Sunday, June 19, 2022

Daisy Arrives at Golden Pines

To start, I am going to spare you the saga of some drama that came from changing our internet provider. I am pretty sure it's all worked out now, and we are officially divorced from *them.*

And I also won't make a big deal about how our outdoor kitty White Boy has become friends with a member of the marauding gang of deer on our property.  Traitor? ūüėä

But White Boy remains good friends with our Siamese cat, Tiggy. 

I'll also not brag about a really nice birthday celebration I had a couple of weeks ago. My "bestie" at work, Chris made this very delicious pie, it was a Texas Trash Pie, and the recipe can be found here. 

But I WILL brag to you about our newest arrival via the Golden Retriever Rescue, a 7 year old girl named Daisy. 

~My first photo of Daisy~

Yes, you are right, she is younger than what typically comes to us - And there are two reasons for this.

The first one happened a couple of years ago. Daisy was in boarding and somehow injured her back, right hock. No one is quite sure how it happened. It was a clean-cut to her leg and at first it was thought it would heal on its own and she would be fine and recover. But the injury didn't heal. 

That was because the injury got infected. And when Daisy was not putting any weight on her leg it was discovered that her achilleas-tendon had been severed. That started her on a journey that involved surgery and physical therapy. In the end, it has left Daisy able to walk just fine, but she is unable to do a flight of stairs. However, she is easily able to do a few steps like we have on our back porch. We were asked to foster Daisy because our house is all on one level. 

~My second photo of Daisy, wet from the rain~

Daisy's injury was not why she was given up by her family. Daisy has been given-up to the rescue because her well to do family are renovating their home. They are currently living in a rental, and Daisy started having "accidents." in the house. And they did not want the "distress"(their word) if it continued when they move back into their newly renovated home ..... You cannot make this up - The coordinator for the rescue knows that a dog having "accidents" in our house isn't an issue for us whatsoever, so we were more than happy to welcome the very lovely Daisy on Thursday.

Daisy's intros to her new packmates and spending time with them has gone really well. 

~All the girls in the kitchen helping with dinner~

All the dogs and the cats seem to like Daisy just fine. 

Daisy is friendly, easy going and never stops smiling or wagging that beautiful tail of hers. I think it goes without saying that we are going to enjoy having her as part of our household. 

~Daisy and Max watching those marauding deer~

Welcome Daisy!