Monday, March 12, 2018

Cissy's Inner Time Clock

Compared to last weekend, this past one felt like a vacation. The weather could not have been better and the dogs could not be in better spirits.

The newest arrival to our household, Misty, has really settled in nicely. What a nice dog she is! Aside from some of Max's (usual) grouchiness, which she shys away from, she continues to get along with all the dogs. And when one of us arrives home, Misty is right with the crowd happily greeting us. As I said before and will keep saying, she's a true gem!

The weekend did rob us of one hour of sleep with the change to daylight saving time. The only one in our household that won't have to do any adjusting to the new time is Cissy.  She has an inner clock that cannot be changed. The last time change 6 months ago meant that Cissy started barking at 4 AM.  Sometimes she wants to go outside, sometimes it's to let us know the water bowls are empty and she wants a drink.  Other times it seems that it's just to let us know it's time to get up. But then there are the times I can't help but wonder if it's her way of simply telling me that there's a rumbling in her stomach and she wants to be fed. Whatever it is, we've not been able to change her inner clock. So at least until the next time change when Cissy starts barking, it's at the time we usually get our day started.
This is good news, because I think we're going to need all the help we can get in the morning until our inner clocks get used to daylight savings time.


  1. No problems here-we don't change clocks at all.

  2. such precious faces
    Hazel & Mabel

  3. Luckily she has a sweet face that probably is hard to stay mad at.

  4. I'd opt for the rumbling tummy as the case for the 4 am melodies.

  5. i bet that it was her tummy speaking! I'm glad that its schedule is better now!!

  6. Time changes, what can really be saved? They are all darlings, and Cissy, maybe she is a whole lot more savvy than the wise men who decide to have daylight saving!!!

  7. What a sweetheart, I am a lot like Cissy.

  8. Here in this part of Europe, we don't start daylight saving time (when the clocks go forwards by one hour) until 2 a.m. on the last Sunday in March.
    I'd say that Cissy has decided it's time for breakfast - that innocent look on her lovely face belies a steely character that knows exactly what she wants !
    Very little chance of a lie-in here, either, because my sweet Lab. makes sure I know it's time to start the day, and breakfast is first on the agenda.

  9. I haf one of those inner tummy clocks as well, my alarm goes of at five to twelve every day for my DINNER!!! Or else
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. I wish they would simply leave it and the rest of us alone. it's the silliest 'invention' of man vs nature control yet.
    what wonderful pictures of these beautiful faces! xo

  11. Hello, so glad you all had a great week! I love all the cute dogs and their photos. I wish they would stop the time changes. I am glad Misty is adjusting so well. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead.

  12. Happy you enjoyed the “vacation like” week . . .
    Misty looks like a great dog . . .
    Oh my Cissy . . .
    Daylight time sets me off too . . .
    No barking from me at 4:00 am though . . .

  13. We're glad to hear Misty is settling in so well. Walter is our canine alarm clock. He makes sure nobody misses a meal or treat including the humans in the family.

  14. Misty has such a sweet face. We are happy things are going well for her there. We don't mind the Spring change too much but the fall one is a bear when it come to meal time:)

    Have a great week.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. Misty is a beauty, but then, so are all your sweet pups.

  16. Glad Misty is fitting in well with you and your clan . I start our Misty and cat Harley on the new time a week before so it is a easier transition for us all lol ! I hope Cissy gets used to the new time change soon . We have had on off days of sun cold cloud and the odd light snow falling but thankfully it melts as it hits the ground , I am soo looking forward to spring that's just around the corner . Thanks for sharing . cute pics . Have a good week !

  17. When Morgan got old she used to stand in front of me every evening and bark for about ten minutes. At first I tried giving her treats or fresh water or taking her out, but she didn't want any of those things. I guess she was just telling me about her day and I got used to sitting there and listening to her complain. When she finished, she'd walk away as if nothing happened. We were both pleased.

  18. We could use Cissy's help this week too. One hour really can mess ya up!

  19. It takes a long time for me to adjust!

  20. Yay, for Misty! She is a happy girl to be a golden pines. Possibly meant to be?
    Cissy and those big brown eyes, I assume she is doing well, despite the early morning barking. She has been witness to many pups coming and going at golden pines.
    Glad the weather is improving. It wont be long until we see lots of new blooms and green grass again.
    Take care,
    Gus' Mom

  21. Misty is very smart!!!
    We dont deal with time change very well either.

  22. Daylight Savings Time saps the life right out of me. I don't like it in the least... but the powers-that-be don't care what I think so... DST marches on. :-) Lovingly, Andrea xxx

  23. Welcome Misty, you are beautiful. Rhett, you have a very cute nose!



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