Sunday, June 9, 2024

Dreams that Cannot Be

Thank you all for cheering and welcoming "Noodle the 'doodle." 

I will start this post by saying that we've been fostering since about 1999 - And each new foster always brings on hopes and dreams for them. More times than I can count, those hopes and dreams for them have been exceeded. The latest of course being Iva who truly found the best family to call her very own. 

~Iva, sporting a short summer cut~

On the flip side of that is that sometimes, the reality is, there are dreams that cannot be. Unfortunately it appears to be the case with Noodle. A vet visit on Friday that included x-rays shows that his leg that we thought was re-injured and atrophied is unfortunately bone cancer. The cancer appears to be only in his leg and not spread into his chest, which is the good news.  

~At the Vet~

We're not sure what the options are - the vet is going to ask other colleagues their thoughts as we wait for the results of his bloodwork. We've started Noodle on pain management that will help him, no matter what treatment is decided for him. 

I do have to be honest, it's hard to be hopeful at this moment -- Because I'm feeling a whole range of emotions from sadness and heartbreak to a bit of anger at the previous owner and vets for not being more proactive about Noodle's condition. 

~On the way home~

But as I was reminded yesterday, that changed last week when Noodle found his way to the rescue, and to us too. We've cared for 4 dogs that I can recall that had bone cancer -- Cougar, Chip, Hannah, Shelby -- So we know the care that's needed. I'm guessing the cosmos knew that when it brought Noodle to us. 

~I do love Noodle's smile~

Friday, June 7, 2024

Noodle Arrives at Golden Pines

Thank you to those who have stopped by and checked on us. We are okay ... At least I am ... now. In the past month I've missed 2 weeks of work because of a virus that really knocked me off my feet. I'm feeling much better now, and am back to work. Thankfully. 

As we all know, even when your world is at a standstill, life does continue around you. Just as I was getting back on my feet and trying to get back to work, we were asked to take a new addition. The timing of being asked wasn't much of a surprise, at least not to me. Because I had that feeling that with Iva having been adopted in March another dog was soon going to come to us. 

And I was right. Last Thursday, we welcomed an 8 year old Goldendoodle named Noodle -- a 'doodle named Noodle, how cute is that?!?! -- One reason we were asked to take Noodle is because we have no inside steps, and he has physical and mobility issues that will need to be sorted out. Noodle once belonged to someone who passed away about 8 months ago. The daughter took Noodle. However she lives in a small home, and with 2 dogs of her own, and a few other reasons, she was unable to care for him. 

Noodle had knee surgery at one point in his life. Sadly he reinjured his knee and he was never taken back to the vet to try and fix it again. So, he now holds his leg up close to his body, and uses his front legs to balance himself. Unfortunately, this has caused his rear-end muscles to atrophy. Added to that is that Noodle is also really underweight. His hip bones are painfully visible. Noodle once weighed 80 pounds, and he now weighs about 40. Given that, and that he doesn't move around much, there's no doubt that he doesn't feel well. 

This afternoon we're off to the vet for an exam and all the tests that will hopefully give us an idea about his overall health, and give us a direction and a plan going forward. Right now, I'm not sure what that plan will be. But what I do know, is I'm grateful that we get to know this sweet boy, and be part of his story. But I'm especially grateful and thankful that Noodle now has a chance and a bright future because he's found his way to the Golden Retriever Rescue. 

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Onto May!

 April was a month of catching up. Four of the dogs were past due to go to the vet, and so I got their appointments made and updated their needed care. 

Ree had to go by herself simply because she's terrible in the car. She's a backseat driver, sitting behind me and barking at everything ...

~Back sear driver, Ree~

Even at the cat and dog on my vet's mobile van. 🤗 (I'll add we go to his office because it saves us the house-call-fee of $100). 

Jack also went by himself because he's just not good in small spaces with other dogs. 

~Jack going solo to the vet~

The easiest vet appointments belonged to Daisy and Max. Of course. 

~Max, always good no matter what~

For all of the dogs, aside from arthritis that both Max and Jack have, all four got good reports from the vet. We do have one more coming up in a week or so, that may not bring the best of news. More about that in another post. 

But getting caught up on grooming was also on the agenda. We're lucky enough to have 'Cindy' who comes to our house to trim nails and feet. It's a good side business for her. She's fast, and good, and best of all, our dogs like her because she brings lots of treats for them. 

~Marley, cool and calm during his pedicure~

On a sunny and warm day in late April, Cindy also came and bathed Daisy. She really needed a bath and a good brush-out. And I know I could have taken Daisy to a professional groomer for all of that -- But before we adopted her, Daisy hadn't had the best experiences when taken to one, so I opted to have it done at home. 

~Daisy not happy with her bath~

Of course Daisy wasn't really happy during the whole experience. But all was forgiven and it was smiles all around when it was all over. Cindy did a great job!  

~A very clean Daisy!~

When Daisy came to us nearly 2 years ago, I'd never gotten her a new collar. I thought this was a good reason to get her one that's perfect.  

~A daisy collar for our Daisy!~

And because what girl doesn't like something new to wear? 

