Saturday, February 24, 2018

Looks Like WE Made It!

Nearly two weeks later, and here we are - Relieved that the past two weeks are behind us, and we can, knock on wood, slow down a bit.
~Charlie and Jameson~
On the work side, co workers have been out with the flu, leaving the rest of us germaphobes waging battle on doorknobs, computers, telephones, and any and all other surfaces in the office to try and avoid any germs and remain healthy.  Its been a good fight. But as this week comes to an end, I have my concerns that I could become another casualty of the flu. Time will tell.

Last Thursday after 20 days with us, I returned the lovely Molly to her family. She was happy to see them, and we were sorry to see her go. She is a perfect house-guest, and our dogs all like her.
~Molly seemingly confused and wondering where she was going?~
With Molly's return home, she goes back to work as a therapy dog at the "Memory Care Center"  in the retirement community where Dick and Judy live. (A Memory Care Center is specifically for individuals living with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia who can't live on their own any longer). Molly's gentle personality make her perfect for the job.

Along with me for the little road-trip to take Molly home, was Max. Max is still available for adoption through the rescue, and after we said good-bye to Molly, we met someone who was interested in meeting him. I will elaborate more in a future post, but will add a picture (below) of how Max and I felt about the visit.
~Max's opinion of our visit~
The day could have ended there, but I was asked to come into work afterwards to cover for our "front desk girls" in the afternoon who were both out. The doctor I work for lets me occasionally bring dogs into the office.  But since Max's coat is considered "hypoallergenic" and does well with allergy sufferers, he was allowed at the front desk with me.
But the doctor asks that I not take the dogs into the operatories.
A rule I follow.... Until no one is around. 

Back on the homefront, Todd is much better. His limping comes and goes, and we're still working on those confining and no-jumping rules given to us by the vet two weeks ago. 
Todd's not so good at following the rules either!

There is still more news to post about, but I will end this post for now with a picture from the very short-lived show fall last weekend, and tell you the rest of our news in my next post.
Thank-you for stopping by my blog.  Your friendships, visits and your comments mean a lot.


  1. I do hope that you will not get the flu. During a season like this, it must be hard to work in a doctor’s office. Luckily, I have been able to stay away from all white coats and put off my physical until April when my risk will be less.

  2. Hello, I hope you escape the horrible flu. Max is just adorable. I am happy to hear Todd is recovering. It is hard to stop dogs from jumping. All your furbabies are beautiful. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. You have left me full of curiosity! May the flu not come anywhere near you!

  4. Dogs, like kids, just love to be a little naughty. Love the pictures with Max in the "forbidden" area, he looks like he enjoyed that a lot!

  5. I hope the flu bug didn’t find you.

    Molly looks like a dear,
    and must be a jewel at the Care Center . . .

    Max brings me a smile . . . Todd too . . .
    I hope Todd’s limps lessen . . .

    Now you have me waiting for the “other news!”

    Wishing you “flu free” my friend . . .

  6. Stay well, I love a good mystery.

  7. We're sending NO FLU vibes. Hope it works. Looks like Max loves the office scene. Can't imagine keeping Todd quiet.

  8. Stay well, look at those shining teeth, and Molly, home again.Todd, what is that limp doing still there? Is it a real problem, or something that comes and goes.Rhett, your smile a lovely ending for today.

  9. Max doesn't look too impressed with his recent encounter, so can we take it that he'll be staying at Golden Pines for a while yet? Can't understand why no want wants him - he's such a lovely boy.
    There's no way to keep the irrepressible Todd quiet and resting - life is too much fun!
    Poor Molly, she does look confused, and just hoping she was going back to her forever home.
    Do hope you haven't succumbed to the dreaded Flu virus, and are feeling much better now.

  10. Enjoy your blog, especially the great photos.
    Hope you stay well!

  11. I've not been so good lately about keeping up with blog visits, so I sat and read everything here that I've missed over the past few weeks. Sounds perfectly normal, with comings and goings and the saga of Todd. He's so cute. Keep at it with the disinfectant and I hope you continue to avoid the flu. Hug the pups for me.

  12. I sure hope you can avoid the flu! You do so much, I hope you can find time to take care of yourself too.

  13. We have managed to avoid the flu, hope you do too. Max does not look too impressed.
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. The flu seems to have returned to our area for another round of attack. Our human sister's family has been hit this week with both the flu and strep throat. We hope you are able to avoid catcing it.

    We don't think Max was terribly impressed with his prospective new owner:)

    Have a good and healthy week.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. Hoping that the flu season has peaked and that you remain immune - double doses of echinacea still being dispensed here to try to ward it off.

  16. I do hope Todd is okay but we get tge same with William, he will jump about when he should be resting! Guessing the home visit with Max wasn’t successful, at least by the look on his face!!

  17. Todd is a Scottie. Scotties make the rules-they don't follow them.

  18. If we lived closer I'd make Max a member of our pack. I think he'd fit right in.

  19. I hope you're not getting the flu! Spring is just around the corner dearest bean!
    and I guess I didn't realize that Max is still up for adoption. I thought he was in his forever home. pictures are worth a thousand words. and the happy pictures and the picture after meeting the 'adopting candidate' tell it all.
    what beautiful faces. and little Todd. breaking rules too I see. LOL
    the apple doesn't fall far from the tree Mom! xoxo

  20. Poor Todd. Your pictures are wonderfully expressive with the dogs.
    Praying you will not get the flu!

  21. The flu is everywhere. Hope you all stay healthy.

  22. Always love seeing the adventures you are up to with the dogs.

  23. Max is simply ADORABLE! Is he a labradoodle? He sure is cute...if I had my way, I would have many more dogs! :) Sure do hope that you escape the flu. It is just dreadful this year. I am glad that the Care Center has Molly. My mom was in one of those centers for Alzheimer's and she SO looked forward to the Golden that they had come and visit. It always made her smile! Unfortunately, in her last months, not much made her smile. But, she sure did love that dog! Glad to hear that Todd is feeling a bit better. If he wants to jump and stretch...he MUST be feeling better!

  24. My goodness - your life is busy! I am sorry to see Molly go but glad that she has a family to return to. As for Max at work - my dentist occasionally sees me on a weekend for an emergency - and there's almost always a Lab running around the clinic while I'm there. I love it!!!!

    I'm glad that Todd is feeling good enough to break the rules but I hope that you get to the bottom of his limping.

    I really hope that you didn't get the flu. I hope that it was a restful weekend.

  25. Happy to hear Molly is back helping at the center but sad she is not with you . Todd well lets see he and Miggs are a pair of terriers that just have no limits do they ?! I ma glad he is getting better . Miggs is almost fully recovered just another month and she will be as right as rain ! Max is cutie to he looks like our neighbors dog only lighter in colour. Thanks for sharing lovely post and photos . Have a good week and hope you don't get the flu !

  26. Poor Molly. She must've been a little confused by the situation. She's such a sweet looking lady. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us and letting us know how it's going. Your posts always bring a smile to my face.

  27. Wow, your life is always busy! We are glad everyone seems to be doing well and getting better!


  28. Dear Kim, It seems like forever since I've caught up with you. I'm wondering what breed Max is-almost like a Poodle, but maybe with something else thrown in. So glad you are staying busy and hope you avoided the flu.

  29. I hope you escaped the flu... We were not so luckey!
    I am so glad the dr lets you bring the dogs sometimes into the clinic,, I know that helps a lot!
    And here is hoping that Todd is doing better

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