Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Crime Wave at Golden Pines!!

In late August I told you about how "Highway Robbery" was taking place in my county. Well, as the sun rose this morning it was evident that this crime has been replaced with another. This criminal has struck twice in the last couple of nights in the western part of Loudoun County Virginia and is leaving devastation to those who are unfortunate enough to be in his path. Nothing is immune to this criminals cold and merciless brutality. Although he is difficult to see as he commits his crime, if you are brave, you can listen carefully in the cold of night and hear the echo of his contemptuous laugh at the feeble attempts of protection. While some of these attempts to slow his rampage and killing spree will be successful, unfortunately he cannot be stopped. If you were prepared and managed to escape him one night, I promise you he will be back on a night that you are careless and your defenses are down.

You may indeed know this criminal whose first name is Jack. Below is a sketch artist's rendition of him followed by pictures of the crimes he committed right here on my road!  But be warned Jack can and does have many faces--He also has many weaknesses but his partner in crime and mentor known as Hard Freeze will be coming and is much more brutal--Then comes the 'Godfather," Old Man Winter! 
Here are some pictures of the devastation found in Jack's wake this morning...The poor and innocent honeysuckle.  
Even this 'unknown' was not spared.
Jack showed no mercy to the already dead leaves...
There was no place for the Teasel to hide. 
Jack's spree didn't end with the defenseless plants.  
His wrath was felt in the fields both high... 
and low.  There was nothing that could be done to stop him. 
Jack struck every where.   
All I can do is warn you and wish you 'good luck' in keeping Jack Frost at bay for as long as possible--I hope you are more successful than we were!


  1. He's been here too -

    Our timing was pawesome in taking some last of the season pics at The Club entrance for he struck THAT night!

    Of course, we don't mind the temperatures - being Sibe in nature!

  2. ...And yet I dream of frost and freezes and would be happy wif temperatures lower than 50 degrees!

    We love the cold weather, but maybe it's on a counta we don't ever get enough to fill our yen!

    wif love from the Luke... in Houston

  3. Jack has been to many places here in Tennessee as well, there is no stopping that culprit!

  4. You scared me! You stinker you!!
    I was thinking ohhhh noooooo,,,,
    not bad stuff happening near my friends near Golden Pines,,, then you leaked it!! Jack Frost!!!
    This was good Kim,,,, you caught us off guard!
    Jack Frost has only been here a couple times so far in the last month,,, now some strange, strange warmness is upon us that has never happened before. Today was 71, but tonight- who knows,,,, 32?
    Watch out for that scary face!

  5. We have a frost warning for tomorrow night here in NE Oklahoma. I knew it was bound to happen sometime this month.

  6. So far, though Jack be nibble, and Jack be quick, he hasn't yet put out the warmth of my candlestick! (But I just went and brought the plants in to winter over inside... cuz i KNOW he is going to be successful VERY soon!)

  7. Very pretty pictures of the white frosty stuff. We had one frost here in Denver, enough to kill the flowers.

    Say hi to Mr. Winter when he comes by to see you.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  8. Now I am glad we live in AZ!


  9. He's committed his ravage upon the Heavenly Blue Morning Glories this past weekend ;(
    One minute we were in the 70 degree range and now Friday they are predicting snow flurries !
    I so miss my morning fix of those heavenly vines...
    Cute post !

  10. Beautiful photos, Kim! You make Jack look good!!
    - Anne

  11. We don't get a "real" Jack here, but just when we completely let down our guard, he comes and kills a bush or two to remind us he's here.

    Bundle up the pups! And you too!

  12. He has been here in Indiana too.

  13. Ooooh, scary!! We've been spared this particular crime wave so far, although the temperature has been dropping near freezing at night. So I'm sure it won't be long!

