Sunday, September 23, 2012

Inside Looking Out

Raise your hand if you like autumn--I know that I do!  The only thing wrong with our weather right now is the indecision Mother Nature brings this time of year--Long or short sleeves? Jacket just in case? The weather men are saying that the high pressure heading our way from central Canada will bring us a good dose of cool fall air.  I think it's perfect weather to be outside.
However I have found myself on the inside, looking out this weekend. We are once again fighting the fall invasion of my nemesis, the dreaded and much despised 'Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. Just as in previous years, they are everywhere.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that they are crawling all over our house. When you do venture outside you are dive-bombed by this fearless insect that just dares you to tangle with it.
Despite all of this, there is one dog that doesn't seem to mind being outside with these most unpleasant of invaders.  Can you guess which one?  If you said Todd, you're right. He's always on guard, watching for birds to fly over so he can chase them, or bark at whatever else may come into view.  
He is a Scottie after all...
As for the Goldens and Charlie, on any day they like to be inside because that's where the treats are and the comfy dog-beds.  
They are (almost) Goldens after all...
I hope you've had a good weekend!


  1. as you know I bloody wont be raising my hand x

  2. Oh, my, Kim! I forgot all about those stinkbugs and although they were everywhere when we lived down in VA, we've only seen a few here...thank goodness(they're a different shape)....:)JP

  3. Ewwww...stink bugs! I do admire Todd sticking it out but think the rest of the crew looks mighty comfy! :)

  4. I always love the cooler fall weather. I wasn't surprised at all to find that Todd was the one outside.


  5. Yes Todd, us Scotties are tough guys, well most of us, Heeheehee. Beside when it's pretty and cool outside, thats were we like to be.

    Your Furends
    Susie & Bites

  6. I know what it is like to be invaded by bugs . We had an invasion of Box elder bugs this summer and they were all over inside and out drove me nuts but thats the price ya have to pay for living in the country and in an old farm house ! I hope they go away soon for ya ! We were out all day today taking photos at our Saddle Club it was nice but boy oh boy the wind was cold ! Lovely photos. Have a great day !

  7. Well, I would bet we almost all guessed Todd! What a guy-gotta love him. The others are great too! They are so beautiful (what is the name of the first beauty right below Todd's pictures?)
    It is getting chilly here in the middle of the country...bugs galore and the weather is cooling and leaves are turning. Yes indeed-here comes the fall weather!

  8. stinkbugs for you, cluster flies for Fall too, but hate the bugs!!


  9. Oh I bet it is already beautiful in your area! Mississippi is not the prettiest place to be for fall, but it is still my favorite time of year. Sophie and I would love to have Todd over to help chase rabbits, birds, squirrels, and what ever else may come along. They would have a ball!

  10. Ahhhhh those stink bugs. Glad they're there and not here. We're having beautiful spring weather...but SHE needs all that 'in case' stuff, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. Stink bugs do not sound fun. Hope you had a nice weekend. :)

  12. Fortunately we only get a few of those. Even the chickens leave them alone. I just bought new beds for our dogs so they look more like your Goldens today.

  13. Eeewwww. We'd be inside, too. We do love fall, though!

  14. Hell Kim, I raised my hand, love Fall but like you said, long or short sleeves, to funny. Those stink bugs are everywhere by the looks of things, yuk!!!! Oh that Todd, he is a stinker to. Guess I`m sending you the weather, I`m in central Canada, ha.

  15. Yuk! And they taste as bad as their name.

  16. i adore your sweet pups - of all kinds. that todd is such a squirt. :) love your new header collage. i remember the stink-bugs from last year's dreadful season! you poor thing! we don't get them (or many) here, but we make up for them in grasshoppers!

  17. They all look so contented.

    Hope those stink bugs leave you soon. Not too many of them here so far, *knock on wood*. Gosh, they are the nastiest bugs, aren't they?

  18. Do the birds eat the stink bugs? Maybe Todd should come in a while if they do.

    OMG, the numbers of stink bugs you have, it almost looks like an alien invasion there!

    Cute pictures of the family!

    I like looking at autumn and the A/C not running all the time, but each day brings us closer to (shudder) winter.

  19. I remember those stink bugs you had last year. We don't have them here, which is good. We just have stink beetles and when the dogs go up to sniff them, they put their rear ends up in the air and emit some stinky stuff that immediately make the dogs turn away.
    The pictures are lovely and peaceful.

  20. Boo stinkbugs...yay sweet pups.

  21. yuck... but so jealous of your Fall... not much changes color here, although I am thankful for cooler temps

  22. Autumn is pure dog weather :) Enjoy!

  23. My hand is raised. But I refuse to raise it for what comes after...
    CHARLIE! Right now, you and Gracie look so much alike!! She is sporting the shaggy look too... for now. LOVE IT!
    Todd looks to be i deep thought...

  24. I think stink bugs are definitely worse than love bugs!
    I like fall, for sure.
    Glad to hear Todd is on lookout. ;o)

    Have a great week, Kim!

