Friday, September 21, 2012

Second Impressions

Fall like temperatures have arrived at our house.  But staying is the lack of a reliable internet signal.  We were sent new equipment and have found out that wasn't the issue.  Carl and Verizon are at a total loss.  I have a feeling it's something really simple that hasn't been thought of.  But at least it's kind of working so I can get an internet-fix and read blogs when the signal allows.

Our excitement today was the return of our new neighbors and an impromptu meeting with the power company.  While the dogs barked non-stop, I stood there agreeing to whatever was needed.
At least today I looked a bit more put together.  But I wondered afterwards if they had noticed that my shoes didn't match. I did have an explanation for it, and was going to point it out to them, but I just thought it best to not say anything.  I wonder what kind of second impression I made?
Although I really want to leave them with a good impression, I've decided that it doesn't really matter too much what they think--Because after all, I'm not  running for public office, just for the position of 'good neighbor!'
 (Toby and 'friend' --can you spot the friend?)
I hope you've had a good week!


  1. Kim, you could post a picture and we could vote as to whether or not you will be a socially acceptable neighbor, or not.

    I pick the brown leather clog on the left as my favorite shoe.

    We can work this out! lol

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  2. I would have loved to hear the explanation of the mismatched shoes.


  3. MOM and I a gree. We would love to have you for a neighbor.

  4. Maybe they didn't notice....BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Cute shoes... hee hee..

    Nope, I don't spot the friend. Really need to get these eyes of mine checked. It's on the list for next week. Happy Friday!!

  6. I always say who cares what others think, they don't pay my bills. Like you said as long as your a good neighbor, that is all that matters. The dogs are so cute Toby is a ham. Hope your internet issue is resolved soon. TFS. Ana

  7. I once arrived at work with different colored shoes, a co-worker pointed it out, I told her, I had another pair at home, just like them :}

    Being a good neighbor makes life easier, I hope yours is so...

  8. Toby's 'friend' is a caterpillar by his right leg...

  9. Hahaha. Love your shoes!! Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Kim, love your posts, make me smile, wish I was your neighbor, what fun we would have. That Todd has the sweetest face, love the picture to with the dogs lined up by the fence. Enjoy the weekend, Hugs Francine.

  11. I can't spot a friend but your shoes have me rolling. I love it!

  12. Think I would hide the black shoes - then the brown would be the only ones you can find. Then swap them out every so often. ;-)

    I am starting to think that the internet is getting overcrowded and with Verizon being overused. I can have full signal and still get "waiting for blogger" and "waiting for gmail" etc. etc. Another thought is too many things in our air - we have such a variety of airwaves bringing in phone, internet and heaven only knows what. Why else would the rotten thing work in the middle of the night when most people are sleeping?

  13. Love the shoes...sorry about the internet. I'm sure you and the pups are enjoying this cooler weather.

  14. Sharon, I think you could be onto something here...I've thought the same thing.

  15. i'm hoping the digging by the electric co. won't disrupt your pups or your yard too much. awfully nice of you...

    i agree w/ sharon & your opinion, too. a blogger pal in canada could hardly get a signal when a truck stop started operating w/ their wifi access in her area. she just switched to satellite service.

  16. I think that this time of year internet connectivity is an iffy propostion...I remember last year the same problems happening...the best I can come up with is the universe...yup the good old meteors showers of Aug/Sep...the interference and gobbledigoop that is taking over my computer. Also, noticed mornings are a mess with problems. Don't know if this helps in understanding but at least you can say you have another pair of shows somewhere on you property!

  17. When I was going outside and putting on my blue garden shoes, Todd grabbed one of them and ran outside with it--Rather than chase him to get it, I just let him take it, and just wore the brown shoe...It made sense at the time! :-)

  18. Love the picture of the dogs barking at the fence! Good luck with the internet connections & new neighbors.

    Nadine & Goldens Neeli & Elle

  19. You're shoe explanation makes perfect sense to me.
    Concerning the internet...we have satellite connection, it's not the best either, so slow at times.
    Have a great day!

  20. I'm sure you make a wonderful impression on your neighbors, Kim! You are a kind soul who takes care of dogs who otherwise wouldn't have a home and that is worthy of a lot of praise!
    I once wore the same style shoe but in different colors when I was in college. My boyfriend at time laughed for days about that incident and I've never forgotten it!

  21. I've gone to work with different shoes on... :D

    I'm sure you are being a great neighbor!


  22. I sat the caterpillar! :-) Of course, I had to blow up the photo to see him! :-)

  23. Hi Kim. We'd love to be your new neighbors! Mom could have done the same with the two shoes.

    Thor and Jack

  24. We all know you will be a good neighbor. The real question is, will they?

    Have a blessed weekend, Kim! ♥

  25. Hi Kim, I love these pics and of course I giggled when I saw the two shoes. I also wanted to tell you how sweet it was for you to talk to Fern; I am so heartbroken over her loss. I do worry about her health etc and wonder if she'll get another dog-though like most of us, I think our lives aren't complete without at least one. I loved your sentence that some dogs are only with us a short time. You are such a dear friend and I know you brought comfort to her.
    Love, Noreen

  26. Loss of signal ? Clearly down to aliens in the orchard. Or is that only French reasoning ?

  27. OK, I'll bite, why are you wearing two different shoes? I guess your new neighbors think you're unique and that's probably a good thing.

