Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Zoning and a Saturday Snippet

I'm so glad that the weekend has finally arrived! The week started out with a neighboring dental office enjoying a catered lunch that was meant for the office I work in--I'll end the story there and just say they felt it shouldn't be an issue, since "we" didn't pay for it...And the week ended with a visit to the Loudoun County Office of Land and Development to find out the zoning for Fred's property. (See the post, Paradise Lost) This then sent me traipsing the halls of the county court house (pictured) to see the plat information.  The good news is, is that the zoning (AR-1) only allows 1 house to be built on each lot.  So, the most we would see would be a total of 3 houses built.  The property in back of us that we are interested in, according to the plat information is accessed via, our driveway.  This is what we thought.  But if we're able to purchase 2-3 acres, it would include the access that would be changed.  We did hear from Fred's realtor yesterday and he wanted to know how much we were willing to pay for 2 or 3 acres, if Fred would do it. Our realtor told him we hadn't discussed that and did Fred just want to name a price?  She told them she didn't want to divide the 10 acre price because it was unlikely the 2 or 3 acres would be a buildable lot so it would have less value.  I guess this is why we have a realtor because the amount we were thinking was the price divided into the cost of the 10 acres and a little more...I wish I knew where all this was going to end up...

Today I do know where I'll end up.  The vets office.  Hamlet continues to be a concern.  The tumor as you know is very large, and became sore from Hamlet scratching it.  He continues to wear a tee-shirt, but is now sporting a shoe on his back left foot to keep from further aggravating it and a 'soft-lamp-shade' or e-collar to keep him from licking it--He looks like he's dressed for Halloween...I'm sure you understand why I'd rather not post a picture of him...But I'm going to ask about steroids today to see if that will help in reducing the size and providing some relief.  I know that there are side effects to taking this step, but something has to be done.

I'm also worried about Wendy.  I noticed on Tuesday she has somehow broken a lower tooth that looks like it may be becoming infected.  It was actually her that had an appointment this morning to see the vet.  But I had to change that because Hamlet needs to be seen a 'little' more than she does, and unfortunately they didn't have enough time to see both of them.  She doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort, but I feel just awful having to make her wait. 

Whatever your Saturday brings, I hope you're having an enjoyable day! I look forward to reading your blogs later this afternoon! 


  1. Good morning Kim. I am keeping my fingers crossed and shooting a prayer up in hopes that you're able to purchase the land. Give all the kids a hug for me!

  2. Kim, I went back and read your "Paradise Lost" post, because I must have missed it the other day.

    I'm like you in that I moved here because I don't want to be surrounded by other houses and people. I have become so accustomed to the peace and quiet and privacy.

    I wish you weren't having to deal with this, but somehow, things will work out.

    PS - I truly hope your two puppies find some relief from their health issues. :)

  3. Wendy won't be in any discomfort as per my vet, as Molly's tooth was like that. They have a higher pain tolerance than we humans do.

    She should be eating as normal as food is a dogs number one priority in life, it's part of their survival instinct.

    She'll need to have it taken out at some point, but as you say Hamlet is in more need for the vet's appointment.

    I don't know how you can afford all these vets visits, as Molly's tooth extraction was nearly $550....

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    Gill in Canada

  4. Sam has also broken a tooth that we are keeping an eye on. In the world of lumps and bumps though, they take precedence over anything else at this moment. We hope the vet can help Hamlet - we will keep our paws crossed.

    Also, let us know how it turns out with the acreage. We are rooting for you! :)


  5. Oh dear... sending Zona snuggles to you today cause it sounds like you might be a wee bit stressed!

    Fingers crossed that the property acquisition works out for you AND that Henry and Wendy get some relief soon!


  6. Good Morning, Kim,
    It really is too bad you can't claim them as dependents! Poor Hamlet, I hope you get somewhere with that today. Think your boss would take a look at Wendy's tooth? Just to see if it was infected? Any lumps in the gum near the root? Try not to wait too long and think of it as your tooth, how long could you tolerate an infection? How a bout some orajel , just a tiny bit.
    On the other subject, I sure hope things go your way. In 50 years, there could be streets running through there and 50 houses on those plots, times change, politics change, bribes change... just saying.


  7. Your photo of the county office is just beautiful! I hope that's a good omen that all of this will work out. Glad the realtor is looking out for you and hopefully can get those 2-3 acres priced lower than the rest of the parcel. At least, worst case scenario, would be 3 houses on the 30 acres. Not great, but not as horrible as it could have been with a full-blown subdivision.
    I hope your babies get some relief from their ailments! Poor Hamlet!

