Sunday, January 8, 2017

Teddy Arrives at Golden Pines!

Saturday was a long day that took me right though the heart of horse country.  Despite the snow flurries and the cold, it's a really pretty and scenic part of Virginia in any season.  
Middleburg Virginia has the reputation as the “Nation’s Horse and Hunt Capital,” drawing in distinguished and well-known visitors from all over the U.S.
It's also a charming town with lovely boutiques and shops. and there are beautiful and (big) historic horse farms tucked all around.
But it wasn't a shopping trip today.  I was meeting someone who was bringing me a senior boy named Teddy.

Estimated to be about 13-14 years old, Teddy was found as a stray, walking in circles in someones yard.  The county Animal Control was called, and he was taken to the shelter to "do his time."  As expected, no one came looking for this "lost boy" and he was officially turned over to the rescue.  I'll just add right here that it's always mind-boggling to me that someone could have a dog for so many years, and then not be looking for them.     
~Teddy at his temporary foster home~
Teddy tilts his head, and along with his walking in circles it makes us all quite positive that he has  "old dog vestibular syndrome." He is also very thin, had a terrible ear infection and tested positive for several different kinds of parasites, all of which he has been treated for. Given all of this, maybe this is the reason why no came to claim him at the shelter?      

After our introductions, Teddy got comfy for the drive home.
Soon enough we were back home and it was time for a few more introductions. Because Teddy loses his balance when he walks, I limited his meeting everyone - Meaning he did not meet Todd, who I call the "wild card" one on one.  After some rest, and a full meal, it was lights out until early this morning. We finished the intros...Or he met Todd, and all went well.  Teddy is a very friendly boy and I don't think his tails has stopped wagging since we met. .
~First meeting at the fence - Notice Todd telling him off~
I'm grateful that with the snow and the temperatures below freezing the last couple of days, that this sweet senior boy named Teddy is safe and warm.  And I look forward to getting to know him.


  1. Teddy looks so good! It is nice to see the places...

  2. Welcome home Teddy! You will love living at Golden Pines! Thank you Kim for taking care of Teddy and the rest of the crew! How is Max doing? Bitter cold in SE MN so hope you are all staying warm!

  3. Hello, welcome Teddy! I am happy that Teddy has a safe, warm and loving home with you. I see Todd letting Teddy know who is in charge. he is a sweetie, I love all your dogs. Wishing everyone well, have a happy day and week ahead.

  4. Thank you again for your compassion and warm welcome to Teddy. He looks so content in the drive home photo

  5. The former "owners" didn't even care enough to microchip him. I hope Teddy can deal with Todd's Scottietude.

  6. All he wants is some love and food and a warm home. He's exactly where he needs to be :-)

  7. What a sweet face. I can never understand why, when someone has had a pet for so long, they wouldn't go looking for him. Although it seems he may not have been taken care of. So glad Teddy is now with you.

  8. Teddy has an adorable face. I wonder what his real story is. His owners couldn't have let him go willingly.

  9. Some days I can read your dog tales and maintain.
    Today is not one of them.
    I'm blubbering like a baby.
    If I lived near you I'd be at your door asking you for Teddy.
    When my Golden passed, she was 12 and now it's been longer than that since she's been gone and I still miss her so much.
    Poor poor Teddy, to have lived with people who didn't search for him.
    I'm so glad he's with you now.

  10. Teddy is in the perfect place, with TLC, warmth, company, and everything he needs. Guess some people just don't want the responsibility, it amazes me too. He is another beautiful boy to have with you.

  11. Find it so hard to believe that anyone just gets rid of an old family pet. Poor boy. but he has ended up in the best place in the world.

    Looks like Todd is arroooing a hello in the photo.

    Love Middleburg.

  12. Blessed is he to find you! Hoping he will recover as best he can and live a happy life with his new found family. Our youngest daughter lost her 16 year old mixed breed female in Oct. She vowed no more for a while. She took her other 14 year old mixed breed male to the vet for a check up and the vet had a 5 year old sweet doxie whose family declined to pay for her to have kidney surgery and left just enough to put her down. The vet did the surgery and kept her over a month waiting for someone to come along with a good home. Bless him! Our daughter adopted Lucy on the spot and it has done wonders for the whole family, especially the 14 year old dog. Lucy sat in the vet's office a month waiting for an angel and it turned out she was an angel herself. You just never know how life will turn out. And I guess you should NEVER say never!

  13. Teddy looks like a sweetheart and under your care I'll bet he improves! I LOVE your pictures of horse country.

  14. Teddy has the sweetest face - he is so very fortunate to have found his way to your home. And that wagging tail tells us that HE knows that too. All the best to Teddy to have some very happy days ahead.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  15. Crikey Teddy ..... You mightn't have had much luck with your previous owner but you sure are lucky now, mate. You're in the best place you possibly could be. Enjoy your final years. I know you will.

  16. Teddy looks like a real sweetheart. So thankful he found his way to you
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  17. Oh Teddy...Some of us are extremely lucky!

    -Otto and Osa

  18. I have a great big lump in my throat. Thank goodness that there are people like you to fix the terrible sins of people like Teddy's previous humans.

    I loved the photo of him snoozing contentedly. He's in a safe and loving place. Thank you, Kim.

  19. Whatever happened to Teddy before he came to you, he can now look forward to a happy and secure future. He looks such a lovely boy, I don't know how anyone could abandon him.

  20. your wonderful commenters have said it all dear heart.
    we all know he is finally where he should be.
    bless him!
    and bless you little angel. xoxo♥

  21. Any dog named Teddy is sure to win my heart. We had a Teddy once, too. Your boy looks like a real darling.

  22. Welcome, handsome. You've landed in a wonderful spot.

  23. Teddy looks like a sweet gem! So glad he has you now. I too am amazed and disappointed that some people can been so uncaring! He is in good hands now!

  24. Teddy looks so cute in those pictures!!! Wishing him the best. Sending a big hug and lots of love:)

  25. Heart Warming! Our neighbors belong to Creatures Great and Small organization and are never without dogs/cats. Their latest addition is a beautiful beagle and 8 pups (she was rescued from "death" row). Teddy looks beautiful!

  26. You are an amazing woman. Teddy is so lucky to be with you

  27. Not only do you give a wonderful and loving home to so many, but I feel you give me a personal gift each time I read your blog.
    Just knowing that a wrong is being so lovingly righted touches me so deeply. For all of the sweet babies that no one is looking for or cared for, it is like a heaven on earth for them to find Golden Pines. I knew as soon as i read that Teddy is around 13 or 14 , I thought to myself," Teddy has found his last home." Kim is going to fall in love and not let him go. He has already told you with that wagging tail how grateful he is and how he has already fallen in love also.
    Little fellow, he has not been well cared for as evidenced by all of his issues. But,, hopefully, there are no other serious issues that will compromise his quality of life for his his remaining time with you.
    I look forward to reading more about Teddy. I hope Max is doing well and continues to eat well and recover nicely. He looks like a trooper, for all he has been through.
    Hugs to you,
    Gus' Mom

  28. How could someone give up their 13-14 year old pet . . .
    I wonder if something happened to the owners.
    Good news, Teddy is with you . . .
    Wishing him the best . . .

  29. Ohhh Kim,, such a beautiful Teddy


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