  28. First, I'd wear the brown me! Second, is that a caterpillar on him??? LOL! Third, don't worry about what anyone thinks...we love you!...:)JP

  29. The Runner once taught a huge lecture class while wearing two different shoes. He didn't notice until I pointed it out when he returned.

    I would think that they wouldn't care about the shoes since you are being so accommodating about the power company!

    I don't see the "friend" but I love pup photos!

  30. I forgot to ask - is it possible that your internet problems are related to what the power company is doing on your property? Just a thought...

  31. I don't see the friend either?

    Funny about your shoes,


  32. LOL! I have totally gone to work wearing two different shoes too. Too funny! Sorry about your internet troubles. Have a super weekend!
    xo Catherine

  33. The whole internet phenom is far from being perfected, I think. In a few short years from now we will be laughed at what we had to do the things we do now! It's still in its infancy.....but until then, it IS frustrating at times, I agree!!

  34. Kim,
    Oh I'm so glad that you are going to have nice neighbours who aren't going to cut every tree down. I'm sure they didn't notice that your shoes didn't match and if they did I bet they had a good laugh later on about it. I once did the same thing trying to get ready for work in the dark as not to wake anyone.
    The gang looks so happy and I'm sure it won't be long till the new neighbours get to know them all by name.
    I'm reading a good book called"a big little life" by Dean Koontz ya the same scary book novelist but of course there is nothing to be afraid about in this book. It actually a memoir about his rescue dog named Trixie.
    Have a great weekend.

  35. So many people seem to be having internet issues these days. Hope you get it worked out.

  36. Oh I think actions speak louder then anything you are dressed in. You seem so very nice in blogland, and I am sure that you are just if not more nicer in person.

    Let's talk about your first impression of them, how do they seem? Are they pleasant, is there a underlying tone of anything coming through in the conversations? Do they have a agenda? Or are they easy and pleasant?

    Inquiring minds and all that.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  37. I would love to have you and these beautiful dogs as neighbors. What lovely animals. Hey! I do things like that all the time--putting on shoes that don't match. Love the photos of the dogs.

  38. i think your two shoes are
    rescue chic! did todd eat one?
    i love the picture of part of the
    crew at the fence. checkin' out the folks! or the internet truck!
    this adds a whole new dimension to
    your world. lol.
    i thought the friend was a snake.
    but it's a hose i think. so i give
    in to caterpiller too!
    tammy j

  39. Sorry we've been AWOL so long. Mama is still gimpy, but we're hoping to ease back into catching up with all our blogging friends.

    Sure hope the new neighbors work out. A really good neighbor is a pearl above price. We have one - our Aunt Janet. Couldn't manage without her. Do the new neighbors actually have any animals, or are they generic 'animal lovers'?

    And did you get a clear - preferably written - agreement that if you allow them to dig up your property, either they or the utility companies will be responsible for restoring your property to it's pre-disturbance condition? Infer you won't be planning to build in future where their new voluntary easement will go -- a second barn or garage or anything?

    We also have Verizon and it is constantly cutting us off in the middle of things. When mama types an email, she has to do a 'save to draft' about every 3 words to avoid losing text. Not a new thing, sadly, although some days are worse than others. We agree with the commenter who suggested they are just over capacity.

    Gotta go - time to actually get to see the Sooners play on our local TV.

    Jed & Abby

  40. Thanks for your the shoes thing, me too sometimes! I love seeing your babies! Have a wonderful Fall season together! :)

  41. What a wonder full day! Ob course, my the Mom wears socks [some times black] and slibbers out in the front yard ob our berry urban neighborhood. Fank Dog, she habbs juss reblaced the slibbers wif the hole at the big toe!

    I amb mesmerized by where yeu libbs!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  42. ha ha! I have two pairs of boots, same style, different colour. I usually grab them out of my darkened wardrobe. Can't tell you how many times I walked out of the house wearing one of each colour - and I have no one to blame but myself :)

  43. Hey it's Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

    Gosh, you and Mom could write a book on tech issues I tell you!

    We barely know you and already we know you will win best neighbor by a landslide, shoes matching or not! :)

  44. I hope your mysterious internet signal problem is solved now!

  45. Hi Kim
    Here we are! We have been behind in reading bloggys, and now we have a real treat in reading yours!
    You make us smile! I think your shoes were just perfect- at least you had something on your feet to protect yourself from stickers!
    I can just imagine when the new neighbors move in- they will be doing the same thing!
    You made our day!


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