Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Arrival of Kingston & Cookie

I'm now a little bit behind, but on Thursday, as you know, via Lab Rescue comes Kingston!
After a brief introduction,
And a little watching out the window.
He slept the rest of the way home.
Kingston is pretty thin, and highlights his soul filled eyes that watch my every move as he follows me all over the house.  He's an easy going boy that is eager to please.  He also knows all the basics, and does as we ask him to do.
I'll also add that he's happy.  Really happy.  Which is why the end of his tail is bandaged.  He's got something called "happy tail,"  Happy tail, also known as kennel tail, is an injury caused when a dog wags or hits his tail consistently against hard objects, causing the tail to break open and bleed.  It's painful enough, and sometimes if it is not allowed to heal properly, the end of the tail will need to be removed. So, Kingston's tail will be bandaged for a few more days.
Kingston is getting along well with our crew.  Of course Todd did let him know to keep a respectable distance.  Kingston seems to respect that. Thankfully. And thankfully, I think Kingston is going to be okay here with us.    

And lets not forget that via the SPCA, Cookie, our little boarder that will be here until Tuesday.
After feeding her and getting her all settled into her crate last evening, Cookie quickly let us know her disapproval of the accommodations.  That disapproval continued through the evening.  At bedtime we took her into the bedroom, and put her into another crate.  It was also not to her liking.  But she slept for a couple of hours before whining, for what I think was to be taken out, which I did half-asleep 2-3 more times overnight.
Cookie has been napping most of the day. I'm glad that someone is getting their rest.
I just hope that all that sleeping doesn't mean Cookie is going to have fully charged puppy batteries tonight.


  1. Looks like you have your hands full with little Cookie. Kingston looks like quite the gentleman. I hope you can get some sleep before Tuesday.

  2. Kingston looks like a real sweetheart. Good luck with Cookie
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. We were just thinking that she might be us all night again. Kingston looks like a lovely boy. I'm sure he'll fit right in.

  4. We just love Kingston - such a sweet face. We know all about happy tail - our cousin Angel Gypsy had happy tail. After many episodes of a blood spattered house, she eventually had to have her tail docked when it just would not heal. But she was fine with it and she sure could wiggle that little nub.

    Hope Cookie sleeps tonight - a real cutie.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. Welcome to Kingston. He looks like a very sweet soul. Wishing you a good night's sleep with Miss Cookie in the house.

  6. Not sure how you manage through all the
    changes, additions, fosters, keepers . . .
    I do know . . . I'd want your home if we had to be in
    the position to make that kind of decision.
    Kingston seems like a jewel . . .
    Hope Cookie let's you sleep tonight!
    You and your husband are the best!

  7. Poor Kinngston with his happy tail, it's not much of a happy tale, is it. I hope he incorporates into the fold well. I hope Cookie lets you sleep. Puppies are adorable aren't they? Ha Ha Ha.

  8. If Cookie isn't happy there, threaten to take her to a kill shelter. Todd will tell her what that means if she doesn't know.

  9. Cookie, just like having a new baby in the home!!! And Kingston, he is gorgeous. A keeper for sure.

  10. What a gorgeous boy Kingston is - such a beautiful face - that close-up of him is worthy of a calendar. There is no way I could have ever let him go, and I'm so glad he's safe with you and the gang.
    Cookie's a beauty too, and looks as though she will wrap her new people round her little paw in no time. She looks a very determined girl !

  11. Kingston and Cookie are both adorable and very lucky to be at Golden Pines.

  12. Hello, Kingston is beautiful, he seems easy to get along with too. He is a happy dog. Cookie is adorable, not sure if I could handle not getting any sleep. They are lucky dogs to be fostered in your home, it is the best. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  13. Awe, Kingston's eyes really are soulful and tell such a story. I hope his tail nicely and he continues to be happy and adjust easily. What a sweet face!

    Cookie is adorable, too and I bet she will be lots of fun!

  14. Kingston is a darling boy and Cookie is a doll. I hope that your sleep schedules quickly match.

  15. Must be quite a change from your seniors, puppies are so much more work!

  16. i was already thinking what a wonderfully happy face kingston has. and that was before i knew of his happy tail! poor little guy. seeing it bandaged like that.
    i've never even heard of happy tail!
    i'm so very glad he's fitting right in. he already has decided he loves you apparently!
    and that adorable puppy! omg. wee cookie. seeing her blissfully sleep after YOU were up all night. lol. here's to a good night finally for you both! xoxo♥

  17. I hate to say it but I think Cookie may be having another wild night!
    Kingston looks so sweet.

  18. It seems that Kingston has not been well cared for in the recent past. How wonderful for him that you are taking him into your healing home. Silly Cookie. Bet you had forgotten how needy little puppies can be.

  19. Wow Kim they are both such sweethearts! Of course I have a special spot in my heart for dogs like Kingston! I missed reading about your darling family and am looking forward to catching up on all your news! Thanks for the comments you left me, it really lifted my heart! Tina xo

  20. Kingston certainly has a happy face. Hope Cookie isn't a sleep all day , howl all night puppy !

  21. Kingston is precious. How could one not love a boy with happy tail. He deserves golden pines.
    So much activity!!
    The mention of blackberries immediately make me think of Sheba. I loved seeing her happy rear end sticking out from the bushes. Your cobblers always look so good. Sweet Sheba.
    And how nice to see Cissy!
    I hope the rest of your weekend was good.
    Gus' Mom


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