Thursday, January 12, 2017

Reintroductions and Settling In

The week began with me home from work because I wasn't feeling well, yet again.  But we end the week with a spring-like temperatures that would anyone feel better!
Our former-diva-foster, Bella has returned for her visit while her owners are on a cruise. Her reintroduction to our dogs went really well.  There are those that will say that dogs do not remember one another or places.  Others like me, feel like they maybe they do.  Bella sure seemed like she does.  For example, the first meal I gave her after she arrived, she stood in her place where she used to wait for me to bring her bowl of food to her, and she is sleeping in the same place as well.    
~Bella - Does she remember?~
Max's recovery is going pretty well. I added another medication to help with some discomfort that I thought he was having, and he seems much happier and content.
~Max, one week into recovering a 2nd time~ 
Our newest addition, Teddy has adjusted nicely. I was able to get him to the vet and he tested positive for 2 tick borne illnesses, lyme and ehrlichiosis. He is also anemic, that we think has been caused by his intestinal parasites.  We began 2 antibiotics and my hope is that he'll perk up in a few days.  He sleeps a lot of the time, but it's hard to say if it's because of his age, or that he doesn't feel well. Maybe it's both. Time will tell.
Back at the vet on Friday will be Eevah.  She was scheduled to have her spay surgery but that has been postponed because she has high blood pressure.  Until we can get that under control, it will have to wait.  However, there is a question as to if she needs to spayed at all.  You might recall that when she had puppies this past fall, they were delivered via cesarean. Because of her age, it has left a question in all of our minds, including the vets that maybe it was done when her last litter arrived.  It might explain why the "breeder" sold her.  But because we cannot contact anyone connected to her past, and "Retired Lady" who I got her from doesn't know either, we're doing an ultrasound to find out.  So, Friday the 13th will either be a lucky or unlucky day for Eevah - Lucky that she may not need to have another surgery, unlucky in that she may.  
~Eevah, keeping the secret as to if she can have puppies or not~
Eevah is not worried about any of that.  But when I put the monkey hat on her, as she stood there totally still, not knowing what to do, she may have been a little worried about what her life may be coming to.
Todd knew exactly how she felt!!


  1. Dogs remember all that stuff, unless they have dementia. Bella looks good. Good to hear that Max is doing well. Goodness, Teddy has a lot going on, hopefully he will get all square. I'm hoping that Evah has already been spayed, poor girl, she's had a tough life.
    I believe Todd wasn't impressed with that hat either.
    Ha Ha.

  2. Oh ... they remember alright!! We travel a LOT but stay in the same cottages all the time. We returned to a place we hadn't been to for over 12 months and Charlie was no sooner out of the car when he headed off into the backyard and dug up a bone he had buried there on our previous visit. He always knows where we put his water and food bowls in each cottage and settles in just like at home.
    Its good to see all the pups looking as well as can be. Teddy looks settled and oh so relaxed. I'm happy for him that he is with you. Poor boy ..... he's not been at all well.

  3. Teddy looks so relaxed, Evah? hope there is no need for surgery, and the others, they will be there giving support to everyone else that needs it. I am sure they all know where they have been before .

  4. No dog will ever forget the caring, love, and kindness that they have had from you and Carl, Kim. Sometimes you've been the first settled point in their poor unhappy lives. The look on Teddy's face says so much - he looks so happy and contented. We, too, hope that Evah doesn't need further surgery, and we agree with Todd about that hat !

  5. Best wishes for all of them and especially for Max as he faces yet more 'down time'.

  6. No dog forgets the place they were loved and cared for. They always feel happy again to be back there. Hope that there is no need for surgery too. Not sure about the hat though- none of us like hats at all BOL - nose licks and love from Moth xx

  7. Hello, sending my get well wishes for Max and Teddy. Poor Eevah, she is a sweetie. I think Bella does remember and is happy to be visiting even if it is only temporary. I wish you all a happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. Morning Kim, oh my but I love the monkey hat picture on Eevah so so cute as is Ted, I agree no dog forgets a kind person or home. Sending well wishes to the sweet fur babies.Hugs Francine.

  9. It sounds like you have your hands full as usual. Good luck to all the recoveries and we are hoping the C-section included a spay too.

  10. i am always astounded at the smug 'knowledge' of dogs and other animals that some people claim to know.
    if a wild lion can remember kindness and even come after YEARS of separation to the man who saved him... and give the man a huge HUG... how can a dog not remember? it's ludicrous to think otherwise.
    the monkey hat! LOL! now that's enough to make any self respecting dog want to be well!
    all is good at golden pines.
    but hoping that eevah won't have to have surgery.

  11. We are all in love with Teddy - what a sweet face!!! We hope he is feeling much better soon. It would be nice for Eevah is she can avoid that surgery - Misty is facing hers next week.

    Hope you all have a good weekend, we will be under ice:(

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  12. Oh my - of course they remember! We hope that Eevah will not have to have surgery and Max continues to recover
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. We pups always remember. Years first scottie had a red setter friend. The setter was killed by a car, but for years every time we saw a red setter, she became excited.

    Paws crossed for Evah.

  14. I think dogs remember more then we think they do . I hope all heal well and feel better that goes for you to hope you get better . It has been cold but we are snowless again due to days of heavy rains and warm temps and finally saw and will see the sunshine for the few days as it warms up again next week . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  15. Yes, of course they remember.
    Wishing Max all the very best in his recovery.
    Everyone looks so beautiful. I must admit I've fallen in love with Teddy, too.

  16. I'm with the others - of course dogs remember! Bella surely remembers all the great things about living with you :) I hope that E doesn't need surgery. Do dogs go via menopause? Just wondering if she might be old enough that it's not a concern. We've never had an unspayed dog, although we did wait until after one heat to spay Shyla (that was nerve-wracking because we did NOT want puppies or coy-puppies).

    I hope that you're feeling better. Love the hat photos!

  17. Dogs are smarter than we give them credit for.

  18. I agree with all the other comments.
    Of course they remember.
    Love that photo of Eevah in the hat
    and praying she doesn't need surgery.

  19. Catching up with posts . . .
    Love seeing "the family."
    Liked learning more about Eevah . . .
    Liked the monkey hat!

  20. I think dogs remember too!!!
    And I think Eva will remember the smiles that happened when you put the hat on her! So cute!


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