Friday, January 24, 2020

Hershey Arrives at Golden Pines

Hopper and Bean left us on Monday for their new foster home. I really hope it is going well for them. I liked them both very much, especially Hopper - despite that Hopper thought the cats would make a good play toy, (or worse) they were both nice girls.

With an empty dog bed, we were all set to welcome a 12 year old Golden from a local shelter. But he ended up getting adopted with his younger counterpart. I hope it's a good thing. But I'll admit that I was a little disappointed. But just after I read about one boy not coming to us, my next e-mail was from Lab Rescue asking me to foster a 14 year old chocolate lab named Hershey.
~First photo from the rescue of our new boy, Hershey~
Of course I agreed, and on Wednesday morning, via a transport from Maryland, Hershey arrived at my office.
~Hershey napping in my van on Wednesday - It was a big day!~
I can only speculate on Hershey's past. I only know that he was given up by his owner who had recently come here from Omaha Nebraska.
~My first photo of Hershey~
I do know that Hershey is a nice boy. He is getting along just fine with our crew.  But he's understandably a bit out of sorts and he has done a lot of pacing and panting, that has unsettled our dogs just a little. Added to that, believe it or not, Hershey won't leave the cats alone. I'm not sure if he's just curious about them, or if he really wants to harass them. Time will tell. And time and a chance to get settled in is what we'll of course give Hershey.

Welcome to Hershey.


  1. Hello, Hershey is so cute, he reminds me of my old Chocolate Lab named Maui. I hope he behaves around the cats. Good luck to Hopper and Bean! Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

  2. Kim . . .
    One thing about our/your Dog Life, there is usually a story or two!
    I do wonder about the past lives of your fosters.
    And wonder if Hershey’s pacing (love his name) is him looking for his previous owner. Makes my heart ache. No doubt that in you, he will be cared for with love and safety, but the ”foster dog kids“ must WONDER a bit!

    Last night Jack had to take a run to check on one of his buildings. It was around ten at night. Snickers was asleep upstairs in “their den” when he left and I was downstairs. Snickers must have awakened with a “start” and couldn’t figure out where Jack was. She flew down the stairs, checking every little corner looking for him. (Jack is her favorite . . . she likes me when it is FOOD time.). She was restless and perched on the steps where she could see outdoors, until he arrived back home, not more than 15-20 minutes. Up in his arms as soon as he walked through the door!
    See, there I go . . . always a story!
    I love following you and being filled with YOUR “stories!”

    Happy winter, getting closer to spring . . . weekend!


  4. That poor boy looks so confused. Maybe he has never met up with a cat before. I hope it works out because he really needs some good love and care.

  5. What a sweet pup Hershey is. We hope he settles down soon and can relax.

  6. How could anyone give away their 14 year old dog? There has to be a sad story behind that. He has such a lovely face.

  7. Me too. I want follow-ups from all the adoptive/foster parents. I miss them when they leave and I only know them through here. Either you are a really good story teller or I'm a really big dog lover - or both.

  8. Hi Hershey.

    We all know it takes awhile to settle in someplace new.
    Hope the cats and Hershey get along well together.
    Give him a hug from us.
    xo Astro and Mitzie

  9. welcome sweet Hershey. how your life has changed! and you'll know it soon enough... but it's going to be a GOOD change. xoxo

  10. He looks like a good boy. Hope he does well and finds a forever home. Oh, looks like he has some cataracts in his eyes.

  11. Hello to Hershey - another very lucky fellow. I do hope that he settles in well. 14 is good age, but so sad that his owner has parted with him. Perhaps we should give him/her the benefit of the doubt - they may have had no alternative but to give him up. It's a heart breaking decision that I hope I never have to make.

  12. Hello and welcome, dear Hershey. It's most likely a matter of just getting settled in . . . and leaving those cats alone! He looks like a very nice boy. Wishing all the best to Hopper and Bean.

  13. Here's hoping Hershey will settle in and settle down. Good luck.

  14. Love the name for that chocolate guy. Perfect!

  15. I sure hope that Hershey is settling in! Thanks so much for helping him. I always feel worse for them , the older that they are.

  16. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Welcome Hershey, you have landed in a good place. But maybe don't bug the cats, they have sharp things on their feet!


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