Monday, May 28, 2018

Life. It Continues

Thank you all for your kind words and sharing our loss of Jake.  His loss has of course been a sad one, and apart from that sadness, there are no regrets, just gratitude for having Jake as part of our lives.
There's a quote from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes that says "You know, a heart can be broken, but it keeps on beating, just the same." The same can be said about life.  It continues.

Charlie is doing well and has been a good post-operative patient. Most of the bruising and swelling  on his bottom is gone.  However, he's **hating** having to wear an e-collar and to keep the noses away, he's being confined when we're away.  The surgeon called on Thursday to let me know the results of the biopsy.  The tumor was cancer.  Sigh .... And, unfortunately, the surgeon wasn't able to get a clean margin when it was removed, and there were cells along the edge.  This means that the tumor will probably return. Sigh....again .....  The surgeon (and a good friend) is recommending a console with an oncologist. Which I may do.  I will definitely take him to see the Holistic Vet.  I know there are herbs that can be given that will suppress tumor growth, and would be worth trying.

Another "loss" I haven't mentioned, is our foster girl Misty from Lab Rescue. She went to her forever home last week.  A really nice couple drove nearly 4 hours each way to come and meet Misty.  Misty loved them right away, in particular their 20ish year old special needs daughter, Joy. They were looking for a friend for Joy that she could walk with, and Misty truly fit the bill. The reports from them have all been good, and they are thrilled to have Misty as part of their family. Misty is enjoying long daily walks and swimming in a nearby pond.  I'll admit, I'd seriously thought of keeping Misty. But knowing that she's a star in her very own home, and a friend and companion to Joy, reminds me of why I shouldn't have. She is missed, but I couldn't be happier for the family and for Misty.

I think Max may be happy about it too.  But then, he's always happy.


  1. Life does go on, and with grief and a huge loss, we want it all to stop. The sun will rise the next day, and I am sure the others who know Jake has gone will be missing him too. Charlie, I had hoped for the news to be all good. And Misty, for Joy a delight, and a wonderful companion. For you all at GP, much love from a very cold morning here in NZ.

  2. I love that you have access to a holistic vet. Sounds like a great pairing with Misty and her new family!

  3. Life does go on but we go forward with the weight of memory, some sad, but much of it happy. I am so sorry for your loss.

  4. Hello, Jake and Misty will be missed. But, as you as life goes on. I will keep Charlie in my prayers. Sending hugs & good wishes for all. Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  5. As hard as it must have been to let Misty go, what wonderful joy you have brought to that young girl. We are sorry to hear about the diagnosis for Charlie, but we will cross our paws for him to do well. We know he is in good paws. Happy Memorial Day.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. So true . . .
    Life keeps on “keeping on!”
    Still thinking about, missing Jake . . .

    Sad for Charlie . . .
    Happy for Joy and Misty . . .

    The revolving door at your place must hold its challenges.
    I respect and care about you and your husband’s commitment . . .
    A good team you are!

  7. Missed the post about Jake's passing due to a cancer issue of our own. So sorry to hear of it. He may be gone, but his love lingers I'm sure.

  8. So Sorry to hear about Jake . Good to hear that Misty is in a lovely forever home and she will be a wonderful companion for her people . Poor Charlie my heart goes out to you and he I do hope the holistic vet can help him . Max is so much like our Miggs here always the happy go lucky one .

  9. Crikey I've missed so much of life at golden pines. Life does go on though, aye?? I'm glad Misty has a nice home and is so loved and I'm hoping Charlie can be helped by the holistic people. He'll be in our prayers.

  10. It sounds like Misty went to a wonderful home that needs her. We will keep our paws crossed for Charlie
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. Fingers crossed that Charlie will recover.
    Wonderful news that Misty has found her forever home, and will be company for someone who needs her and will love her.
    Now you have a place for two other dogs needing comfort and love....

  12. So true, the heart keeps beating. Sad news about Charlie, but I hope he will be with you for a long time still. Very good news that Misty is with a family and she can bond with the families daughter. to all your crew and hugs from over the pond.

  13. I follow Leslie on her blog. little Maisie was diagnosed with cancer.
    her vet is holistic and has done wonders for Maisie! so there is always hope. the cancer has stopped progressing.
    we will keep only the best thoughts for Charlie! xoxo

  14. We were just able to get on here today, we are so sorry about Jake, and we are praying hard for Charlie and you both. Heartbreaks hurt. Mag and Gus and Mom

  15. poor Charlie, he is with the best possible family right now. xxx

  16. The news about Charlie was shocking,,,
    and were hoping with all kinds of hope that one of the consultants will have a plan for Charlie,, to put the evil C,, on hold.
    Its hard to push this out of our minds,,, and we want you to know the good healing thoughts and prayers continue,, for Charlie and all of you.

  17. Aww, man, that's not good news for Charlie. I know you'll do everything you realistically can for him. And love him, of course!

  18. I'm so very sad to learn that Jake is gone. Such a dear boy that words can't quite express. Your photo some months back of Jake eating an ice cream cone is one I go back to again and again when I'm feeling low; such happiness. My heart breaks for you. We have lost two cats in the past month to illness and old age and we are still reeling from the loss. My prayers will continue for darling Charlie. I'll miss Misty - what a little sweetheart and one who reminds me so much of our Millie. May she have many happy years in her new home. May God bless all of you at Golden Pines, Kim.

  19. I really wish that you'd gotten better news for Charlie. Sending POTP and lotsa loves to both of you.

    I love Misty's story. Sometimes, the hardest part must be letting an animal go to someone else... but, in this case, it sounds wonderful for Misty and the family.


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