Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Yet Over the Hurdles

I wasn't going to post anything today because I'm starting to feel like a broken record, and I know that some of you are no doubt tired of hearing about Hamlet.  I really do apologize for that.  But he's consuming my life right now, and I so hope you understand.  

I am really encouraged by how Hamlet is doing overall.  He has a great appetite, he's up and around some, and I think that he's generally feeling pretty good.  There are even a few tail-wags.  The area where the surgery is of course very tender and bruised.  

The only thing is, is that the drain that was put in came out this morning.  I took him to the vet to have them take a look.  My vets feels that it needs to be put back in because he has some fluid around his elbow.  This means another surgery to which I reluctantly agreed.  My vet doesn't work on Tuesday so another vet that I don't particularly like will be doing the procedure--How I feel about 'Dr. Taylor' has nothing to do with his capability, we just don't click.  That aside, my biggest hope is that the swelling will have gone down by morning and he won't need to have the drain put back in.  And if he has to have surgery again, it'll be quick and easy and Hamlet won't have any more hurdles to get over.  

I hope you'll keep those prayers, positive thoughts, good karma, and anything else that you can think of coming for Hamlet.


  1. Please don't not post because of things like that -

    We all know it helps just to vent/etc -

    Khyra just asked to go outside for some tree time (yes, it is dark but) and has said she'll keep sending Sibe Vibes for Hamlet and his pack!

  2. I'll send positive vibes his way, we don't want him to undergo any more procedures than the poor chap has to.
    Did they say anything about flushing the drain hole with peroxide to keep it open and draining ?
    Maybe check with them first.
    He's looking so good and an appetite, Go Hamlet !

  3. I'm praying the swelling goes down. Can't he needle aspirate the fluid? I think the doc should wait a few days - Hamlet's been thru enough. Maybe you could ask him what waiting a day or two would do?

    Hugs to you and Hamlet (and the rest of the clan!)

  4. Hamlet can do this Kim! He has gotten through the worst of it and this will be a piece of cake. Now it's your turn to rest a little and be strong for him tomorrow. Yes, you can count on all the good positive vibes from here on the east coast of much as we can muster! Have a good night and keep us posted.
    Jim, Ron and Sophie

  5. You got everything we got coming your way Hamlet!! Paws crossed!!
    Special prays!!! Good vibes!! the works coming for Hamlet!!!!
    xxooxxooxxoo, Bambi & Fern

  6. Sorry he has to go thru another operation, but this one should be quick and fairly simple.

    The fact that he has his appetite back already seems to be a very good sign.

    I know how you feel about the vet. We used to have one that I didn't get along with, but she was an excellent vet. She and I just had a personality clash. The one we have now is great. Good luck to Hamlet tomorrow.

  7. I know it's hard on you, Kim ~ but it won't be a real big deal for Hamlet. You sure had me scared though! ;-) I doubt they'll even have to anesthetize him for replacing the drain. I can't imagine Hamlet will be too thrilled about returning to the Vet's though.

    I'm glad to hear that he's still eating well and moving around on his own some. That's so great this soon after his surgery.

    I think you deserve a night out with your hubby or a close friend. At least long enough for an adult beverage or a glass of wine!

  8. If I lived right down that country road from you and Hamlet, I'd come by every day to check on the little guy (with Lady in tow of course). Virtually, we are all your neighbors, so no need to apologize, glad to know about Hamlet's progress. The biggest MD a-hole I ever met was also the best (needless to say we didn't click). So, I know what you mean!

  9. I can only imagine how much you hate to put Hamlet thru another surgery. I'm so sorry. I just feel for both of you...


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