Sunday, September 30, 2012

Old Shoes, Frisbees and Joshua

What is it that makes an old pair of shoes so appealing?  Comfort is the first word that comes to my mind.  There's just something about wearing shoes that fit your feet perfectly and you can wear them for hours.  I have to admit that even when I've gotten that new pair of shoes, I still love the old ones best.  I think that Josh feels the same way about his toys--In particular the frisbee.
We've been playing a lot of frisbee lately. We actually used to play frisbee all the time.  Our girl Rudi that passed away last year was obsessed with it, and she made the game a lot of fun with her over-the-top enthusiasm. But when she was no longer with us, I just felt that the game wasn't as enjoyable without her, so we stopped playing, despite that Josh and Sheba really loved it.  Even when I would walk to the shelf where the frisbees are kept in the garage, Josh would always follow me there and whine in hopes of my throwing one for him to chase--Even Sheba would wait patiently for me to give her one too, but I didn't.  However, a few weeks ago, for some reason, I dusted them off and the game of frisbee began once again.
Despite having at least six frisbees that are the same brand and type, both Sheba and Josh have their favorites.  When they have gotten left outside and we can't find these favorites, the newer (and cleaner) ones aren't the ones they prefer.  Sheba has two that she will play with, Josh on the other hand has only one that he really, really likes.  Sure, he'll chase another one, but there is no doubt that he loves and prefers the dirty, old chewed up, hole filled green one.  It has been his favorite for several years now.  I've tried to get him used to playing with a new one, but for whatever reason, it's just not the same for him.  He's happiest when he has the old green one.  I've decided that his love for the green frisbee is like an old pair of shoes--You love those old shoes, and even though you have new ones, that same comfy and familiar feeling just isn't there and it's not the same.
I hope you've had a good weekend.  Below is a little twelve-second video we made this afternoon of Josh chasing his green frisbee--Sheba is there too, and the other dog with them is CarrieAnne.  They run past Toby and Lucas can be heard barking in the background.
By the way, the new neighbors were around on Saturday--I chatted with them and do find them to be very nice, sincere people--My wardrobe malfunction this time?  The denim shirt I wear like a sweater, was inside out.... 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Letting Go of a Bad Week

What a week it was!  I started out on Monday, full of energy and thinking positive. The mornings were so beautiful and there was a feeling of fall in the air.
Then everything started to slowly get away from me and go downhill.  Even the traffic to get to work was worse than  usual.  
And don't get me started about the stink-bugs that continue to take over everything outside and are finding their way inside ...
Honestly, when we had a 4 hour power outage, it all just seemed like too much. And just when I was ready to cry 'Uncle' and be consumed by the frustration of everything, I was returned to reality by the antics of Todd.
The goofiness of Toby ...
The nuzzling from Sheba, who by the way is a great listener ...
And Josh who stood there so patiently with a frisbee, his tail wagging and eyes full of hope, inviting me to play his favorite game with him.  
It was all I needed to just let go of everything, put it all behind me and look ahead to next week that so far, is a blank slate.  
I hope your week is ending on a good note and you enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Inside Looking Out

Raise your hand if you like autumn--I know that I do!  The only thing wrong with our weather right now is the indecision Mother Nature brings this time of year--Long or short sleeves? Jacket just in case? The weather men are saying that the high pressure heading our way from central Canada will bring us a good dose of cool fall air.  I think it's perfect weather to be outside.
However I have found myself on the inside, looking out this weekend. We are once again fighting the fall invasion of my nemesis, the dreaded and much despised 'Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. Just as in previous years, they are everywhere.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that they are crawling all over our house. When you do venture outside you are dive-bombed by this fearless insect that just dares you to tangle with it.
Despite all of this, there is one dog that doesn't seem to mind being outside with these most unpleasant of invaders.  Can you guess which one?  If you said Todd, you're right. He's always on guard, watching for birds to fly over so he can chase them, or bark at whatever else may come into view.  
He is a Scottie after all...
As for the Goldens and Charlie, on any day they like to be inside because that's where the treats are and the comfy dog-beds.  
They are (almost) Goldens after all...
I hope you've had a good weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Second Impressions

Fall like temperatures have arrived at our house.  But staying is the lack of a reliable internet signal.  We were sent new equipment and have found out that wasn't the issue.  Carl and Verizon are at a total loss.  I have a feeling it's something really simple that hasn't been thought of.  But at least it's kind of working so I can get an internet-fix and read blogs when the signal allows.

Our excitement today was the return of our new neighbors and an impromptu meeting with the power company.  While the dogs barked non-stop, I stood there agreeing to whatever was needed.
At least today I looked a bit more put together.  But I wondered afterwards if they had noticed that my shoes didn't match. I did have an explanation for it, and was going to point it out to them, but I just thought it best to not say anything.  I wonder what kind of second impression I made?
Although I really want to leave them with a good impression, I've decided that it doesn't really matter too much what they think--Because after all, I'm not  running for public office, just for the position of 'good neighbor!'
 (Toby and 'friend' --can you spot the friend?)
I hope you've had a good week!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Doubters

As I mentioned yesterday, we've been having problems with our internet connection.  Carl called yesterday and Verizon said they would come on Sunday to repair it.  Many of you were like me and had doubts that someone would actually come today.  So this morning we got comfy on the porch and we waited ...
And we waited a little more...
Then Verizon Man showed up, and before noon!  Unbelievable, I know!  
But even though Verizon man came, he wasn't able to find the problem.  Our internet connection is still intermittent, but we are staying connected a little bit longer than we were before--I guess that's something....Isn't it?  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Impressions

