Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Christmas Hat!

One holiday down, one more to go as this weekend comes to an end with my wallet a little emptier. I've done a bit more online shopping than I typically do.
One of the things I try to get done is our Christmas card. For more than 20 years I've done a photo card with our dogs on the front.
This year I had an idea for our card when I was in the shop where we buy dog food, and I saw *a hat.* My idea was to take a photo of each of the dogs wearing it, and put them all together.
I chuckled as I took the first few photos.
But then when I put a few of them together on what would be the front of the card
I realized that none of the dogs were really showing that holiday cheer. So I decided to scrap that idea.
~The lovely Sophie~
However, I still can't help but chuckle when I look at them.
Especially the ones of Todd.
Who I think  ....
given his expression....
and his reaction, totally hated the hat. Don't you agree? 

So, with that and the photos not showing any holiday spirit, I'm onto the next "great idea."


  1. Todd would have gotten into the spirit if there were super treats involved.

  2. Those hat pictures are cute. We've never tried that as neither pup would tolerate it. I like using candid shots captured throughout the year for our card.

  3. Don't think I've seen so many 'do I have to' eyes in one place before:)
    Something will turn up I'm sure - out of the blue, when you least expect it.

  4. I personally think they would make a great Christmas card, I love all those faces.


  5. Todd certainly sums up 'the hat'! It would still be a cute might have to have bah humbug as the greeting. BOL!

  6. Love the hat. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a Chihuahua size hat.

  7. We are having a hard time getting Mom to scroll past your beautiful porch - how she would enjoy relaxing out there with a good book and some furry pals at her feet:)

    We are not crazy about hats either, but we did get the giggles checking out all the pups' expressions:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. We like the hat pics. I miss my Sky. Whenever he saw the camera he sat down and got a big goofy smile on his face.

  9. What wonderful hat photos! they gave us a smile
    Mabel & Hilda

  10. Hello, I love all the cute pups with the hat. Adorable photos. Have a happy day, wishing you a great new week!

  11. I think it is a great idea. I,gains of the joy people will have looking at those beautiful faces.

  12. Our dogs will tolerate hats on their heads but they are not happy with expression. I think the pics are adorable. Sometimes the best Christmas card is the one that gets captured by accident.

  13. You are good doggies for posing so nicely with that squeaky toy on your head! I would have immediately pulled it off and then run around playing keep-away with it.

  14. What wonderful pictures! I think any of them would make a great Christmas card. Guaranteed chuckles. :)

  15. Oh dear, they don't look very happy do they? Clearly the hat doesn't put them in a festive mood! They are such beautiful looking pups that their faces, alone, are enough, and clearly Todd is trying to tell you that!
    Personally I've never put any of my dogs in a hat, or dressed them up in any way. I'm one of those people who hates to see tiny dogs dressed up, and worry about the mentality of the owners who do.

  16. Sometimes the best ideas just don't work. I do love the expressions anyway.

  17. I've never met a dog I didn't like. (sorry Will Rogers) and I also like your hat pictures. they're funny and cute. and it's not like you made them wear it forever. true? I hope not. cause if Todd rolled it in any manure... hey. it made me think they might like the hat after all. :) just a thought. xo

  18. Mine don't show the spirit but they still have to pay what we call the hat tax. They live here for free and the hat tax is the price they pay 3-4 times a year for my amusement.

  19. Oh my gosh, they look so cute in that hat though, especially Todd!! ♥
    I tried an elf hat on my dogs one year, and they looked so pathetic! LOL

  20. Thank you. The package arrived safe and well. The picture is absolutely wonderful. The artist has caught Bobs smile and Sophie's glare. What a kind and generous thought. The Font will head off to Toulouse tomorrow and have it framed. It will become one of those family heirlooms.


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