Sunday, February 23, 2020

A Mixed Bag of a Week

Last week was really a mix bag. On Tuesday, I had car-trouble. I don't know about you, but I put car problems right up there with computer issues. Thankfully, I wasn't far from my office, and I was able to make it there, and on time too! I've had my van for a couple of years and it has an "extended warranty" so it was towed to a dealership. A new ignition coil, and spark plug had it all fixed by Wednesday afternoon, at a minimum cost to me. I was really grateful for that and when I had nothing for lunch on Tuesday, a thoughtful patient by chance, brought us lunch that day.

Car problems behind us, we cruised onto my day off where Alf made a trip to the groomers for a mid winter haircut.
Hannah was also back at the vet to recheck her eye and ear infections. New/different medications for both will hopefully do the trick.
We are still waiting to hear about Dexter, who we were asked to foster about 2 weeks ago. He was unexpectedly snapped up by another volunteer for the rescue, so whether he will be coming to us is a guess right now.

With the weekend, we did slow down for the really nice weather on Saturday, and we spent a little bit of time outside.
It was nice to be out in the fresh air and sunshine to recharge a bit.

Finally, I want to share with you some sad news that I got this week. Paul, the owner of the Barkalot Brothers called me to let me know that Abe has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. He also sent the below e-mail to Lab Rescue which one coordinator shared with me.
It is with much sadness that I must tell you that I had to have Abe put down last Sunday. He was having a seizure and I called his vet who lives up the street ...  He came and took his temperature that was 108.5 and I told the vet to put Abe down as I could not stand to see him suffer any longer. Abe passing is really hard for me, he was my special needs buddy and even with his blindness and diabetes he was all dog and heart. You would never know about his disability. In all the years giving Abe insulin he never gave me any trouble. I miss him very much and I am heartbroken. I think George misses him also.
I thank you and all the wonderful people at Lab rescue for taking care of my boys when I couldn't. I am forever thankful to you gals and forever heartbroken over Abe. Sorry to have to tell you this horrible news.
I was grateful that Paul called me to share the news. We talked for nearly an hour, and I think it gave him the chance to talk about Abe's loss, and for me it gave me the chance to let him know that I share the loss of Abe with him. I am so grateful that Abe and George were returned to him, and that Abe left this life with the person who loved him first. 
~Paul, Abe and George in January~
God speed to Abe and prayers of peace and comfort to Paul and George too.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Valentine's Old and Newest

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Friday! 
~Last years Valentine's Day Photo~
Our newest Valentine, Hannah is settling in really nicely.  She has a bit of separation anxiety, but it's lessening as each day passes as she gets used to the routine and her new life.
Two other Valentines, Charlie and Sophie went to see the Holistic Vet on Thursday for checkups. Charlie got a good report and we're staying the course. And for Sophie, it was something new. I'm can't remember what exactly Holistic Vet called it, so I will just call it "tuning fork therapy" and it was done to give some relief from Sophie's laryngeal paralysis. Its been used on people for quite some time, but using it on dogs, is relatively new. A tuning fork was used on all of Sophie's acupuncture points and it's supposed to open up the pathways to help to improve her breathing. Sophie sounded better afterwards, so we'll see how it goes. Have any of you heard of this?

Finally, on Tuesday, I received an e-mail from Lab Rescue, asking us to take another "hospice-foster-dog." I said "no" because this boy, named Oscar, doesn't like cats or small dogs. And despite Todd being a big dog in a little dog suit, something I would never tell him, I didn't think it would be a fit. Then came another e-mail on Wednesday ...
...would you consider Dexter.  He is being returned to us after being adopted in 2013.  He is now 13 years young, and about 80lbs. He's had a rough go of it: He was left with a family member when the original adoptive couple split up, then left with another family member “for a week” six months ago.  Since then their landlord told them they have to get back to two dogs. When they started looking into rehoming him, and trying to locate vet records, they found out he came from us.  
Dexter doesn't enjoy small children poking around in his face, and isn't a fan of having his ears cleaned or nails trimmed. Beyond that, he's reportedly 'a terrific dog.' Housetrained, enjoys hanging out in the yard and napping on the couch, good with cats and other dogs.
Below is a collage of pictures taken 5 years ago. As always, I'm sorry that Dexter has found himself without a home. But I'm always grateful that the rescue is there to take them back and keep them safe. I don't know yet when Dexter will arrive. But I look forward to meeting our 'newest Valentine.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Serendipity and Hershey's New Home

Serendipity is defined as "finding something good without looking for it." My belief in to being open to this very thing was reinforced last Sunday when I attended an adoption day for Lab Rescue.

