Friday, January 17, 2020

Hopper & Bean Arrive at Golden Pines

Well, you all knew that it wouldn't be long before we welcomed a new arrival or two.  On Wednesday, that's just what we did. We welcomed a pair of girls, Hopper who is 10 years old, and Bean who is the respectable age of 14. This is the pair I was asked to take last week, and declined.  I was asked again on Tuesday since Bean is having some health issues, because of that, and feeling a bit recharged, I agreed to take them.
~First photos from the rescue of Hopper and Bean at the kennel ~
These girls come to us from North Carolina. In September their owner took them to a kennel for boarding, and never returned. After due diligence by the kennel, the two were considered legally abandoned and Hopper and Bean were turned over to Lab Rescue.

They are nice girls, and have gotten along pretty well with our crew.
Unfortunately after a couple of too-close-encounters with the cats, and their behavior when they're around, it's easy to see that the two have a very high prey drive that can't be curbed. Of course, I don't want our cats to get hurt (or worse) so I've asked for Hopper and Bean to be moved to another foster home.

Since they have been in boarding since September, and with Bean not feeling so well, I don't want them to have to return to a kennel. And since I'm feeling relatively confident that we can keep the cats safe, we've agreed to keep them until a new foster home can be identified.
I'm glad that we have the chance to get to know Hopper and Bean. Aside from their prey drive, I like them very much. Hopper, is what I think may be a Lab mix. She's very smart, does as she's asked, and is alert to everything happening around her. She was a bit reserved and tentative at first. But today she's much more relaxed and follows me everywhere. Hopper was so happy to have room to run in our big fenced yard. This is another reason why I've agreed to keep them instead of returning them to boarding.
On the flip side is Bean. At 14 years old, as I've already said, she's not feeling well, and she's having problems getting up and around. She also loved the chance to be outside soaking up some sun. She sat in the grass for a long time and sniffed the air. She is a patient and gentle old soul, who enjoys attention. I hope being in a home, on a warm bed, and some one-on-one personal care, she'll start to feel better before she and Hopper leave us to begin the next chapter of their lives.   


  1. Bring back the Bark-a-lot Brothers. They didn't hurt anything.

  2. Hello, Poor kitties, I hope they stay safe. I love the last shot of Bean. I hope they find another home. Hugs for all, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Kim Kim Kim . . .
    No doubt about it . . .
    HEART OF GOLD . . .

  4. Sorry to hear the girls won't be able to stay for long at least they are out of the kennel. We're sure your kitties will be happier when they are gone.

  5. I'm not at all surprised to see the girls arrive at Golden Pines, but am sorry that they are not cat-compatible. I hope all will be well and they will quickly move on to a new foster home . . . and a happy forever home. They look like sweethearts.

  6. Sweet girls. We were sure there would be new dogs. Living in a household of 'cat chasers', it is difficult to change that behaviour. Glad they're settling in and can enjoy the outdoors with grass under their feet.

  7. As usual Kim, you have come to the rescue - we all knew there would soon be new recruits to replace the Barkalot Boys, but what a shame that these two girls chase the poor cats. I wonder if they are too old to teach a new trick - that cats are not for chasing?
    Hopper definitely has something other than Lab in her genes - look at those pointy ears! However, one thing is certain, they will enjoy their stay with you.

  8. I wondered if these two might end up with you! It's sweet of you to keep them until they can find a better place for them. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  9. What lucky dogs Hopper and Bean are to have you! Hopefully they will find a good forever home.

  10. Hope the girls find a place soon. So nice of you to keep them meanwhile in spite of the job of protecting the cats. You are indeed a jewel.

  11. Hopper and Bean the two happiest dogs in the world. Safe, cared for and loved. An island of the way things are supposed to be.

  12. You are a savior to those two - they both clearly need a home to stay in, and I'm so glad that you'll take care of them until another foster home can be found. Thank you, Kim.

  13. Thank you for going through the emotional tug of war it takes to foster all of the sweet labs you take in. I know there are rewards but also a lot of sacrifice and hard work that goes into keeping these dogs. Thanks for all you do.

  14. They look like a couple sweeties, too bad they don't get along with the cats but we know you will take care of them until a new foster is found
    Mabel & Hilda


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