It was a beautiful Saturday, although the breeze was a little chilly, the bright sun was very warming. Mid-morning was the perfect time to get the dogs out to run off some energy and explore.  I had my camera with me and we were enjoying our time outdoors.
As you know, things can change and with no warning, that's what happened.  A deer ran out of the woods behind us and I heard voices at the same time.  Of course all the dogs ran in that direction as a couple walking down the newly graveled driveway came into view.  I quickly found out that it was the owners of the property in back of us.  Work began a few weeks ago, and with the completion of a new driveway, the foundation work of the house has begun.
~The new neighbors driveway~
They were nicely dressed and introduced themselves.  Of course I immediately became nervous--Not only to meet them, but I wondered what kind of first impression I was making--My hair was a mess and windblown, I was wearing an old over-sized denim shirt and pants, with garden shoes. Todd and Charlie were barking hysterically in the yard and the dogs were running around them having totally forgotten their names and acting like they had never heard my voice before or ever been told what to do.
In the midst of my trying to get control of the dogs and appear calm and collected, they began talking about easements and power lines--Asking me if it would it be possible to have permission to dig on our property so their power-lines could be underground?  While they were going on about the utilities, my mind was spinning and I was even secretly saying a prayer of thanks that they hadn't been jumped on by one of the dogs--And with that, I found myself agreeing to their request.
First impressions were that our new neighbors seemed nice enough.  I have to admit that it's a relief to finally put a face on the worry that I've had since the property was first put up for sale nearly 2 years ago.  The wife is retired and they mentioned that this home has been in the planning stage for almost 10 years and should be completed sometime in the spring.  They have NO plans to cut down any trees (whew!!!) and they told me they are 'avid gardeners and animal lovers who enjoy the outdoors, nature, peace and quiet and privacy.'  No question they'll be able to have everything on their list, but the quiet?  I don't know, we Todd after all!
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!   We have been having internet issues and we're only getting an intermittent signal the past couple of days--We have a connection for a few minutes, and it goes out for a few minutes.  It makes blog-hopping a little difficult.  Verizon said they would come tomorrow to repair it--On a Sunday??!!--Should I believe them?  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nerves of Steel

With Carl home it marks the end of being out of town, and having company for awhile.  You know how I thrive on routine, and I'm hoping by the end of the weekend, we'll be back to one.
Today started out early, even for a day off.  Our cat, CC, got sap from one of our pine trees all over her yesterday.  I tried to get out as much of it as I could, and thought maybe she could do the rest, but when I watched her try to clean herself, I realized that she wasn't going to be able to reach all of it.  It didn't help that Todd and Lucas found her new aroma even more alluring!
I decided we probably should give her a bath.  I have to admit to having never bathed a cat before--But I have heard the harrowing tales of those who survived giving their cats one, and so I made sure that Carl and I were well prepared and ready.  With latex gloves, and long sleeve shirts to minimize the scratches or bites we were sure to receive from CC, we were ready.  The plan was to wet CC with my hands and apply Dawn dish soap.  The hard part would be putting her under the bathtub facet to rinse her off.  We started and CC was so calm and seemed to like my running my fingers through her coat.  When it looked like the sap was all broken down, it was time for the rinse.  I turned on the water, gave Carl his final instructions and we were ready.  Since this whole thing was my idea, and knowing that the wrath of a wet and unhappy cat was going to be upon us, I decided that Carl should have the job of holding CC--He naively willingly agreed.  So, I poured the water on her, and CC had no objection.  We finished rinsing her off under the faucet and she continued to not struggle at all.  We dried her off, set her down and she immediately went to the kitchen and demanded her breakfast.
I have to admit to being more than a little surprised by what had just happened.
But in thinking about it, I realized that I should have known that CC having lived in a multi-dog household for 11 years has given her nerves of steel, and she can coolly and calmly handle anything, even a bath!   Nevertheless, it all just seems so un-cat-like, don't you think?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Words for Wednesday

'Todd is really just a little person covered in fur, thoughtful, intuitive and kind.  
...He looks into the distance and ponders life.  
To him, the world is a place of endless joy.'  

My version of a quote I read that I thought fit Todd and the photo.      

I hope you've enjoyed your day!  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Carl is FINALLY going to be home tonight!  The evidence of my guilty pleasures that I indulged in like frozen pizza and Moose-Track ice cream with chocolate sauce have all been thrown away.  The chocolate cake is history too with the exception of one big piece in the freezer for him.  The laundry is done and put away, and the dishwasher emptied.  Dog toys left outside have all been brought inside and the yard is all cleaned up, including the hair from a little impromptu grooming session that Sandy had last evening.
Carl will never know about those little things that happened that would not have if he were here.  They will remain secrets kept between me and the Goldens and Charlie--However I have a feeling Todd cannot keep a secret and is going to tell him everything!  
~Todd with a 'hairy' secret~
Enjoy  your Tuesday!  
~Toby, whatta ham!~

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Ahead of the afternoon storms I got an early start to help a friend and run errands.  Sitting on the side of the road I saw this discarded piece of someone's history.  Before I really thought about it, I was putting the old rocking chair into my van.  Despite not having a seat or rockers, it's solidly made and still really sturdy.  There's a part of me that thinks I shouldn't have picked it up, but another part of me is thinking of things that I could do with it--What are your thoughts?
Once back home, the dogs played while I took a few pictures. Josh found his old frisbee that has been missing for some time.  It's times like that, I wish he could talk so I could ask him where he found it.
I found this yellow garden spider.  Did you know, the zig-zag reflects UV light and is meant to warn birds and deer (and us) that the web is there, so it's not crashed into?  I appreciate those warnings!
Sheba and Todd found great fun in a good game of ball.
Afterwards, when the rain rolled in everyone found a good place for a nap!
I hope you've found yourself enjoying your Saturday!!