  25. I love autumn..the air is so fresh and the mornings are so crisp.. The sun seems brighter and all is well.
    We have stink bugs but not so many.
    They look pretty bad in your pictures. We have the horrible japanese beetles that converge on our trees and eat the leaves, roses and ect. They were very destructive to the corn and soy beans this year..
    ta ta for now from Iowa;)

  26. I have never heard of stinkbugs. Thankfully. They must be awful. We do have a lot and I mean alot of spiders and webs everywhere. I don't understand where they come from. I do kill them and break the webs.
    I can't wait for our weather to change. All we have had is either rain and humidity or lots of heat. My poor Roscoe goes outside to do what he needs to and comes right back inside. He is barely outside 15 minutes. Smart dog. Have a great week and TFS. ANA

  27. Hi Kim, we are at the beginning of Spring here.... So the weather is cool but nice ..... I don't know about your stink bugs - but it sounds awful !! The dogs look mighty comfy on their inside beds!

    Rubie and her mum xxx

  28. I'm with Charlie and the Goldens. :) Our weather keeps going back and forth as well. One day it's near 80 then we dip to the 60's, then the upper 70' strange.

  29. Hi Kim. Beautiful photos of your doggies. They look so comfy in their beds.

  30. Hey Golden Pines K9s, Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

    Here in the tropics, our autumn sort of feels like summer, with a few slightly cooler (85 instead of 92!) days, with a possibility of a teensy dip in humidity.

    Stink bugs are new to us... we thought we had every kind of creepy crawly known to man/beast! Icky, icky...

  31. Hello to you and the gang. I
    'm raising my paw, like, like, like autumn. Don't have much of the changing of the colors but like the cooler weather.

  32. I have to look up the Mighty Stink Bug, maybe I know them by a different name or maybe they don't like the cold!

    Todd is one rare character, almost all Scotties are but all I have to do is look at Todd and then at Ranger (another blog) and I want a Scottie again!



  33. I love the Autumn,but not days like today when it's bucketing down and Bella is wondering when she'll get out for her walk.
    Thank goodness we don't have to worry about stinkibombs here!
    What lovely pictures of the gang!

  34. I hope those stinkbugs don't decide to come south - I saw one in my kitchen about 3 weeks ago but I think it was just a rogue one - at least I hope so.

    I adore that last picture of Todd - he's such a sweetie!!


  35. good lord.
    it's a swarm! i don't remember those at all when we lived at natural bridge! giant slugs at night yes. and beautiful fireflies.
    but stink bugs in masses ??? . . .
    ewwww! as rottrover said above!!
    but those dear little dog faces always make my day.
    go brave todd! little scotsman of the clan of courage! go!
    love dear heart,
    tammy j

  36. I will keep my hand lowered as I only like summer and spring if it is a dry one....sorry! Todd is such a little stinker.

  37. We've had a lot of rain this year, and are over run by scorpions - unfortunately inside the house! Definitely better to stay outside for us!


  38. Ewwww! Those stink bugs sound creepy! I've never heard of the. We are having some pretty cool windy days here right now, but the sun is still warm when it's out. Great shots of your babies. :)

  39. Awesome stuff, thank you and keep coming with these, will be back again.

  40. I love Fall as well! No bugs to bother be here really, especially since the mosquitoes and wasps are on their way out!

  41. Autumn is our favorite time of year too! The cooler temps are perfect for hiking and just being outside. I'm so glad we don't get those nasty bugs down here in Richmond!

    your pal,

  42. Please keep the stinkbug invasion in your part of VA as thankfully I have not seen horsed here on the VA eastern shore. Weather here is quite nice now with cooler temps, but not much in the way of fall colors...yet.

  43. Oh man....I was just in Roanoke and I could not believe them!!! I counted 26 on the porch screens!!!!!

  44. I agree that the weather hasn't made up its mind to be cool or warm. I would rather bask in the warmth as long as it is not too hot!
    I love how Todd is unafraid of anything and chooses to entertain himself in any kind of weather!

  45. Hi Kim, I had totally forgotten about the stink bugs that pester you. What a awful thing to be plagued with; glad Todd doesn't mind. Your pack is so beautiful but I know that it is because of your love and dedication.
    Sending love your way!

  46. And here I thought the 4 or 5 we had were bad. They are one nasty creature...hope that they go away for both of us soon.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  47. Stink Bugs, I don't think we have those up here. Just another good reason to stay put!

  48. I know how much you hate these bugs...hope they bug off soon !

  49. When you got Todd you certainly got yourself a perfect 'Defender'!

    Does wearing mismatched shoes disqualify you for the Office of the 'impressive neighbour'?I think not!

    Your (almost) Goldens look so peaceful. Charlie too ,of course!

    Happy n bug-free weekend!

  50. Its that time of year again for you!
    I remember how much you hate them! We have those nasty lady bugs that stink and get on everything- inside the house- outside the house! And they bite too.
    Todd is such a brave soul- nothing bothers him!


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