Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kingston and a Weekend Guest

We're starting our third week with Kingston.  I took the bandage off his tail, and it has healed up nicely, and it does not stop wagging.
 ...and he does not stop smiling.
We did have to make an adjustment of where Kingston enjoys his meals. It came about because he will take a mouthful of food from his bowl, walk off with it, put it down, eat it, and come back for the next bite.  As you can guess, at our house, that doesn't work.  Even though the dogs don't try to steal food from one another while they're eating, (an enforced rule), a bowl that's left unattended is fair game for whoever gets to it first.  And what is left, is usually eaten pretty quickly. I'm not sure how many meals Kingston didn't get to enjoy before I noticed what he was doing.  I guess all that matters is that he's enjoying his entire meal now.
We ended the week with Kingston at the vet for follow up blood work to check his kidney's.  There is some improvement, but not much. I'm waiting to hear back from Lab Rescue on how they'd like to proceed, and what the results all meant.

Speaking of Lab Rescue, I did hear from them prior to Kingston's appointment.  With July 4th it has meant that boarding space is a premium and unavailable at most places.  They were looking for a place to stash a dog for the weekend.  This has brought us ten-year-old Duke.  He was given up by his family who no longer wanted him.
He is another really nice boy, who is pretty confused about what's happened to him.  He'll be with us until about Wednesday.
With the holiday falling on a Tuesday it has left some people like me with only one day off, making it more difficult to carve out a three or four day weekend without expending precious vacation days. So I have to work on Monday. But I am not going to complain, I just enjoy any day I have off.


  1. Food can't be left here either. We think Kingston smiles so much because he realises he's found a fantastic home. Poor Duke--not being wanted anymore--how sad. Love Todd's happy face.

  2. Really glad Kingston has settled in. ❤️

  3. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is continually horrified at the people who give up on their pets, and don't want them any more. How cruel some people are, maybe someone will give up on them some time in the future when they're old.
    How anyone could give up on Kingston or Duke, I just don't know, they are both beautiful boys, and Kingston, especially, has stolen my heart !

    1. We can't understand it either. However, anyone who does this isn't fit to have a dog. Why force a dog to endure in a place where he/she is unwanted? It can only lead to neglect and abuse.

  4. Some people! I have no words -glad Duke and Kingston are both with you!

  5. Hello, So glad Kingston healed and doing well. I can not imagine someone just giving up their dog, poor Duke. Cute doggies and photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

    Happy 4th of July!

  6. His eating habits could explain why he's on the thin side. I have two who eat that way. I guess it tastes better from the floor. Mine have learned to leave them alone but I still stand guard. Congrats on healing the happy tail. It's a tough thing to fix.

  7. We have to watch the eating also. Mabel eats fast and Hazel is a real slow poke sometimes hasn't even started yet when Mabel is done. Mabel will then swoop right in so we pick her up when she is done so Hazel can eat in peace!
    Glad Duke and Kingston are with you
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. Happy Kingston has his food regime in order.
    I wish I lived near you, I needed care for Snickers this past weekend.
    Curious how she would be around other dogs.
    We have never kenneled her, (not the best decision for us, or her.)
    Priceless final picture. Looks like laughter!!!!!

  9. It's easy to tell that Kingston and Duke are really nice fellows. Smiles that go straight to my heart.

  10. will duke have to go right back to the shelter after the holiday?
    look at that beautiful face.
    how on earth do people treat them like a used piece of old furniture? there ought to be a TEST people have to take to get a wonderful dog.
    have a wonderful 'sort of holiday!' dearest bean!
    the happiness on the faces of your dogs just makes life worthwhile!

    1. Hi Tammy!! NO, Duke will not go back to the shelter, he's a "Lab Rescue Dog" now, and will go to another foster home mid-week. At least that's the plan.... Stay tuned! :-)

  11. Glad to hear Kingston is doing better. How sad for Duke. At least he has made it to the rescue group and will be on his way to a new loving home.

  12. No pup would ever dream of leaving his/her bowl before it was empty:) They are both good about waiting while each eats and one might finish first. But walk away from a bowl - that means you are done - fair play time:)

    Duke is so handsome. We hope life takes a good turn for him.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  13. Sad for Duke. Our daughter, the one who adopted a 6 year old doxie when her family asked their vet to put her to sleep because they didn't want to pay for an operation, now has one of the sweetest dogs I've ever seen. I'm so thankful their our people like you, and daughter's wonderful vet, to change the life of so many needy outcasts who only need a little patience and love. Bless you for everything you do for your tribe.

  14. I just don't understand folks giving up a pet (family member) that they've had for 10 years! Didn't want anymore? Do they give up their kids like that?

    One of our dogs (RIP) used to take a bit of food elsewhere to finish it before coming back again. She was mighty quick though and also would growl if she saw another dog going for her full plate, before she got back to it. She was the matriarch and... well... it was her way or the highway! Everybody, human & animal, knew it too. :-)

    Have a wonderful 4th. Dan's working today too.


  15. That last photo is so cute, it shows one happy dog. How good you noticed Kingston's eating habit and now he can eat his whole meal.

  16. ...who no longer wanted him... It's hard enough when someone gives up a pet because of financial woes or personal medical issues, but.... it's just not right because you change your mind. Little fellow, I'm sure he is confused.
    Love Kingston, didn't even complain about not getting to finish his meals. I bet he is doubly happy now.
    Those sweet faces are the best!
    Gus' Mom

  17. I agree with so many others wondering just how a family decides they no longer want their dog. Here's hoping there is just the right family out there.

  18. Todd has such a happy face. Glad to know that Kingston and Duke are getting the love and care they need now. So sad when people give up on their pets - hope that both boys have a happier time ahead of them. Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  19. How sad for Duke that his "family no longer wanted him". Paws crossed that he finds a forever home soon. Kingston is such a sweet looking pup - both are in the right homes now. Sending all extra hugs,
    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle


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