Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dog Tired!

I can't begin to say what a good feeling it is that it's not even noon, and I'm home and done with all my errands.  The dogs have all been walked, fed, loved and played with.  They are all napping nearby.  Sitting here at my computer I'm watching the hummingbirds out my window at the feeder.  There is a welcomed feeling of peace and calm as we wait for the forecasted rain later today.  

It was a week that started out so well, but took a bit of a detour.  With Carl gone it became very busy and hectic.  It didn't help that I got a ticket on Wednesday for making a turn in an 'authorized vehicle only' place on the highway.  Of course I have my reason for why I was turning around that comes complete with the excuses that I didn't see the sign at first and with another car behind me doing the same thing, I had no choice but to make the turn.  The police officer, who I thought was arrogant and indifferent, didn't care about any of it. The maximum fine for this horrible crime that I have committed is $250.  I can only hope for leniency.     

Rudi continues to do 'just okay.'  I took her with me to the farm stand this morning.  She tries to accompany us on our daily walks, but because she wears out easily, she'll stop along the way and lay down.  I usually go back and sit with her until she has the energy to walk back to the house.  On some days she'll have no appetite whatsoever, other days she'll eat most of her meal.  For the next mealtime I try to make the exact same thing for her hoping she'll eat again, but she'll refuse it. I can only keep trying.

Todd started day care this week.  He really loved it!!  One of my biggest reasons for wanting him to have this experience is because I'm concerned about Todd being so shy and reserved around people that he doesn't know. So I think that his having positive interactions with people when I'm not around will be good for him. Of course playing with 'kids his own age' is just as invaluable.  When we've gotten home in the evenings, Todd has been so worn out, he has just eaten his dinner and fallen asleep for the rest of the night.  I have had to wake him up to take him outside and he's even been too tired to chase the cat--Now that's dog tired!  


  1. those photos of todd are adorable. :) glad he's enjoying his day care outings. hang in there, sweet rudi!

    and i hope carl is home once again to help you!

  2. i am sorry about the ticket...

    todd is so adorable...that Face !!! he just couldn't be any cuter !!! i LOVE him !!!!

    rudi is so cute too...sounds like she is holding her own....

    i love visiting here..LOVE all the dogs...

    sending love to you and all the doggys

    kary and teddy

  3. Ahh yes, a tired puppy is a good puppy. Although my pack is all asleep right now, if I stand up they'll all be up and ready for anything.

    Have a great weekend. I hope you get your rain and I hope we get it, too.

  4. It does sound like a bad week for you, poor Rudi.... The pup is probably having a blast at the day care, you'll never know what all he is learning.

    Have a nice restful afternoon!

  5. Hi there, So glad to read this; I kept up on FB, which is unusual for me but wanted to check in on you...if I was closer I'd be at your door checking(but then we'd probably get into all sorts of mischief). Glad Rudi is hanging in there and your Todd looks so cute sound asleep. I hope you have a restful weekend Kim, know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  6. Kim... You criminal... First it was flat tires and now a ticket. What are we gonna do with you girl. Sheesh, I'm hoping your week-end gets better. Your patience with Rudi is what keeps her going, and she will keep going. Can't believe Todd gets tired. He must have a lot of buddies at day care. Have a great and safe week-end.

  7. Too tired to bother the cat? Now that's tired! Hope you have a restful weekend.

  8. Todd sure is growing! Enjoy your moments of peace...hope you got the rain.

  9. Great photos of Todd! Glad your weekend is going well, apart from the traffic offence - but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for a low fine!

  10. So sorry about the ticket, Kim!

    I love the picture of Todd watching the cat. He looks like he's trying to decide what to do next. He's a cutie, for sure!

  11. I'm sorry about your ticket. It's got to be frustrating when you didn't break the law on purpose. Mean old cop. Todd remains as cute as can be. Wouldn't you like to see what goes on in that day care? The person who runs it must have extreme patience, and strong legs for running after playful pups.

    Hang in there, Rudi, we're all thinking of you.

