookie and I'm head over heels.

  17. LOL, I should be on the Fart Tour!!!
    Love that Cookie :)
    We will think of you too on Solstice, it is coming up too fast!

  18. Enjoy your weekend. I love that you will put off anything for an animal in need like Kingston. You are a special saint to dogs in need.

    Enjoy your time with Cookie. She looks like such a sweetie!!!

  19. Sounds like you are going to have a busy weekend. How wonderful that you have room in your house and heart for every arrival at your home.

  20. No point bathing the dogs when a newbie is about to arrive, there'll be too much mouthing and playing for a while! Then perhaps clean dogs might be a nice idea. Our Goldie comes home from her once-a-week doggy-daycare smelly and very tired and happy. Bath time is the night after daycare, not before it! Enjoy your weekend and cuddles with Cookie

  21. I have a 3 day weekend so I understand your excitement!

  22. Kingston and Cookie. Something almost alliterative about your week ahead !

    They should have left the sign up. The art show might have attracted a bigger crowd.

  23. You have been busy and it looks like it is going to continue!


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