  14. Hello Kim
    He's a bit of a crafty one is that Jack
    Thankfully we don't see much of him here at my house lol
    Take care

  15. It's unseasonably warm here right now 17deg F today.I do love the frost though,but not the icy roads and pavements...although tis year I'm be ready as I have my 'get-a-grips'! :0)

  16. Whew, I got a fright at first!...but all I can say is...
    Come and visit us on this side of the world - Jack has left us long ago!

  17. We know the feeling in PA too - we already miss the hot weather we had this past summer. Not looking forward to winter and worse (snow...)

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  18. Oh My...How scary Jack looks! I have no doubt that he is heading our way and I have heard some rumors that he may 'hit' this area tonight or tomorrow.
    But his handiwork does make for some really pretty photos.....

  19. We have a little while yet before he visits us! His crime scene sure is beautiful!

  20. You have quite the way with words, Kim. Very well done.

    We have not had frost nor freeze here in eastern Nebraska yet, but I believe we will be visited by Jack tonight.

    Perhaps I'll be able to snap some pictures as well afterwards.

  21. LOL, Kim! Very good. You had me going for a minute there.

  22. I'm so sorry that Jack has moved onto your area. He usually visits us in early September but spared us until mid-October this year. So, it was a year of garden veggies until MUCH later than usual.

    I hope that you saved your garden!

  23. Hi Kim, That ole criminal is coming to see us this weekend. He has not visited us yet this Fall--so I guess it is time. BUT---I hate ole JACK!!!!! Our Roses have been so gorgeous so far this Fall... AND--we have 2-3 Reblooming Irises that I hate to lose yet... I may cover the Irises (?????) ---but George will bring in all of the rose buds and then --after the freeze, he will start cutting back the Roses and putting them to bed for the winter...


  24. When Jack and Old man Winter settle into the NW, its time to seek refuge in the desert. Probably not until January this season. Lady actually likes the cold weather. Who am I to deny her anything (up to a point).

  25. Kim! Such a good post! We've only met Jack's distant cousin up here in Nova Scotia as of yet. But we know HIS entire family will be here very soon! Not much we can do....but pray for mercy!!

  26. lol Brilliant post! It's been too late for us to get away from Jack Frost for a few weeks in Montreal now though, we even got a a decent amount of snow last weekend!

  27. He has no mercy! My Mom has been complaining about scraping windshield in the morning. Darn that Jack...

  28. Loved the photographs. The warning about Jack is too late for us. Dang, he is a fast mover.

  29. I'm afraid to tell you that his path is widespread. He visited us too. And I heard a rumor he might bring some snow to our mountains tonight! The horror!!


  30. Oh not Jack Frost. We're ok for now....but who knows... Youza!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  31. There is still a beauty with ol' Jack.

  32. Jack came to do his dirty deed while we were away! No stopping him, I suppose.

    As much as I dislike cold weather, you have to admit that frost covered fields are beautiful!

    Have a great weekend..

  33. On our first camping trip that ended the first week in August, he hit the higher Sierra elevations! Frightening... (GREAT post, Kim - bet the dogs were frisky in all this frost!)
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  34. I love this post...
    We have a warning for Jack's arrival here tonight...I've brought in all the plants I will be a sad sight in the morning.
    Happy Weekend!

  35. He's been here too. And today he brought company - it's been sleeting!!

  36. He's been here too. And today he brought company - it's been sleeting!!

  37. Kim,
    Jack frost has visited but really hasn't lingered more than in the early mornings. We our having a huge rain storm right now accompanied by high winds but the temp are plus 17. Very strange for us.
    There is a old saying about frost on the pumpkins ....
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  38. Hi Kim and the pups,
    I read in the moment and tried to leave a comment but blogger would not let me!! So I said I would try down to the next bolg and here I am!! Dogs live in the moment real good!! I love that about them!!
    We haven't had Jack Frost yet. They say he might come Sunday morning. We surely hope not!!
    You don't have to do anything for your Best Doggy mom's award. I just wanted you to know that I think you are a best Doggy Mom too!!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  39. we haven't had it yet, but I know it's coming!


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