Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Cold

~The cold~
Howling winds and temperatures below freezing have returned to Northern Virginia. I've been trying to think of a few good things about the cold weather. All I could come up with is the wonder of  rich hot chocolate and the dogs not tracking mud in the house. We did notice yesterday while running errands the humorous array of interesting hats that have come out.  We even saw a teenager in shorts and flip-flops.  I'm sure if I had asked her if her feet were cold she would have told me she wasn't--Teenagers for some reason, never are!   

We did get just a light dusting of snow on Saturday morning.  The weathermen are promising us more by Tuesday.  I've found that living in Virginia, everyone gets excited and a little panicked about even the smallest amounts of snow.  So we'll just have to wait and see if they get it right this time.  I'm optimistic.  But even with just a little bit of snow, Charlie, looking a bit like a snowman, didn't want to come inside. When I called him, he just sat and looked at me and seemed to be reminding me that with his thick coat grown out, he's perfectly outfitted for the cold weather. 

~Charlie, the Good~

But we still have a couple of the dogs that would rather be inside where it's warm.  I sometimes wonder why I bother making up the bed at all--maybe this is the reason I've been looking for to not do it.  
~Josh, the Bad, okay not really~

~Hamlet & Toby~
I hope you're staying warm and having an enjoyable weekend! 


  1. I'll admit I do venture out for some quick trips to the mailbox or to send a friend off if they've stopped by in my bare feet ;-)

  2. Mom is a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold, and would be joinging Josh in the bed to stay warm. Very cute pictures.


  3. COLD!!! Is only 19F this morning and there's a wind chill, the dark snow clouds are gathering and I just know we are in for it tonight, if not sooner!

    Charlie was eating snow, how cute, he had to check it out! I don't blame Josh for hanging out in bed, I would be doing the same, if I could!

    Hamlet looks good, how is the wound site, all healed up nicely? Toby is looking good - what are they looking at so intently?

    Have a super day! (crawl back in bed with Josh)

  4. Same here, Kim. Light dusting yesterday morning, but, cold and windy.

    This is Sheltie weather! They seem to adore the cold, biting winds of winter and want to be outside whereas in summer, they want to be indoors in the air conditioning.

    Just finished a round of ball playing until my toes got numb. I had to bribe them in with cookies!

    Enjoy your Sunday and stay warm!

  5. SO cute! I had to practically push several of my doggies out into the rain this morning so they could do their business. Whimps... :)

  6. Love all the photos, but Josh with his 'come to bed' eyes is the best!

    Keep warm.


  7. Charlie really does look like he's enjoying himself. If you get that big snow, make sure you get some pictures of him out in it. I bet he'll think he's in heaven.

  8. Don't forget snuggling! ;-)

    Stay warm. They can't decide what's going to happen here. Guess we'll just wait and see. :-)

  9. It's turned cooler here too again. By cool, I mean -5 Celsius with a wind chill factor of -12. Cold for most Canadians is a high of -10 Celsius or lower, frigid is when it doesn't go above -20 ;o) Anyhow, we've been getting a bit of snow every day for two or three days, but we're still waiting for our next snowstorm to cover up all the dirty snow from when so much if it melted and turned into a slushy mess last weekend!

  10. Sunday greetings Kim, So we have snow again and it is a perfect day to stay warm inside except that we need to shovel our driveway and sidewalk. Reggie doesn't mind the snow too much but then he'll come in and sleep the afternoon away. Finally my cold is getting better and life will soon return to normal.
    Hugs to you.

  11. Hi Kim. We just got back from Annapolis last evening... and there sure was a dusting in the morning. I'm glad that's all it was because we had to travel back toward home. I used to have an uncle who lived in N. Virginia that we visited pretty often... nice area!

    Charlie is so cute!! No wonder he enjoys the cold, that's one warm coat!

    I'm so glad you mentioned the hot chocolate. I need to go have some... like right now.

    Hamlet does look good. I just love that face...

  12. Aah,I do love coming over to your blog and seeing the gorgeous faces of your goldens! All the snow we had before Xmas has gone now,but this time last year we had a load,so I'm not putting my 'get-a-grips away just yet! :0)

  13. Charlie the Good is adorable. Of course, the others are too. A little dusting should not be too bad. In Virginia snow doesn't usually last all that long does it?

  14. Charlie looks totally at home in the snow and cold! Love the dogs in the bed photo too! The yin and yang of dog and people "needs" in cold - love the image of the teen in shorts and sandals LOL!
    Sammie, Avalon and Mom

  15. Kim,
    Josh is the smart one. Why go outside when you can sleep in a warm bed full of blankets.
    The pictures are so cute, thanks for sharing and brighten up my day.

  16. The only thing I can add to "good things about cold weather" is that, when our holly berries freeze, they're likely to ferment in a thaw, and then the birds have big loud raucous drunken parties in the back yard. Fun to watch & hear!

  17. Is Charlie a doodle, Kim? Looks like one.
    They all look so cozy!

  18. Charlie reminds me of our Chow-mix, Rex. He loves the cold and snow and will sleep on snow hills, dead to the world, when everyone else if freezing.

    Hamlet is looking so good, Kim. ((Hugs))

  19. We are getting winter weather here too. Snow 20 miles north, but nothing so far here in Shoreline (just cold). Lady likes to lay on her porch surveying her Queendom, checking to make sure no kitties or tree rats invade her little piece of the earth. So far so good.

    Josh has got the right idea! Hamlet and Toby look like they are staring down hot dogs or something. Charlie is beautiful. Like Lady, he is well equipped for the winter.

