Monday, August 30, 2010

A Prize to Start My Week!

At the end of a long, busy day at work it was a real treat to open my mailbox this evening and find a package from blogging-friend Sharon of Life with Jack and Jill Sharon ran a contest last week where we were asked to come up with a caption of a picture of her pup Jill. The followers of her blog voted for their favorite caption, and I won!
Sharon always keeps things interesting on her blog and added a twist to this contest by not telling those of us who entered what we would win, so I was excited to see what my surprise package would be!

I have to admit that I thought it would be something "dog-related." It wasn't--Sharon you really did surprise me!! When I opened the package I found these really lovely coffee spoons! Sharon told me that they are "Frank M. Whiting, George III pattern that was patented in 1891."
They really have very pretty detail on them!
Coffee spoons bring back memories for me. My Mom used to have them and my siblings and I used to use them for everything from cereal to hot chocolate. I think it was partly because they sit so comfortably in your hand. Eventually the ones my Mom had became lost, so I really am excited that I now have my own to use!

I don't know about all of you, but I really love trivia! My head is filled with it, and I'm going to finish this post by asking you if you know why coffee spoons are used? It's because usually tea is served hotter than coffee, but it is not drunk in its hot stage. In order to be able to start drinking tea shortly after it has been served, a wider cup is used, than those cups used for coffee. To help reduce the waiting time, a spoon is used to cool the drink and the larger the spoon, the quicker the tea will be drinkable. Coffee is typically drank differently so it requires a different role for a spoon. A spoon is (supposed to be) only used to stir the milk and the sugar, without a need for cooling. So the coffee spoon is smaller, so it will have less effect on the temperature of the drink. And if you are NOT like me and follow the rules of etiquette, always make sure to serve a coffee with a coffee spoon. ~And I'll bet you thought I only knew about dogs!!~

I hope you'll take a moment and stop by Sharon's blog! Sharon has a really fun sense of humor, and I've so enjoyed her posts from the chapters of her life, and getting to know her!!
Thank-you so much Sharon for the nice prize!!
It's a great way to end a Monday and to start my week!


  1. You are so very welcome, Kim! I really did have fun with that, I love the element of surprise, glad they made the trip okay! You sure do take good pictures!

    Yes, today seemed to be longer than usual for a Monday, even. All my phone did was ring, and it hardly ever does, since the boy moved out!

    Get some rest!

  2. Those are beautiful spoons! And, I didn't know the story behind them.

  3. Wow Kim,
    First of all, congratulations on winning such a wonderful prize. Second of all, I honestly had no idea there even WAS such a thing as a "coffee" spoon. All my life, I have hated coffee and loved tea. So I am a true coffee ignoramus. And I have served those who love coffee teaspoons with which to stir their coffee.... I hang my head in shame knowing I have offended the coffee drinkers in my life! I guess I need to find some coffee spoons so I can serve them properly! Congrats again, and thanks for teaching me something new!

  4. That SOOOO has to be a GReat omen for your week!


  5. You are a mine of information!!! In the UK we drink tea just as hot as coffee though???!

  6. congratulations ! what beautiful spoons. I've never heard of coffee spoons !

  7. And I have to add - I think another function of the coffee spoon is to keep your china cup from cracking. The spoon is placed in the cup before the coffee is poured - then the coffee is poured onto the bowl of the spoon, cooling it slightly before it hits the bottom of the cup, therefore keeping the china cup from cracking. What a great prize!! And they are gorgeous!

    Have a fun day.


  8. Those spoons are really pretty! I loved your piece of trivia...I remember times when coffee was drunk only in very little coffee cups with little spoons. Nowadays I have a collection of non-matching everything and I personally prefer the biggest coffee cup I can find! :)
    Sending lotsaluv

  9. Oh Kim what a lovely gift to get! I did go over to visit Sharon's blog and I became a follower, it looks like a fun blog (and the fur babies are so sweet). Thanks for the head's up....
    Tina xo

  10. Congratulations on your win Kim,very well deserved!
    My mother has some coffee spoons which have been in the family for years..they are silver and have a 'coffee bean'at the handle end.I think the spoons had to be smaller than a teaspoon as coffee would have been drunk out of small cups..unlike today where we tend use mugs.Enjoy using your beautiful spoons! :o)

  11. That Sharon!!!!
    What a nice, nice surprise!

  12. Trivia? How often are coffee spoons mentioned in songs? Only know of one....

    In my room
    The algebra of loving you
    Is measured out in coffee spoons
    There’s something in the air between us

    Sophie Milman - wonderful version of this song

    Have a great week....KT and Lady

  13. What a lovely prize, congrats on winning it! My grandmother had spoons like those ones and the forks and knives to go with them...but I don't know if she still does? They were my favorites when I was growing up too, I've always really liked pretty, antique style things!

  14. Those spoons are beautiful ~ lucky you!
    xo Catherine

  15. What a wonderful prize. I agree that Sharon is just great and it's such a joy to read her blog. As I'm going through my cups and spoons for my Tuesday's Treasure blogs, I have been wondering why some cups are wider, but not larger than others. I guess they drank tea from smaller cups too back then? Thanks for clarifying this. I grew up in Sweden where we always use the small spoons for coffe. And lived in London, where tea was the thing. And I didn't have a clue. Long comment, sorry!--Inger


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