Sunday, February 27, 2022

What's Happening

 A whirlwind of a couple of weeks for us with a lot going on behind the scenes. I'll tell you about it in a few weeks. But we're all good and looking forward to spring and warmer weather. Usually I don't mind winter, and look forward to those fun snow-days. Not this year. 

~A snowy morning 2 weeks ago~

But you can feel it in the air that the warmer days are coming. Todd and Max went yesterday for their spring haircuts. Max missed being groomed in September because he'd hurt his knee and had become what can only be called a "hot mess." 


Now transformed, and all that shagginess-insulation gone, Max is (of course) cold, and after I put a coat on him, he slept the day away under a warmed towel. At nearly 12 years old, spa days are starting to wear him out. 

Nothing wears Todd out though, at least not that I can see. He's always ready for what may happen next, whatever that may be. As is our girl Ree. 

Speaking of the next happening at our house, it is the arrival of a new girl, named Jaycee this past week. I'll tell you all about her in my next post. She has a bit of a story, and should have her own "tell-all" post.

I hope your weekend is ending on a good note! 
~On the way to work last week ... why do the cows cross the road?~

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Good Girl Shelby!

Thanks to those who commented and guessed yesterday about how long it took Shelby to get the treat I'd put on the floor to try and get her up and go outside. 

Here's how long it took her to FINALLY get up and get the treat. 

Twelve-plus-minutes! As I mentioned, Shelby can be a stubborn girl! But I did, of course give her extra treats when she did as I was asking of her .... for twelve plus minutes! Good Girl Shelby! 😊

~Shelby and our outdoor kitty, White Boy napping ❤~

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Waiting on Shelby

This is the moment when Shelby's life came to a standstill and she wouldn't get up to go outside, for whatever reason - She can be a stubborn girl at times. So, I decided to bribe her. And while I waited for the treat to have its desired affect, I started a stopwatch. Any guesses as to how long it took Shelby to finally get up and get the treat and go outside? Answer tomorrow. 😊

Sunday, February 6, 2022


Another full and busy couple of weeks for us. You may remember from my last post that I wasn't feeling well and stayed home from work on a Monday. I was feeling better, and went to work on Tuesday. 

~No more staying home for me?~

However my van had other plans, and I became a roadside casualty, in one of the worst places. Thankfully, thanks to a county sheriff, and a quick arriving tow-truck driver within a couple of hours my van and I were safely at the repair shop, and a friend brought me home to wait for the diagnosis on my van. That news wouldn't come until the next day.  

What didn't wait was the diagnosis that my brother tested positive for covid. He'd come home from work not feeling well 3-4 days earlier, and I'd told him in my best sister-voice to "stay away from me." I guess it didn't work - Because without my even taking a test, we decided that despite my few symptoms, I'd probably had covid as well - thanks to my brother. Although I was feeling much better, our office protocol meant that I needed stay home. So I didn't return to work until this past Monday, 12 days later. 

Maybe my van breaking down at that same time was a blessing in disguise, I don't know. But I do know that other than a little cough, I'm fine, no temperature or lasting symptoms. My brother has tested negative and my van has also recovered.  However we find ourselves having to consider a new vehicle for me. With all the driving I do, I need reliable transportation, and my van keeps letting me down. 

The dogs of course don't care about any of that. And Todd didn't care about keeping his coat on in the single digit temperatures - He just wanted a cookie! 

And Tiggy the cat, Todd and Jack didn't care that I'd just made up the bed.

But a kind friend did care that I was having a bad week, and sent a me a little bit of summer in the middle of winter. I'm reminded to be grateful for my kind and thoughtful friends. ❤