Saturday, January 30, 2016

We'll Take It!

~On our road - A view of the Short Hill Mountains~ 
Blue skies and warming sun as I was off to the vet early this morning with George and Bella. Nothing serious for either of them. Bella, just a follow up appointment for her thyroid.
George was due for a six month check up, and to meet our primary vet.  He's really slow getting up, and I know it's a combination of arthritis, and his weight.  When he was weighed this past summer, I was a little disappointed that he'd lost hardly any weight.  But we liked this scale today, he's lost 10 pounds since he was last weighed -- He's now 95 pounds!   About 10 more to go!
We'll take it, and celebrated with a cookie!  
A quick stop at the grocery store, where I had to grin at this display of boxed Weight Watcher cakes, and Valentine bakery cupcakes together.
Home by late morning and a quiet rest of the day. I've looked at so much snow this week, that now I'm actually starting to see see things in it.  Am I the only one that thinks this melting snow in our yard looks like a Scottie?
Todd would probably disagree.   

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Plowed Out -- Finally!

The snow may have been fun to watch fall, but on Sunday, the reality set in.  We had to dig ourselves out.
I had parked my van near the bottom of the driveway that is around 250 feet long. (about 76 meters), so we knew we weren't totally snowbound.  But Carl's car was in the garage, and was snowed in, kind of like this school bus below.  
In the past, we've shoveled what little snow we've had, or called someone to do it for us.  However, because of the amount of snow, the people who provide this service were coming at a premium.  One person promised to come on Monday. Then said he'd come on Tuesday.  After waiting all day, he finally said he couldn't come at all.  Frustration because of two wasted days.
~A skeptical Sunny watching the camera~
More calls on Wednesday and Carl found two people who would come, but each were charging a "trip fee" of $250 (!!) and the other, $150.  This fee did not include the $100-150 an hour just to plow the driveway.  Needless to say, we were feeling a lot of things -- overcharged and gouged to name two.  Added to that, they both wanted cash, and wouldn't take a check or credit card.  I'd returned to work on Wednesday and Carl who was home, didn't have enough cash on hand.  So, with that, warmer temps and the snow melting, he decided to do it on his own.  He had pretty much just started shoveling when someone with a tractor and plow stopped and offered to help.  He refused any money and only wanted something to drink -- In 20 about minutes our driveway was cleared!  Needless to say, we were both most grateful for the help of a good samaritan -- Who wasn't in it for money.

Today, I'm feeling relieved that our driveway is clear.
The snow has melted enough that Todd is back to guarding his yard -- Even somehow finding a mole to "make dead."  --How did he find one in all this snow?
And life seems to be getting back to normal.  
~Reggie and Bella~
Whatever normal may be.
Or not be.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


I saw this sunrise on Friday morning as I was on my way to work.  Knowing the snow-storm that was coming, I thought to myself that there was truth to the old rhyme, "Red sky in the morning sailors take warning."  
I left work around noon just as the snow was starting to fall.  By the time I was half-way home the roads were getting snow covered and slick.
We hunkered down and just watched the snow pile up as Todd (below) would disappear in it. 
 We did go out several times and shoveled a path for the dogs.
But it wouldn't take long for the dogs and the path to get covered in snow.  
~Georgie the snowman!~
At times they reminded me of fish swimming in a bowl.  
The dogs seemed to take it all in stride, hardly noticing that the size of yard and being able to get around outside had really diminished. 
~Charlie and Dusty~
By Saturday night, after more than 24 hours, it finally stopped snowing. We ended the day with around 30 inches of snow.  Some people are saying there is more, but with blizzard conditions that made the snow drift, it was hard for us to measure;  I just know we have a lot of snow! Thankfully our power has stayed on the entire time. 
Today it was bright sun and blue skies and the big job has begun to shovel ourselves out.
I think that it's going to take awhile.  But with a little Scottie to lead the way, it may not!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ready or Not, Here it Comes!

It’s a calm night which is a welcome relief after the frigid cold temperatures and strong winds we've had most of the week. Heavy snow and blizzard conditions are predicted to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  You'd never know it because this evening our winds are light and you can see the full moon and the stars if want to brave the cold and look up -- I'm thinking this may be a good idea since they're saying that we won’t see the sky again until Sunday!
Last evening I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for the weekend.  I was greeted by long lines, and lots of empty shelves.  Unbelievable...
~No packaged lunch meat or cheese of any kind at Wegmans, Leesburg~
Unable to even get the onion and celery I wanted, I was off to another grocery store where I found all that I needed.
Today has been spent at home getting everything ready for a weekend of being snowed in.  With high winds predicted,  I'm hoping the power stays on with less effort than Todd was using ...
to try and get his coat off.    

If you're in the path of this storm, stay safe and warm and at home!

