Thursday, March 18, 2010

Therapeutic Thursday

I've had such a nice day off at home! I've not done a single thing but knock around the house and enjoy the warmth and the sun! We had temperatures that were in the low 70's, (20 degrees Celsius) and the dogs and I took full advantage of it! I wanted the day to just be a relaxing quiet day and that's exactly what it was.

The dogs and I went for a morning walk.
For some reason, Charlie sitting under our "Golden Road" sign gave me a little grin.

While it was still chilly I decided that this would be the day that I would get the rocks from the fallen stone wall that I've been eyeing since we moved here. I'm afraid to do it in the summer because of what may be hiding under or around them. My Mom loved rocks and as a result, I love them too--There are lots of these white rocks around, and I think they will be great rocks for my garden, they have such color and character.

After a nap, the dogs and I went out again. You can see it was blue sky and sunshine this afternoon too. It was such a peaceful feeling as I looked back at our house and watched the dogs.There are signs of spring everywhere!! Most of my flowers are coming up and our old Maple tree is budding too. I got so engrossed in taking pictures, I wasn't keeping track of where the dogs were. On the upper left corner of this picture can you can see Hamlet playing the role of "renegade" and wandering down the driveway...YIKES!! Once back inside we sat on the porch, relaxed, soaked up more sun and watched the birds come to the feeders.
I didn't even pay (much) attention to what I think (???) is a wolf spider that has been hanging out on our porch the last few days. I actually find it to be a pretty spider, and as long as it doesn't come inside or move in my direction, it can stay.

I hope you've had a good Thursday too!!


  1. Always like the photo's especially the bird on the feeder

  2. Hi Kim,
    I am so glad that you had a relaxing Thursday. Isn't it wonderful to sit outside and enjoy the sun once again. We have been having beautiful weather here too. I took the little girl I babysit on a spring picnic to the local park on Tuesday. Mabel tagged along so that she could practice walking on the leash. She loved being outside-- as for the leash--not so much. :)
    You continue to be in my thoughts


  3. I'm glad you had a good day...You deserve and need it!
    Life does go on, whether we like it or not!
    Take your time to heal,

  4. Hi Kim. Glad you had a good Thursday, going for a walk with the dogs. Great pictures and super nice weather there!
    Take care, I´m thinking of you.

  5. As I've pawed to some furiends, pawesome doesn't khome khlose to deskhribing our weather this week!

    Merdie and I took advantage and had two GReat walks!

    Thanks fur sharing your Therapeutikh Thursday with us!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  6. Hey Ms. Kim,
    Thanks for sending the info we requested. It was a beautiful day and we were out in the paddock, the Newfs in the pen and radar up on the deck. Only Sophie ( The Princess) and Jubal stayed in today. Sophie likes being in and dad didn't want her in all by herself. Mom had school over at Blue Ridge Community College and dad had to go to work at Pax River.I t looks like your pack was having a good outside day too. Hope that you're feeling better now that a little time has passed. We know it's hard, but never question or have second thoughts about a loving decision.
    - TBH&K

  7. Hi Kim
    I see spring at your home.
    It looked like a nice day to relax and reflect and let the sun rays touch you.
    I love looking at your beautiful pups.
    That was a mighty big white rock.
    My mom calls those treasures.
    We are with you in thought

  8. Is Charlie the comedian? Momma always says you need one comedian in the pack, in our pack its Woodsy aka Tiger - My role is Mr. Pawsative. As Mr. Pawsative i thank you for the strength of heart for lovin' the gold that is often over looked but the most valuable of all.

  9. Sounds like a great day - especially the temperature! We got up to 65 yesterday but I'm afraid it's short lived as snow is moving in tonight.

    Great pictures! Growing up in Pennsylvania, we had similar rocks around our gardens. I used to know the name of them. If I think of it I'll be sure to pass it on.


  10. I'm also pleased you had a good day and also believe you deserve it! Isn't it nice to give ourselves a break and just to simply take in our wonderful world.
    Enjoy your's Friday here!

  11. Hello Kim
    What a fabulous way to spend the day - you and the ones you love enjoying the fresh air and sunshine doing things together that you enjoy. Couldn't be happier for you all:))
    Do the dogs all come when called or do you have to shout and whistle for them to pay attention?
    Take care

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  13. Just reading this post and looking at your wonderful photos makes me feel so relaxes and like I was right there with you.

  14. Kim, that sounds like my kinda day. I love spiders. There's just something about them. In the fall, after that vege garden is in it's dead and dying state I often see long threads of spider webs flowing in the mroning breeze from dead corn and okra stalks. The coolest! This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous! I can't wait! Some of our little chicks are hatching, and I've already picked a fav. He's (She's) got a black stripe down her (his) yellow back. Oh, spring is just wonderful, ain't it?! Have a great weekend!

  15. Looks so tranquil and restful in your place! What a perfect environment for those lovely dogs of yours.Glad you had a quiet day,and nice weather.We're still waiting for Spring to arrive!

    Bellaboo :o)

  16. Oh yeah, and I'm sorry but the spider would have to go...really x

  17. 70 lucky girl, and to think you were snowed in only a few weeks ago!. I would love to be sitting on your porch, soaking up the sun with your pooches!. Sue x

  18. That last shot is perfect, laying in the sun sleeping.........

    Gill in Canada

  19. Wonderful spring day for a walk - and what a gorgeous spot you reside at/in? So beautiful! The dogs look incredibly peaceful on the porch - and the rock looks like a giant piece of quartz - lovely! And the birds, spider - everything's coming up spring!
    Hugs xo

  20. What a lovely day! I would have like to sit on the porch with the dogs and take the sun! I'm so glad you had such a relaxing day. Great photos!

  21. What lovely photos. I love that we are starting to feel the spring sun now. It's been such a long, long winter.

    You have a great place, lots of space ... :0)

    Shirl x

  22. Kim, I was so sorry to hear about your loss, and I do sympathise, my own dog is now middle aged, and I can't imagine what it would be like to lose her. I'm glad that you're able to enjoy the outdoors, and the season though. Best wishes, Kathy


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