  20. my sweet winter friends
    how you enjoy mother nature!
    of Charlie's
    fluffy white wintery snow
    or Josh a napping
    in his warm cuddly bed,
    or treats in the cubboard
    for Hamlet and Toby
    or pats on the head
    for all
    you make me smile
    you comfort me
    to know your so loved
    by each and another....

    I am feeling your winter,,,
    can i come over
    and sit for awile and watch mother nature?
    i would like some hot cocoa please

  21. Kim, whenever I see a picture of Hamlet my heart warms...

    Yeah, the people react here like we're going to have a Blizzard and since we are to have snow on Mon. and Tues. everyone is out getting preparations completed. I'm sure my kids will be would up on Monday for sure!

  22. I think I hit the wrong button so I'm going to post again so if it sounds redundant, well, it is!

    Hamlet warms my heart everytime I see his picture. I just pray for good health for him.

    Also, NC also reacts to the chance of snow with such apprehension and alarm. I'm sure the entire town is out getting preparations done while we speak since snow is forecasted for Monday and Tuesday. I wonder if my kids will focus at school tomorrow?

  23. They get excited around here at the hint of snow too. You babies look like they are enjoying it and I would definiteyl take any excuse I could find not to make the bed so go with it :) Hope you stay warm and have a sunggly evening.

  24. It is snowing now as I write this in Oklahoma. Steets are clear however. More snow tomorrow. Our little mandog is not venturing out to even do his business. Layed down doggie pads for him just in case.

  25. Kim, you asked me about the niger seed. I shake all of my feeders every day. I think it especially helps the niger seed feeder because what I noticed last year was that the seed got wet from the snow, packed down and the birds couldn't get it out of the feeder.

    If it's been that way for a while, you may have to dump all of the old seed and start over with fresh.

  26. dogs and duvets
    go together like toma nd Jerry!

  27. I always talk about how much I love the cold, but maybe that's because I've never actually lived in the cold. I visit Minnesota for maybe 2 weeks at a time when its freezing or visit Colorado in the snow, and I love it, but I've never lived in it, so I guess I can't say I love it until I'm stuck in it. I know Simba loves it when I've taken him to the snow or mountains during winter.

    Love the pictures of the dogs. They are so cute!!


  28. we are forecast for snow on Tuesday, so you must be sending it up to us........why thank you very much!!!

    Gill in Canada

  29. My! What cute photos!
    Stay warm.

  30. I find it absolutely amazing that your weather is as cold as ours! Holy smokes. Does it always get that cold?

    Of course, you DO have a longer spring and summer...sigh. You are very fortunate in that respect.

  31. Those pictures of the dogs only further proves that snow is the best form of entertainment for them! If only we had the warm and fuzzy coats that they have so that we could withstand the cold weather we'd be all set!

  32. Our weathermen were actually very low key about this first winter storm of the season, but it didn't make a bit of difference. Us Oklahomans are skittish about snow, so we were all out in droves at Wal-Mart stocking up. Me included, but I had to go anyway. Let's hope neither one of us gets any bad stuff.

    Stay safe and warm, Kim!

  33. Hi Kim,

    Yes, we had the dusting on Saturday morning too, and they are predicting more tonight/tomorrow. I hope we get just a dusting this time. I was not a big fan of the 15 inches we got on Christmas and Boxing day!

    Stay warm!

  34. Great photos! I'd probably be sitting right next to Charlie. Love that snow...and seem to have an undercoat that keeps me warm.

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  35. It is always so good to see photos of the crew and Hamlet looks wonderful!
    I am glad you guys are staying warm and snug. I also have little furry friends that keep me from making the bed some mornings....I trained them that way...:)
    Tina xo

  36. Charlie looks absolutely gorgeous! I wonder how neat it must be to give him a hug.

    Josh is like our Cindy Lee - smart to jump on the bed and lay on the warmth that our bodies left there.

    Hamlet and Toby seem intrigued with whatever mom is doing - any treats coming from there?

    Have a great day!

  37. Haven't youse guyes had enough cold and snow? dad says that we, and you, are probably gonna get more cold and snow tonight. Better hurry to Giant for milk, bread, and TP.
    - TBH&K

  38. your babies are so cute, kim. i have a feline baby on my stomach as i type. she is a very good heater so i guess that is the only thing i like about winter...i suppose if i didn't have horses then i would think differently but no turnout is awful but slipping on the snow is far worse. oh, and yes, hot chocolate also a good thing...take care and stay warm!

  39. Hi there! So nice to "meet" you, in the bloggy world anyways. :) It's been fun getting to meet new doggie friends through blogging, and what a lovely family of dogs you have. I know Levi would probably be like Charlie and stay outside all day to play in the snow if we had snow here.

  40. Hi Kim, I'm afraid I'm like Charlie! Enjoy your snow.

  41. Woof! Woof! Happy New Year! Yes it is cold. Just getting back from a long warm holiday break, my family are still adjusting to the cold snowy weather. Me I have no issues ... I LOVE the cold n SNOW.
    What's Hamlet n Toby looking at? Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  42. What a great snow dog! Mid-summer here, so I'm really enjoying seeing photos of your cool weather.

  43. We just came to make sure we did not miss anything,, and to come sit for a bit at Golden Pines.

  44. Charlie looks so happy !
    Hope you can keep warm & plenty of hot choc supplies !

  45. Charlie is the PAWFECT snowman. He looks so happy n comfy, very much at home in the snow!
    Hamlet looks so good, How is he now?

    Keep warm n enjoy ur choc drink!
    May u get the right amount of snow :)

  46. That is some adorable furry coat Charlie has! wow all the pictures are fantastic. I'm glad I dropped by, I'll be back!


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