Have a good week! I'm back to work after being off last week - something else I'll tell you about in my next post. 
~Milo saying how we both feel about my going back to work!~

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

The Eyes Have It!

Awhile back, I read a study that said that our most clever pups use their eyes to communicate with their owners, particularly when it's regarding food or attention. I will say I thought that already -- And there was no doubt about what Jack's eyes were saying when it was past dinnertime and I was sitting and doing nothing to change that. 

Doesn't Jack look like he's glaring at me with a raised eyebrow? 

As opposed to this look from Daisy? 

Eyes really are a window to a dog's soul. And ours too. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Before April Ends!

Before April ends, I have to post about yet ANOTHER April birthday at our house. This time, it was for Todd who is now 13 years old. Thirteen years old ... can you believe it? 

Each year I have tried to take this same photo of Todd, sitting at the same place at the table, wearing the same birthday hat with a big cookie. At some point, I'll make a collage of them all.

Looking back on those photos, I've not seen the changes in Todd that you'd see in a Lab or Golden. However this year, I am seeing one. But maybe it's just his 'really bad haircut.' (grrrrrr!) Or on the flip side, maybe it's knowing that this past year wasn't his best as we dealt with his allergies and injury in January. 

Whatever it is, through it all, there remains a quiet dignity about Todd. And he is still one of the most loyal dogs we've ever owned. He's also just as spirited, feisty, independent, and stubborn as he's always been -- I will add that Todd will do what we ask of him, especially if there’s a treat involved. 

But there are times when asking Todd to do something is met with a lot of backtalk (barking) as he does what he really doesn't want to. He does tolerate what and sometimes who he doesn’t like –  But he is more open to my affection than he has been in previous years, and loves a good massaging backrub -- But who doesn't love that? 

At 13 years old, Todd is still as utterly fearless as he has always been -- That said, he's not so quick to judge newcomers as he once was. He still enjoys spending time outside on the porch napping and watching the world go by as he protects his turf from the marauding herd of deer -- that by the way has grown to about 12 in the last year. 

I think that sometimes it’s not easy being Todd. But aside from a few things, as a Scottish Terrier, I don't think he'd have it any other way. 

Sunday, April 14, 2024

It's All About Monty and Max

Just as we were getting to know Monty, a new foster home for him was found. I've said it over and over again how much we loved having him as part of our household because he was or is such a nice dog!! But Monty's "enthusiasm" for fun and life was too much for two resident grouches, who see life as serious and no nonsense. --can you guess who the two were?  But I'm grateful we got to be a small part of Monty's story. And, I'm grateful for the rescue for being there when he needed 'rescuing.'  It has given Monty a bright future.

~Monty at the vet~

Speaking of fun, April 4th was a day that I was humbled and grateful for  .... Our boy Max, Maxie... Maxine, our fun resident canine clown that always makes me laugh, turned **14 years old**

It is a true milestone for any dog, which is why I am thankful we were able to celebrate him. 

I've had a hard time thinking of Max as a senior boy. Of course I've noticed that he doesn't see or hear as well as he once did, and some days his appetite is off, and of course he doesn't jump on the bed like he once did. And after his recent yearly vet appointment and being groomed, I know that I need to be more mindful of his age. Especially since he was really worn out and tired from those two full days, that made him a bit grouchy. 

It's all totally understandable, and totally okay for him to be however he wants to be  -- at 14 years old he deserves to be.

~Max pre-grooming~

Friday, March 29, 2024

Monty Arrives at Golden Pines

Another busy couple of weeks, made a bit busier this past Friday, when we had an unexpected and unplanned arrival of a new boy at our house. 

Meet 10 year old Monty.

~Meeting Monty - His new chapter begins~

He comes to us after his owner went into hospice care and Monty was left in the home with no one to care for him, or his feline companion. 

And so, after a few twists and turns, Monty was turned over to the rescue to begin a new life -- As was the cat he lived with. 

We knew absolutely nothing about Monty, barely even his name or age. But, despite all of that we of course agreed to take him to keep him safe, and give him a place to call home. 

First intros didn't go all that well, but that was totally my fault. Monty's life had been totally turned upside down, and he just didn't understand what had happened to him and so he was really nervous and so unsure. 

But after a week, he's settled in, and second intros have gone well. He's an active, bouncy and engaging boy that I'll confess may be too much for our household, so I've asked that another foster home be found for him. I think it's for the best. 

However, now that we know that Monty gets along with other dogs and cats, that he listens really well, that he knows all the basics, has good house manners and that he loves to play ball, is a good start. And with the rescue totally committed to him and his care, it gives Monty a bright future. ❤

***I have to add that this is also a reminder for all of us to have a plan for our 

dogs and cats in case we're unable to care for them.***

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Letting Go of Iva

Thank you all for the good vibes that you sent for Iva as we traveled last weekend to meet "R&R," near Lynchburg Virginia. The 4+ hour drive was a bit dicey because it was raining the entire way. 

