Sunday, February 23, 2020

A Mixed Bag of a Week

Last week was really a mix bag. On Tuesday, I had car-trouble. I don't know about you, but I put car problems right up there with computer issues. Thankfully, I wasn't far from my office, and I was able to make it there, and on time too! I've had my van for a couple of years and it has an "extended warranty" so it was towed to a dealership. A new ignition coil, and spark plug had it all fixed by Wednesday afternoon, at a minimum cost to me. I was really grateful for that and when I had nothing for lunch on Tuesday, a thoughtful patient by chance, brought us lunch that day.

Car problems behind us, we cruised onto my day off where Alf made a trip to the groomers for a mid winter haircut.
Hannah was also back at the vet to recheck her eye and ear infections. New/different medications for both will hopefully do the trick.
We are still waiting to hear about Dexter, who we were asked to foster about 2 weeks ago. He was unexpectedly snapped up by another volunteer for the rescue, so whether he will be coming to us is a guess right now.

With the weekend, we did slow down for the really nice weather on Saturday, and we spent a little bit of time outside.
It was nice to be out in the fresh air and sunshine to recharge a bit.

Finally, I want to share with you some sad news that I got this week. Paul, the owner of the Barkalot Brothers called me to let me know that Abe has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. He also sent the below e-mail to Lab Rescue which one coordinator shared with me.
It is with much sadness that I must tell you that I had to have Abe put down last Sunday. He was having a seizure and I called his vet who lives up the street ...  He came and took his temperature that was 108.5 and I told the vet to put Abe down as I could not stand to see him suffer any longer. Abe passing is really hard for me, he was my special needs buddy and even with his blindness and diabetes he was all dog and heart. You would never know about his disability. In all the years giving Abe insulin he never gave me any trouble. I miss him very much and I am heartbroken. I think George misses him also.
I thank you and all the wonderful people at Lab rescue for taking care of my boys when I couldn't. I am forever thankful to you gals and forever heartbroken over Abe. Sorry to have to tell you this horrible news.
I was grateful that Paul called me to share the news. We talked for nearly an hour, and I think it gave him the chance to talk about Abe's loss, and for me it gave me the chance to let him know that I share the loss of Abe with him. I am so grateful that Abe and George were returned to him, and that Abe left this life with the person who loved him first. 
~Paul, Abe and George in January~
God speed to Abe and prayers of peace and comfort to Paul and George too.


  1. Car trouble is never any fun. We're so sorry to hear about Abe but it's good to know he was with his owner at the time.

  2. It was the right decision to return Abe. He did not die alone but was there with his brother and the owner he had missed. I'm sure the Paul's grief was lessened after talking with you. You are one fine person.

  3. Stories like this would make me cry if I weren't a bird.

  4. Car troubles have caused me many anxiety over the years. I had one incident where my breaks went on a busy highway. That fear will always stay with me.

    What a beautiful letter Paul sent you. His love for his dogs and his appreciation for what you did for his family was truly moving.

  5. To Paul, you gave Abe the most love of all for his last days with you. The loss of a dog or cat is overwhelming, and be sure that Abe knew your love and care with his heart. Your words show how much you care, and let that love and all the memories of your last times together strengthen your soul and heart. Kim, when words like this come in your blog, we all share the loss and the love that was with each of us. I am so thankful Paul contacted you, please if you can pass on my words, a huge loss for both Paul and George.

  6. It's nice to know that the decision to return the Barkalot Bros was the right thing. Also, that Paul let you know....

  7. What a beautiful girl Hannah is.
    So sorry to hear about Abe, but it was good that he spent time with you, and then he and George were able to return to Paul. He's obviously taken the care of his two boys very seriously, and done his very best for them.
    Glad to hear that you spent a good weekend, and enjoyed some pleasant weather. Seems that Todd and his tennis ball did too!

  8. Car breaking down in the midst of our daily happenings reminds us that we are “dependent” . . . It throws a curve and we are immediately put in the “adjust the sails” position. Happy you are up and “running” again!

    Sad for Paul, for you Kim. Happy Abe and Paul had a few weeks together.
    Very nice you and Paul had a chance to visit.

    Let’s hope your week is calm. (No tricks from Todd!)

  9. Hello, the car breaking down is bad, we recently had to buy a new battery for our car. RIP Abe, it is sad news for Paul and George. Everyone else looks like they are doing well, we had a nice warm weekend. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  10. I have tears about Abe. When I look at him in your photos, I see the good-hearted Labs who we've had. You saved him so that he could go back to Paul. I am glad that they got this time together before Abe passed. I am sending love to you, Paul, and George. This may be the very hardest for George but at least he has Paul to comfort him.

  11. I'm tearing up too. But so glad Abe could go back to Paul, even for a short while. This must be so hard for Paul and George, but for you too. I'm so sorry for this loss.

  12. Nancy J said it all for me too.
    I hope Paul reads this and knows how much we all were feeling love for Abe. and George. and yes... Paul too. for having to be separated and finally united again with his best buddies.
    it is a lesson in love. xoxo

  13. Wow! It has been a very eventful time for you! So sorry to hear about Abe. It was very nice that Paul let you know about it. Oh, and doesn't it always seem that your car acts up at the worst possible times? Glad you're getting some nice weather. It's warmed up here a bit too. Now it's mud season!

  14. Ooh bugger, I hate car troubles, and is one of the main reasons I drive a FORD because the dealership is within half a mile of my home :)
    So sorry to read about Abe, it's always so heartbreaking to lose a pet, he was a beautiful boy.

  15. I'm tearing up too. But so glad Abe could go back to Paul, even for a short while.I hate car troubles!!!

  16. That is so sad about Abe, I'm so sorry! I can imagine it meant so much to Paul all the help he got, and that he could be with Abe at the end.

    Alf looks so handsome, and doesn't someone look very happy to be outside with his ball!

  17. I'm very sad to see that sweet Abe is gone, but glad that he was with Paul again for even a brief time. So good that you and Paul could talk and share your feelings of loss.


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