  12. Sorry to hear of the ticket that sucks ! I am fairly new to your wonderful blog, is Rudi just getting old or is this beauty ill ? Todd is adorable ! Our Miggy has so much energy she wares us out lol Back in Feb Miggy had reconstructive knee surgery and even that really did't totaly slow her down it took three months of being indoors but now you would never even know she had surgery she doesnt even have a limp ! 150% now she is and that makes us happy that she's happy and able to run and play ! Have a wonderful day !

  13. Oh Todd you are at " Boot camp " !! Sorry about the fine & hope you can talk your way out.

    Thanks for your comment... two years Blogging & lots happened for both of us xx

  14. Now....being woken up to go outside IS DOG-TIRED!!!Little Todd is so cute and I bet will be BFF with his Dog-zilla american bulldog BOL

    Jazzi and Addy

  15. I am so glad Rudi doing okee...and owww your sweet puppy !!

  16. Ugh, that is one bad ticket! I hope the driver behind you got one too!!!

    I'm glad that Todd is enjoying his daycare, I was sure he would!

  17. I don't think you really know just how much I love Todd... he can daycare at my house anytime!

  18. Poor you! You have been having a bit of bad luck with the authorities. Bring Todd with you to the courthouse. No one could be mean to the nice lady with such an adorable puppy. :)

  19. Ha! Well, they say a tired puppy is a good puppy, and their brains need to be tired as well as their bodies! I'm glad he's doing so well.

    Miss Rudi is still just lovely! I know all too well about trying to repeat favorite meals.

  20. Ah Day Care, It is a gift, isn't it. Sometimes people want to pay My Vickie even more than she charges because they are so glad that we wear their pups out.

    A tired dog means a lot less chewing, biting, running, and all those other bad habits you humans find annoying.

    so glad each time you post to see a picture of My Rudi.


  21. Hmmm, I wonder who is getting the extra helping of chow. Initials "CB"....maybe? Hang in there Rudi. Our paws are crossed. Doggy day camp is so good for Todd's socialization and building a strong Scotty. Sounds like fun.

  22. Oh, Kim.. You sound just like a mom talking about her human kids!!! That is the reason I respect you so much and love reading about your adventures!!
    I love that you care equally and completely about everyone.
    I love that you go with your gut and kept Rudi by your side when the vet said otherwise.
    I love that you sit with her until she has gained the strength to walk back. I love that you never give up on anyone, Unless their quality of life is compromised.
    And I love that you send Todd to daycare to help with his shyness.
    In the extreme people abuse their animals, and you see their value and want only the very best for them.
    How sad that officer is so unaware of the truly important things in life.
    But be assured that Jehovah God sees and appreciates every kindness you bestow on anyone that crosses your path.
    And be aware that I along with all of your followers appreciate all that you do. It gives us a sense of peace and gladness to know there are people like you that get what is important in life.

  23. Too tired to chase a that's tired! Sorry about the ticket. Scotties are pretty reserved around people...Bella and Kendra especially, but we love other dogs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    PS. SHE's making a two week visit to Leesburg and would love to meet you and the gang....but maybe a coffee somewhere would be better.

  24. Rudy is such a beauty, we hope that she perks up a bit. Hopefully the lack of appetite is due to the heat. Todd is looking great. I can't believe that he's too tired to chase the cat. My cat lets Arlo tackle and chew on her. She's just beginning to fight back.

    Hugs to your pack,
    Linda, Abby & Arlo

  25. Our Frankie went to day care every day that we went to work, and he really thought of it as his job. It was great for him, and great for us knowing he was well cared for, having fun, and getting some socialization as well. And he would be tired at the end of the day, too, just like us!

  26. Todd just makes me smile so much and then I get to Rudi...dear, sweet, brave Rudi and my heart breaks a bit. Enjoy every minute with the dear girl.

    I am so SORRY about the ticket! I will have my fingers crossed for a fair and understanding judge!

  27. Cops! Rudi hanging on.....he just doesn't want to go yet.
    Todd....that's what I love about doggie day care, they play the whole time and sleep, sleep, sleep!
    Have a great weekend Kim.

  28. IF, by chance, you EVER think your posts are boring and monotonous, please don't! The stories about your dogs just make my day. We're up to six dogs now at our house. It's never a dull moment. keep your stories comin'!