But R&R and their son, daughter in law and granddaughter were all there when we arrived, and they could not have been more welcoming-- Even having lunch prepared and waiting for us. I felt like I was sitting with friends as we ate lunch and talked about Iva and any other topic that came up. They are the real deal; a kind, caring and a perfect family for Iva. They loved her right away, and Iva responded so well to them, and was relaxed and comfortable in their home. 

~Last time at the vet with Iva~

She was also a good match for their girl Lady, who had been missing having a canine friend. So, we signed her adoption contract. 

~Post adoption photo of Iva and Lady~

It was of course a bittersweet moment to let Iva go. I love this big girl with her big personality. We'd had quite a journey together, helping her to regain her health and lose over 30 pounds. And, despite some of the lows, and the hard times, there were many more good moments with this fun girl, and I would do (most of) them all over again. ❤️

Afterwards I drove to the home of friends for dinner and to spend the night. It was a really good visit, and a nice and a recharging ending to a trip filled with a lot of emotion. 

~The view my friends enjoy every day!~

The two post adoption texting reports have all been good and positive. I had to grin at the first photo that was sent of Iva on a sofa - I'd told them Iva never ever got onto our furniture ... and there she was ... never-evering, like she'd never, ever had before. Ya just gotta smile at that! 🙂

I miss her.  

Friday, March 8, 2024

Better Days

Thank you to those of you who have stopped by to let us know you were thinking of us. It lifted my spirits and gave me that needed nudge to update my blog - that I'm not kidding, I have thought about doing nearly every day. 

As you know, for several reasons, it has been a difficult few months for me. The winter coming to an end and the warmer days and more sun has boosted my mood and energy levels. I'm feeling more like myself, and it's translating into better days.

The dogs, including Todd are all in good spirits. 

They really have done a great job chasing away my winter blues like they did on a snowy day in mid February. The video below is Ree and Milo playing with Marley trying to get in on the fun too. 

This weekend is a big weekend for us. In early February, the rescue's Adoption Coordinator told me about a couple on the outer edge of the area that the rescue covers that expressed an interest in Iva. The rescue requires a home visit prior to approving anyone adopting from the rescue, and finding a volunteer to do it could have been a challenge. However, longtime friends (we served on the board of the rescue together) live about an hour away and so I called my friend -- The Adoption Coordinator and I were glad when "Jill" agreed to do their home visit.

*R&R* live on a small, fenced farm near Lynchburg, Virginia. SHE is a semi-retired Veterinarian and HE is retired. They have an 11 year old Golden that is missing having a companion. In our conversations and e-mails, I feel like they could be the long awaited match for Iva. I do have just one concern, that I won't mention, but I'm hoping that when we meet them TOMORROW it won't be a stumbling block. 

So, Iva and I will be leaving early in the morning to make a 4 hour drive to meet *R&R* and their girl Lady. The hope is that they'll all fall in love with each other, be totally perfect and adopt Iva all in the same day. I'm then going to overnight at my friends home and I'll be back on Sunday afternoon. And if Iva isn't a match for *R&R*, she'll be home on Sunday too. 

Wish us luck! 


Monday, January 29, 2024

Good Riddance January!

I could not be more grateful to have January coming up in the rearview mirror! What a month it has been. I am hoping that February will be a better month at our house. 

To start, many, many thanks for all the good and healing vibes for Todd. 

He has healed well and uneventfully and the stitches have been removed. **And I'll add for newer readers, who may not know, Todd at almost 12 years old, belongs to us and is not a foster dog - We've had him since he was a 12 week old puppy. ❤

~Stitches out - the healing continues~

The past month has been filled with trying to find and get back that balance. Yes, the dogs appear to have moved on from everything, but I'm still stuck back at that moment I arrived home at the start of January. Friends that have unfortunately found themselves in a similar situation, tell me that just as it is with Todd, something like this takes time to heal, and I think we are. 

~Milo makes any day better~

Life continues whether I wanted it to or not, and in the rain, snow and cold, I still had to go to work. 

~On my way to work on a snowy morning~

Vet appointments made weeks ago still needed to be kept. 

Marley saw the ophthalmologist for a follow up. The higher dose of the eye medication, (tacrolimus) is making a difference and his eyes are looking better. He'll have another recheck in 3 months to be sure.

~A tired Marley on his way home~

Iva was also at the vet for a skin infection, and hot spot. The good news for her is that her weight loss journey is getting results. She now weighs in at 88 pounds and has lost a total of 32 pounds. Yay Iva!! As you know, she is a foster dog, and the journey also continues to find her forever family, that I so hope comes soon. 

Lily also saw the holistic vet. She's so nervous when taken anywhere, that I decided to add Marley as a comfort dog for her. Wholistic Vet has such a dog friendly office, and she and Marley were totally comfortable and relaxed during the visit. 

~Marley, left playing the roll of comfort dog for Lily~

We now have a plan for Lily going forward that doesn't cure her cancer, but hopefully will slow down its progress. She's now taking 3 Chinese herbs and we've added CBD oil to help alleviate her anxiety. 

~Lily, as relaxed as she can be~

And as I have already said, and as we all know, somehow and someway life goes on and I know it needs to. And a good cup of hot chocolate shared with a friend really helps with that. So, onward we go. đź–¤