  8. I'd say that things are looking promising with the land. The zoning of the property sounds favorable to you and the fact that Fred's realtor contacted you must indicate that Fred is considering options. I just know it's going to work out for you!

    Sorry to hear about the triage situation with the dogs. It sounds like it's time to try steroids with Hamlet. Poor baby. I hope the vet can give him (and you!) some relief. I suspect that Miss Wendy doesn't mind giving up her vet appointment to Hamlet at ALL! ;-)

    Wishing you a relaxing weekend. At least after the vet visit...

  9. Here's hoping that Hamlet is able to receive something for his discomfort - and Wendy too. ♥
    Keep thinking positive about the land.

  10. Poor Hamlet!!! I hope they help him quickly and he feels better soon.
    This is how we ended up with our property-when we initially bought our home, it was surrounded by acres of undeveloped land. We quietly hoped nobody would build there. Then two years later the owner came by with a developer and started drawing plans to build homes literally in our back yard. He named a price, we didn't like it, he went away. Another year of hoping he wouldn't sell it to anyone else, then the guy showed up on our door step, needing money. We made an offer, he countered, we accepted, me a farm chick now. The end.

  11. Paws crossed for Hamlet and Wendy. My vet told me 3 years ago when Devo was sick with cancer (paraphrase) "we can't say we've tried everything if we don't try steroids". I think we both knew it would not miraculously cure him, but it perked him up for two weeks of his borrowed time; enough to have a couple more good walks to the park for his beloved "chase the golf ball" game. That was huge. He was so happy.

  12. A worrying time for you, on so many counts. Sending you, Hamlet and Wendy big hugs.


  13. I hope the vet will be able to suggest something to help poor Hamlet and I hope they will be able to see Wendy soon.

    I'm glad you won't be overrun with neighbors and hope that there will be a positive outcome to your quest to buy those 2-3 acres!

  14. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for all of you - you deserve some good luck!

  15. hI Kim,
    Trying to catch up with your blog. Actually trying to catch up with just about everything...wink! Our little boy is taking up all the time at home. But we are not complaining...he is a sweetheart and honestly,is giving us the much needed exercise.
    Like u had said, he is learning very fast, trying to emulate Ginger & Buddy. I have even caught him staring intently at them at times and after sometime, actually repeating it!!
    it is amazing. He seems to want to do just everything they do!!

    Sorry about your babies. I pray and hope your vet will find a solution to make things easier for Hamlet. and I know what u mean about Wendy, but probably a day or two won't make much of a difference in her case. so don't feel guilty.
    you always do so much...

    Hope that deal works out for you.
    happy weekend :)

  16. Steroids added a couple of years to my biped's Golden Retriever, Summer. They are so grateful for those years. Tucker.

  17. We'll keep both of them in our thoughts Sunday night during The World Wide Moment!

    Our Saturday was spent getting 'stuff' to take on our roadtrip!

  18. Kim
    I would love to have a night in with you over a large glass of something!!!
    thank you for a lovely video
    bloody hell
    they are twins!!!!

  19. Hugs all around! Hoping Hamlet and Wendy will be ok :)
    Zoning issues can be a bear.
    Good thoughts and blessings!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  20. Oh my stars Kim ~ so many worries. I sure hope both pups get feeling better and that your land worries get figured out. As they say, when it rains, it pours. :(

    Take care Kim!
    xo Catherine

  21. I hope you get answers soon on the land and I hope Hamlet gets some relief with the steroids and Wendy's tooth is OK.They are luck pooches to have you as their mom!

  22. I hope that steroids can help sweet Hamlet. He is so lucky to have you as his human.

    I'm wondering if the parcel behind you already has the legal right to be accessed via your driveway? I don't live anywhere near you - but my neighbors managed to keep a lot from being built on by refusing to sell the right to use their driveway. So, the lot will remain vacant, and they don't even have to buy it to keep it that way!

    I hope that all of your pups are feeling good or better, and that Wendy can wait for her vet appt.

  23. You have so much going on.
    I know it must be hard to just keep your sanity.
    This all too much

  24. Hi Kim
    Fingers & paws crossed for both Hamlet & Wendy. They're both in great hands being in your household. God bless you for being so involved in senior rescue - it's so hard emotionally, but so rewarding.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  25. My foughts and prayers are wif all of you, wrapped around each and every one of your needs. I hope you feel our love.

    WIF LOTS OF IT from the Luke


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