Saturday, September 2, 2017

Lucky Dogs!

I rounded the corner to a long weekend with a planned day at the groomers for Todd and Charlie. Because of Todd's injury to his neck, I'd delayed his appointment to make sure everything is healed. I raced to get everyone fed wondering why I'd made their appointment for 9 AM?  I arrived just after nine o'clock to a surprised groomer, who was not expecting me - Until next week.  She graciously offered to take one of the dogs, but not both because she was working alone.  I opted to just wait until next week.  I don't think Charlie minded at all.
I'm sure if I'd asked Todd, he would have agreed with Charlie.

Later in the afternoon it was time to check something off Josh's bucket-list.  He has had a good and active life. In his younger days, he loved going for walks, sleeping on our bed and as you can see in the video below from 2012, chasing frisbee was a favorite game.

All of this was possible because of a well funded rescue and a good and talented orthopedic surgeon. So, Josh's bucket-list began with a visit to Dr. W who did his surgeries in 2002. Dr. W said it wasn't very often that he got to see dogs that he did surgery on so long ago.  Dr. W is someone who doesn't like the spotlight.  But there was a smile and quiet pride about him during our visit, and he seemed quite pleased to see Josh again after all these years.  We feel very lucky to know Dr. W., who also did Max's surgery this past year.  And I think that Josh has been lucky too.


  1. Imagine Todd was going, "Whew!" when he got out of the grooming for a week.

    Darling Josh, he did love playing Frisbee - I suppose he can't now, can he? I know I wouldn't have that inclination. Great that you are filling out his 'Bucket List.' :-)

  2. Now we have to worry about how to get out of it next week.

  3. We're sure Todd and Charlie were glad to get a reprieve from the groomer. How sweet for Josh to visit the vet who helped him live such a long and happy life.

  4. We think Charlie and Todd were happy at their short reprieve. How wonderful the surgeon was able to see Josh. Must have made him feel well.

  5. Glad to hear that all is going well. God bless.

  6. Next week!!! And for Josh, that visit to see Dr W. would have been so special. I believe they do know people that they haven't seen for some time, and remember their voice.

  7. I remember the green frisbee. Didn't he and Sheba like to play frisbee together?
    I love that Josh has a bucket list! What a wonderful long life he continues to have with you.

  8. How thoughtfully kind to let the surgeon see the long term effects of his work. A courtesy that few are allowed to enjoy. Believe it or not it's nearly a year since Sophie had her first leg operation - we were just talking in the car this morning and saying your recommendation of the harness was a god send. It made so many 'things ' much easier ( for owner and dog ).

  9. Something kind of exciting happens for me when I am up and ready,
    out the door for a timely appointment,
    get there and realize I am on the "wrong day."
    If my mishap scheduling included Snickers
    for her grooming day . . .
    she would be "over the moon" to turn around,
    get back in the car, drive away!
    I wonder what it is about being groomed
    other than the water,
    which I know she doesn't like . . .
    If it happens to us ever again
    maybe we will go for ice cream . . .

    I liked hearing about, and seeing the picture of your excellent, favorite, orthopedic surgeon doctor. And you letting him see his success . . .

  10. Hello, I am sure the dogs were relieved not having to go thru the grooming. At least for another week. Love the frisbee playing dog video. I am glad Josh was able to visit the surgeon, always great to hear happy stories like this. Happy Labor Day weekend.

  11. Love that photo of Josh and the Doc. Sweet.

  12. Baths and haircuts do not seem like a fun way to celebrate a holiday weekend. It was nice to show the doc how much his work has contributed to giving Josh a good life.

  13. A reprieve for Todd and Charlie - they must be delighted !
    I hope that Josh was as pleased to see Dr W, as Dr W. was to see Josh ! What's next on the list?

  14. You're so fortunate to have a fine and caring surgeon like Dr. W. How special that he and Josh had a good visit. Wonderful picture.

  15. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Hurray for avoiding BATH - whew!!! And hurray for meeting someone who helped you play frisbee! He looks very special!

  16. Mine would have been THRILLED if I went on the wrong day...and they got to wait a week!! I have started confirming the night before just to be sure I get the right day! What a nice visit for Josh!!

  17. What a wonderful thing to do - going to visit that surgeon. I keep R's surgeon updated with photos of him leaping on his new elbow. He also says that he rarely hears from people/dogs after the followup period is over. I'm so glad that you made Dr. W smile and Josh smile too!

    Lucky Charlie and Todd!

  18. Here we are,, sending huggs


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