  29. IF, by chance, you EVER think your posts are boring and monotonous, please don't! The stories about your dogs just make my day. We're up to six dogs now at our house. It's never a dull moment. keep your stories comin'!

  30. Dear Kim
    Seeing your post is just what I wanted to see today! Sometimes it just seems like forever in between your posts. And then when we see one, its just like a letter from "home".
    I was reading all your beautiful comments, and came across the one from Sophie,, which just said it all!
    We too are so happy that you care enough about little Todd, to take him to day care to learn to solialize and trust. That is so wise of you. And it is so important for Todd to learn all those things!
    I know he is just so tired after learning and playing! Oh if only he could talk and tell you all the things he did each day!
    I was thinking of the walks that you and Rudi take,, and how the calm peacefulness, is good for both of your hearts. One step at a time is how you both are dealing with another "day of grace".
    Remember you do not need to be strong when you feel weak,,, its okay to cry too.
    And now the arogant policeman who obviously has no compassion in his heart,, so I will call him "heartless".
    Go to court- tell your story Kim,, and we (all of your blogger friends) will keep you in our thoughts.
    If you go to the court,, and the cop doesn't, (that is what we hope for.)

  31. Hey Todd -

    Want to share that khat with us?

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  32. The first thing that came to mind was.. oh great. you win $100 - lose $250. Why is life so unfair!!? Of all people, you didn't deserve this. And for such a petty offense?? Come on ~ What about a warning maybe? Errrr.
    Oh Todd, what a little sweetheart you are!! I'm so glad you're enjoying your day care.
    Rudi seems to be hanging in there.. bless her heart.

    Kim... You are the best!!!

  33. A tired dog is a happy dog.
    Keeping paws crossed that you get an understanding and lenient judge.

  34. We've been thinking of Rudi and hoping she's going on okay. Todd just gets more adorable the more we read about him, keep the stories coming :-) xxx

  35. popped by to say hello and catch up with all your happenings down there. Well done on winning the Facebook photo contest.

    Gill in Canada

  36. Baby at a time...with Rudi who is the priority now and with Todd who is so darling. As for the policeman, be yourself (honest) and you'll do fine!...:)JP

  37. Haha ~ when a pup is too tired to chase a kitty you know he must be tired! That's a bummer about the $250 ticket. That seems a little high for the crime I would say. :(

    Hope you are having a good weekend Kim!
    xo Catherine

  38. I'm glad Rudi's still hanging in there - I know it's hard. Tod is so cute! It's funny when they're too worn out to play...they go at it so hard!

  39. Oh, poor Rudi. I'm thinking of her. As far as the ticket, oh brother. That stinks! Hopefully since it's your first infraction of that sort the judge will be kind. You'll need to appear as though you learned your lesson I'm sure. :-) I just love that little Todd. And daycare to help his shyness, that is TOO cute!
    Have a great week.

  40. Sorry about your week. I hope your ticket is reduced too!

  41. Kim, wish there was a way to get the judge to read your blog...when he/she realizes all you do for these beautiful dogs, he/she would have to be lenient!
    Good luck.
    (I have a realy soft-spot for your Rudi, it's my husband's name.)

  42. Love these sweet babies of yours...good luck with the ticket! ;D

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  44. darling little rudi trying so hard to hang on. you have to honor that kind of quiet courage.
    and todd? well what can you say about a guy so adorable!!!
    tell the traffic court to contact us. we will vouch for what a magnificent hard job you do. for crying out loud! if they only knew what you accomplish. my blood pressure rises.
    and cheers to a better week!

  45. Oh what a week! And that ticket, bah humbug!
    Todd is so cute and funny ... exhausted from day care just as any little kid!
    Sweet Rudi, hang in there!

  46. I am just sending you tons and tons and bucket loads of love.

    Our hearts are with Rudi, and I am wishing I could send Reufus to daycare with Todd.

    with love to you all from me, the Bleu

  47. Wowserz! Too tired to chase a kitty? I don't think I'll EVER be THAT tired!


    Happy Monday woofs & hugs <3,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  48. Ahhhhh! Lovely post and photos.

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose


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