I will start by saying, I never go to the adoption days that the rescue has. This is simply because they're on Sunday, and I often teach at church, so I have never attended. But for whatever reason,  I decided to go to the one held this month and take our foster boy Hershey.

I didn't really think he'd get adopted, and I'll admit to only going through the motions in getting everything together for him. But the cosmos and serendipity had other plans. Because I had just gotten out of my van, when a couple walked up to me and asked if I had Hershey. They told me they had come specifically to meet and adopt him. After my shock and surprise wore off, and okay, I'll admit some hesitation too, I knew after chatting with them for several minutes, they were perfect for Hershey. They are both retired teachers that only want to spoil and pamper a senior dog for whatever time they have left. How could I say no to that?

I spoke to both "K&L" this afternoon, and the report of how Hershey is settling in could not be more glowing and they could not be more smitten with him. They've bought him a new orthopedic bed (even though he sleeps on theirs) and new toys too. There is no doubt, he is being totally spoiled and pampered and could not be in a home with a nicer new family all his very own.
~Adoption day board noting Hershey was adopted!~
It's all been a reminder to me about the good things that happen when you're not looking for them. It's what serendipity is, and I am a believer.
Congratulations to Hershey! 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Hannah Arrives at Golden Pines

Arriving on Wednesday evening, all the way from a shelter around Charleston West Virginia, (more than 300 miles from here), Hannah has made her way to us. As I mentioned in my previous post, she is the first dog accepted into Lab Rescue in 2020. Hannah's life changed around the end of last year when she was picked up as a stray. After Hannah did her time in the shelter, she was released to the rescue and her new life began with a long road trip to Maryland.
~Hannah on Weds., enjoying what I'm sure was her first Puppuccino~
In boarding, Hannah was evaluated, and had surgery to remove a very large mammary tumor. A surgery that would take nearly 3 hours. The rescue has addressed everything that they can cure or manage - severe eye, ear and skin infections. But unfortunately along with the initial surgery, it was discovered that she has 10-15 other tumors that are malignant and aggressive. She will not undergo treatment for them, or for her heartworm.
Despite this diagnosis, Lab Rescue has made Hannah available for adoption. We're hoping someone will fall in love with her and want to spoil her and give her a home all her own, and make her last days and hopefully months, her best days and months.
Welcome to Hannah. She is an easy going gal, with a gentle soul, who is making herself at home and I am enjoying getting to know.
~Hannah looking in the fridge & asking what's for breakfast?~

Monday, February 3, 2020

Watch This Space .....

A text message and a phone call from Lab Rescue this evening about taking a new girl, a chocolate Lab named "Hannah." 

Hannah is the first dog rescued by Lab Rescue LRCP in 2020. She is an eight-year-old who was previously chained. She has serious skin infections, mammary masses, and a yet-undiagnosed eye condition. She comes from a shelter in West Virginia. And, she is heartworm positive. We've been asked to be Hannah's hospice-foster-home. The plan is for her to come to us on Wednesday. 

Watch this space ....

The Weekend

Our weekend in quick picture review.

Nail Trim Girl came on Saturday and Rhett had his nails trimmed.  He's really good about it, and there are lots of treats afterwards. 
It takes two people to trim Sunny's nails. So Carl helps by holding him still. He had the hair on his feet trimmed up too. Rhett oversaw all of that.
Afterwards I picked up the winter farm share of vegetables for a friend who is out of town for the weekend. In exchange for picking it up and taking it to her home, I get to keep whatever I'd like.
I'll admit, I'm not much for winter root vegetables, but I did keep fresh eggs and carrots.
Max who was also along with me and Rhett approved of those choices.  
Groundhog Day on Sunday. Todd and I checked for our shadows.
The way our sky looked at the time, we had to agree with Puxatony Phil who didn't see his shadow. That's supposed to mean an early spring.
We're okay with that, but I am really hoping Mother Nature has a snowstorm or two for us.  I am missing winter.

You may have noticed, that Todd has been groomed. I took him last week, along with Charlie and Sophie. Sophie was just along for the ride so that the groomer (who is the one I got her from) could see how well she's doing, stayed for a spa day too.  Both were worn out afterwards.

And I am all rested as the week begins.  SORRY that I may have confused a few of you in my last post when I mentioned work. I AM NOT RETIRED, I still work 3 days a week. And I'll end this post now, because I've gotta get ready for work.   
~What my typical commute looks like~