Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Right Day

Back to the groomers on the right day.  Todd as always was happy to be home
Charlie was worn out afterwards because he had a little more of a workout.
He has a very dense, thick coat and doesn't shed, and it doesn't mat or tangle until it's really grown out. The groomer was looking over Charlie's coat as we were catching up and my heart sank when she found what looked like a dead flea - Now nothing strikes fear in my heart more than a flea, including a dead one because they may have friends - But the groomer called me after she'd bathed both Charlie and Todd to tell me that she found no live or dead fleas on either dog - But I still spent a couple of hours doing "preventative" cleaning just in case. I did have to grin that despite Charlie's thick and dense coat, the groomer had so easily (and hopefully!) found the one and only dead flea on him -- I guess that's how good she is!
~The look on the faces of Eva & Charlie made me laugh~
Finally, Josh's bucket list got another check. With a 3 day weekend last week, Josh got to do something he's never done, and that was to go camping.  What's a better thing to do than sit around a camp-fire with good friends, toast marshmallows and enjoy a good s'more?  Well, okay, I enjoyed the s'more, and Josh enjoyed a marshmallow.    


  1. Todd looks spiffy. Charlie looks like he needs that nap. What did Todd and Eva do? I take it that Josh had a good time.

  2. Hope that was the only flea. Glad josh got a marshmallow (Phod thinks they are poison and won't even try one!)

  3. Hello, I love all the photos and all the cute dogs. The camping sounds like fun. I am so glad no more fleas were found, they are awful. Happy weekend to you!

  4. Glad to hear all is going well. God bless.

  5. One of the advantages of living in the desert is that there are no fleas.

  6. How smart Todd looks now he's been through the trauma of grooming, thought it looks all too much for Charlie.
    Lucky Josh, going camping with you - what's next for the sweet boy?

  7. Camper Josh looks very happy by the fireside.

  8. The boys are looking good after their grooming sessions.

  9. phew - the grooming is over till next time! paws crossed that was the only flea. How fun for Josh to go camping!
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. Bet both dogs are happy the grooming is over! congrats to you...I think keeping fleas off dogs in humid Virginia is a fantastic effort!

  11. Campfire and s'mores sounds much better than a flea . .
    dead one too.
    Happy they were "clean."
    I freak a bit too with thoughts of a flea.
    Do you mind if I ask what you use for protection?

  12. Charlie's coat sounds a lot like a Standard Poodle's coat and oh my goodness, the work that my husband Dan used to do the day *before* the dogs got groomed. They were groomed every 6-8 wks so in the midway point he'd brush them out with a greyhound comb & wire brush and then do the same thing again the night before they were groomed... and still, the work! :-O :-) Despite that we miss those dogs like crazy and think of them often, which usually produces a big smile or a laugh about some antic they did. Fleas also put terror in my heart. We've never had one and hopefully never will. Even the thought makes me shudder. xoxo

  13. Your groomer does a lovely job, and quite the attentive person to find one dead flea :)
    Happy to read that Josh enjoyed his camping experience, what a sweet boy !

  14. That is a hilarious photo of Todd and Eva! I'm glad that there was only one dead flea. When we lived back east, nothing would make me go crazy cleaning like a flea!

    I'm glad that Josh got to go camping and enjoy his marshmallow!

  15. Marshmallows! The PONS are left speechless with envy.


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