Saturday, January 16, 2016


~A Coopers Hawk, looking for a meal~
I was off work by 1 o'clock on Friday afternoon and decided to take advantage of that by going to a "tag sale" in a nearby town.  Despite that there were a few things I would have liked to take home with me, I opted to leave empty handed.  As I was walking to my car, a man approached me smiling, He said he "was pleased to run into me again."  My mind started reeling because there was something kind of familiar about him, but I didn't really know who he was or how I knew him.  We talked for a few minutes and we had a really nice conversation that ended with laugher. And despite my covering the topics of dogs, dentistry, and even the church I attend, I still have no idea who he was.  Has that ever happened to you?
Today the perspective adopter for Flurry arrived and needed no introduction. "Scott" was a very nice man, who has recently moved to Virginia from Oregon along with his dog.  Flurry seemed to approve of him, and within an hour, the new friends were gone.  The adoption-coordinator from the SPCA and I both agreed that it was a good match, and we both wish Flurry well as he begins a new chapter in his life.
Outside, the only introduction Todd is interested in are the deer who've not jumped the fence  again.
 But he's watching and waiting, just in case.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Weekly Rundown

Our week has been going full speed as the wind howled, and we saw our very first snow flakes.  Here's a rundown of our week so far...

Sheba, must be having some kind of mid-life crisis, is that possible for a 11 year old dog?  She has never, ever, chewed up anything, until this week.  She developed a taste for a plastic flyswatter, and ate practically the whole thing while I was at work one day.  At first, I didn't think it was her -- Josh, yes.  Charlie, he's done it before.  Todd, no, he was in his crate.  But when she vomited some small pieces of it, that gave it away.  She also decided to chew up a cat toy, and a book that I caught her with.  I'm not sure what to make of it.  (So far, Sheba is okay, and it appears that everything was chewed into small pieces and is "moving through" just fine ).  
~Sheba, a 2nd puppyhood?~
Onto Sherlock/Reggie.  He was back to see the drill sergeant vet for a follow up appointment.  The vet quickly examined him, said she thought his range of motion had improved, called to the assistants to draw some blood, asked me about medication refills, told me to she wanted to see him in six months, and to wait in the reception area -- All in one breath...
~Reggie/Sherlock, waiting for the Drill Sergeant Vet~`
Moving on to Dusty...  He also had a visit with the vet.  I've been discussing with the medical coordinator of the rescue his overall health, in particular the tumor that he has on his back leg that continues to grow in size.  Right now he's in a good place in how he feels, and how connected he is with the daily routine of the household -- A big switch from what its been previously.  The board of the rescue voted to allow him to stay with us as a "long term foster."  This means he'll remain with us the rest of his life, and they will continue to pay his medical expenses.
~Dusty will be staying at Golden Pines!~ 
Flurry the kitten is still with us for a few more days.  His perspective adopter couldn't make it to come and meet him last weekend.
This takes us to Todd.  A couple of times this week deer have taken to jumping our 5 foot high fence, and grazing in our yard.  It goes without saying that Todd won't have any of that.
So, he's been religiously patrolling it to fend off those would be trespassers.
He takes that job very seriously.  But of course there's always time for play too.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Available for Adoption?

Bright sun, blue skies, and single-digit cold at the start of our week has given way to clouds and warmer temperatures today.
Rain is on the way for a busy weekend ahead.
Since Sherlock/Reggie (below) came to us in November, we've not been asked about keeping him, and I've not mentioned it either, because I've not yet decided.  Lab Rescue does have him available for adoption on their website and several other places, and so I knew it was only a matter of time before I got a call about him.  A call came on Monday.  The couple are "retired pastors" and liked Sherlock/Reggie because he reminded them so much of their previous Lab.  I'm not sure how you feel, but I never like it when a would-be-adopter is interested in a dog solely because they remind them of a former pet . So putting that aside, I decided to keep an open mind about them.  I did like them well enough, but their house has two stories, and because of Sherlock/Reggie's weakness in his rear-end,  he's unable to do a flight of steps.  So with that, I told them I felt they weren't a good match for Sherlock/Reggie, and I'm glad that Lab Rescue agreed.
~Sherlock, or Reggie as we call him~
On the feline side of our household, I decided to  make "Flurry" available for adoption. I think that if he stayed here, he and the lovely Ms. Yellow would eventually work out their differences.    
But with that aside, if I've learned anything in the past 6 months in fostering cats, is that there's no shortage of them.  I'd like to be able to help the rescue again if needed, and keeping Flurry may not make that possible.  He was put onto their website, and now the SPCA says they have three "good" applicants for him.  One is coming this weekend to meet him, so we may be saying good boy to this little boy.
Back to the canine side, Todd doesn't care whatsoever about who may be leaving.  Today he was pretty concerned about what was arriving -- An unexpected package from our friend Sugar and her Mom that was full of treats -- What a nice surprise!  While the others stood nearby, because Todd "insisted," he got to inspect the package first.
Dog treats are (of course) highly valued at our house, and are always enjoyed and devoured too!  (If you don't know Sugar, the Golden Retriever, stop by her blog, (click here) she and her Mom are truly the best!) 
We hope you're having "the best" week too!